Issa Rae Tells All About ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ | TODAY

Issa Rae Tells All About ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ | TODAY

43 thoughts on “Issa Rae Tells All About ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ | TODAY”

  1. Watched last night. About as funny as pocket lint. Always gonna ride with and for my black women but this ain’t it.

  2. I just watched 3 sketches and I am already hooked and wanting more. I am so proud of my sister making advancements in the entertainment industry. I can relate to this show as a Black woman who happens to be a lesbian.

  3. Wait is Mo’Nique on the show???? After she just got black listed in Hollywood for standing up for people like Issa Rae, I would be surprised/disappointed if she didn’t reach out to her…

  4. I LOVE that this is happening!! I literally cringe searching for new shows to watch on a daily basis because there’s SO MANY WHITE SHOWS with one poorly represented black character. Most shows don’t even have black (not mixed) women. So if you don’t like it, still support it and give it a chance to get better! All SNL skits aren’t good, but white people and black people support it. if we don’t support our productions, guess what…we won’t get more of these programs created by us! We need options! Personally, I don’t want to watch just black family sitcoms or overly dramatic programs because that’s really ALL WE HAVE. Black people need to support black people regardless so we can provide better products to our community. That’s the only way we will empower our community and create the changes we wish to see. That is all. Lol

  5. I’m only going to watch this show because Patti Labelle will be on it lol what episode will she be on?

  6. Omg this is Golden. Im so proud of Issa Rae YouTube Legend to movie and TV Star. 💕💫💕 follow your dreams an listen to your intuition💕 8 years ago wow

  7. @0:12 – "….executive producer for a Black Lady Sketch Show…" she sounds like she thinks 'black lady' is a swear word that they're letting her get away with on tv 🙄😒

  8. It seems mostly lesbian / feminists designed to separate the black community into two different races of male and female than ever before

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