Japanese PRO Animator Advice【Sumo Samurai Style】

Japanese PRO Animator Advice【Sumo Samurai Style】

For anime you can bring the eyebrows down to the eye level here Real human eyebrows can’t do this
-yes indeed Thanks for coming
-anytime Hinoe is here again for another advice session! hiya
-thanks this time’s a little different I, myself, have some art I’d like you to look at recently this game character was released I wanted to draw him so can I get some advice?
-sure I also played some fighting games a little bit but This character looks familiar! seems that he got a new costume he’s wearing a Kamishimo (Samurai/Cermonial clothing) I love drawing game characters but… somehow, after drawing them there’s often something lacking so please, would love some advice yes, drawing kimono can be difficult
-yes like the way the clothing layers up
-yes the kimono on the inside, the white colored area this is going on the inside if you show the inner side and having it wrap around it looks right for the way it wraps, it’s always left over right?
-yes if you do it in reverse, it becomes the clothing for dead people the “Yu” word written on the Kamishimo, where’d you get this? oh, that’s just part of the character’s costume
-oh I see He’s the owner of a bath house so I decided the pose myself, but the clothing is just from the game oh I see, looks better to have it come around the back of the neck oh, so cool In general it’s better to have more width here? yes, that’s how it’s designed Like a Japanese style power suit for doing business yes, it’s like a Japanese “morning suit” I know of “evening suits” but… the suit worn during the day is the “morning” suit in the evening it’s an “evening suit” right?
-uh, probably the white kind with the tails
-ah those it’s formal clothing like that if you watch some period drama especially with Shogun That person’s subordinates often wear this so not the top person then?
-top would wear this too but more lavish?
-yes, more lavish I see, it was a shame to not show more of this cool shoulder shape well, considering it the face is the focus of this perspective, no need to overdo it if these were robots parts you could show off the shoulders more personally I don’t draw the Kamishimo so much, but it’s kinda like this also I was concerned about how I drew the nose
-the nose is completely fine the middle aged man video we did before I kept that in mind while drawing, but getting it right was still difficult also, for fighting game characters their eyebrows are often pretty low huh? ah, yes well for a character like this you can bring it as low and the inner corner of the eye well, that’s if it’s Anime. Human eyebrows wouldn’t be like this I had trouble deciding the eyebrow shape after finishing I wished it looked more “angry” but didn’t quite manage oh, is it because the eyebrows are lowered… that these creases here are formed?
-yes the hairline is like this making the forehead bigger so looks more realistic to have sharper shapes for the hair? well in things like “ukioe” painting it’s not like this there it’s drawing literally hair by hair with a thin brush have a good look there was a book about this size in the Edo perioud Such detail was drawn in such a book. Humans can’t see that! any advice about the top hair? is it “chon mage”? For sumo wrestlers it’s called “Ooichou”
-Ooichou? There’s a special way to say it? this part here bends right? that part opens out like the shape of a gingko leaf a gingko leaf is like this right? this became a culture lesson so they’re aiming to make it this shape?
-yes when crouching there’s a rope here, “shimenawa” and “mawashi” they enter the ring wearing this right?
-ah yes the rope represents the clouds then this hanging zigzag paper here this represents lightning
-wow there was such a deep meaning behind it! “Hoping (praying)for good harvest” if putting in cheek bones, going around here so a little higher?
-yes Often when I am drawing in a realistic style I often draw the left and right sides of the nose too low if the cheek bones are around here… could be a little higher Maybe it will be like this this here is connected here
-it’s a muscle? yes well, more like a sagging of the skin this line here connects to the chin ah, that was difficult
-decide the position of the Adam’s apple the eyes look good already so matching up here btw this Kabuki makeup is red for the hero blue is for the bad guy in Kabuki oh is it! If drawing lines here, you can follow the eyebrow growth direction Oh right, so there’s a fold there since the eye is open I thought I had to draw the eye bulging out here but actually it’s enough to have the eyelids there also, you can put the eyelashes to make it look right like how so? well currently it’s drawn in black but you could also put just the eyelashes there if the angle were more like this then you might be better off drawing the eyeball but at the current angle it’s fine with eyelids and eyelashes?
-yes also, wasn’t sure whether to include it or not but… is a line necessary below the eyelid? the eyebags?
-yea those what to do about that?
-well I put shading there, so maybe no need for a line? yes, putting a line there would make it look a bit much if not especially old age, a little shadow is enough you can put lots of interesting line between the eyes gives it a stronger expression well, for tidying up that’s about it thank you very much! There are other videos in this advice video series! Check the playlist! and please subscribe to the channel! bye bye! the way it curves around the back the height of the cheek also, always thinking of this but you can put a lot of detail in here how/why can a line appear here? well that’s the risen area of the muscle this line goes here then it can sometimes go like this

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  1. I loved the moment when he thought that pencil had rubber like a normal one in 2:55 XD.
    Pd: Thnks for these videos, i like this channel so much ❤❤😊

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