JBU Toilet Paper Tradition

JBU Toilet Paper Tradition

abilities for blocked out here in culver
city california extravagant john brown university basketball has a bent that’s
the tradition they play in the annual t_p_ game against hillsdale free will baptist college you’ll see with anybody to continue watch this video or a solicitation is at the following an
amazing video bitterness it is their first basket their first field all of
the season the fans from john brown university throat toilet paper club idyllic org chart of the way the
game as much as possible but as you see in this next video they actually cleanup so obviously a technical foul is called
when this happens and it has been going on for a long long time but that they will follow is called
u_s_a_ today calling it the most impressive technical followed that
they’ve ever seen now john brown university is located in
arkansas it’s a private christian liberal arts school uh… a fifty three
point four million-dollar endowment two
thousand-plus students they have one twenty three of the last twenty four t t
deans and according to u_s_a_ today an article
published in twenty ten it’s a thirty-year traditions this has been
going on for over thirty years un jadi use a website they’ve been
highlighted take a look at this but either way john brown university won
this game sixty five forty eight congradulations dot able guy liberal as who scored thirty
four seconds into the game and i guess amended his place in john brown university it’s reasonably
one ear on it but i do it d’etats the dagger on yahoo sports and
jeff eisenberg for bringing me to this video great stuff so we want to hear
your thoughts lead to the comments section below freedom and the average
from please do as a favor we need itself friggin badly subscriber to write the

41 thoughts on “JBU Toilet Paper Tradition”

  1. No TYTSports football picks video this week before Sunday? Disappointing…

    I'd comment on your channel, but fuck if I know how/can be bothered to learn how to do that with the new bullshit YouTube layout.

    Soooo….what's up with no football picks video, Rick? Ben?

  2. Doesn't help much when most weekend bets are due by Friday, or Saturday morning at the latest though…

    I suppose if you live in Vegas or Atlantic City that'd be a good upload schedule. So…YAY! for those few dozen subscribers I guess?

  3. That's kind of a big gym for a no-name school. Looks fun.

    BTW Jamal Fenton got screwed. I know its only three games, but he didn't do a damn thing wrong. NCAA punishes people for stupid little shit like that, and lets big time stuff go for years until they finally catch on, if they ever catch on.

  4. How is this tradition fantastic?
    It's a giant, decadent waste of paper. Embarassing that people actually like this

  5. This is so fucking lame. TYT obviously has never heard of european basketball fans. They'll make you shit your pants.

  6. I believe James Madison University (in Virginia) used to have this same tradition in basketball. John Brown University may have actually borrowed this tradition from James Madison University

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