100 thoughts on “John Travolta Takes Us to ‘Pulp Fiction’ Dance Class”

  1. My Mom I think was in love with Travolta so I got to see Saturday Night Fever & Grease in the theaters when they came out.. Never did go see the 3rd of his mega trilogy Urban Cowboy for some reason.

  2. Hell yea! A chance to dance with John Travolta! He is looking better than in the past, things must be going pretty well for him.

  3. Senelerdir bunu bekliyorum aminakoyum. Travolta baba pulp fiction da öyle bir dans etmişti ki senelerdir aklımdan çıkmıyor ami akodugumun çok güzel

  4. I just adore Mr. Travolta? Hugs. Such a beautiful spirit and heart, I love you, John Travolta, infinite gratitude for really having me laugh out loud!

  5. You know Travolta is gay he should just come out with it already……lol. Anyway he looks much less creepy sporting the bald look.

  6. He is so bloody good! Love him n the guy at the end.. good dancer, babe !!!💕💕🌹🌹🌷🌷🦋🦋🦋✨✨✨💕💕

  7. O M G ! ! ! If I hear another wgu.edu "FOR THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHAN'GIN!" ad I'm gonna scream!!!! It's every day all the time in most videos "for the times they are a'chan'gin" CHANGE ALREADY!

  8. Travolta is a really good guy. WMMR in Philly had him on their morning radio show. He knew all DJ's names and their interests and was very down to earth.

  9. Whenever I hear or think of John Travolta all I see is Danny Zuko 😻😎 It’s strange seeing him bald and bearded,still cool though. And when he dances, he made the others look clumsy and stiff! He’s a natural born dancer 🕺🏿
    James seems to have put a lot of his lost weight back on 🙀

  10. Really odd, but did not recognize John Travolta at first, or recognize his voice. It’s a big relook. I think he’s a great actor.

  11. ….god,,,so big difference between,,Johnny you are still the best,,,tell to that bloody boy on your right side to get rid off fat,,,and better dance after…face off,,,fat off,,,

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