Kaamwali Bai GHAR GHAR Ki – Diwali Special | #Sketch #Fun #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

Kaamwali Bai GHAR GHAR Ki – Diwali Special | #Sketch #Fun #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

what happened to you?? can’t getting a good house maid even they too are searching for a good house maid yeah its too difficult to get that good house maid? isn’t it?? so today we’ve brought for you a video on “Kaam wali bai ghar ghar ki” Deepawali is near to come and lots of work needs to be done and don’t get House maid If this happened with you too as this happened with us also If you like to watch us together and our video then get this video to 100,000 LIKES so lets enjoy the video who has died?? hasn’t your house caught fire out ? No…. Housemaid…. oho… again she run away don’t you worry, this might get permanent one would you plz send her for sure? yes did you called me for house work? hmm.. ok lets take an interview I don’t know all these am new here recently come from my village let me do some work If you’ll like my work, keep me at job otherwise its ok okk start doing your work your breakfast I’ve done all the work so could I join from tomorrow I’ll take bonus on Diwali and two days leave in a month and will take 10,000 salary how much she told for salary?? let it be but she has done good job I think all’ve got set now get me my white suit white!!! what happened is there any bad news Is someone has expired? NO….. I’ve to go to distribute Diwali’s sweets I think you wear that shiny Saree I am giving it now with all the matching accessories what are you doing why don’t you throw these clothe pieces I’ve cleaned everything how may I know about your stuffs whats need to be keep & whats to be thrown oho no further need of these clothes pieces throw them If you’ll find more how may I know what to be keep and whats to be thrown use your brain and when I’ll return back I need my Almirah to be clean well if I found any dust then I’ll see you what I’ll do what are these.. so many clothes pieces and colourful too ok let me throw these you brought it so fast now I even not to give you a single chance for complain check your Almirah I’ve cleaned it so well so many clothes pieces was there but I haven’t thrown them As diwali is coming near so I’ve made a gift for you Bandhan bar whats this?? this I’ve made to decorate the door ohh.. my so expensive panties….. Anku get me glass of water Anku give me a towel where are my spectacles? I can’t hear you I am doing some work here let it be I’ll find it by myself from you you’ve bought this lipstick how much it costs Mrs. Sharma also use this lipstick tell me how much it costs? 500/- she told she has bought the same at Rs 2000 you do gossip a lot. Now massage my foot I’ll come back after 2 hours. you need to take care of the house what I’ll tell you about that place where I’ve worked earlier she loved me a lot and I had done all the work for her like house cleaning, cooking and all do good job here I too will give you the bonus ok I’ll do you’ll get the bonus only when you’ll do your job well ok I’ll give you bonus but there’s a condition you need to have come on time or otherwise I’ll see you I need to go my place on Diwali so in all total I’ll returned back after two days okk returning after five days yeah I know all your excuse now do start your work do LIKE & SHARE this video Also let me know in the comments to which sequence you relate the most also tell if you like to watch us together don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to enjoy Behind the Scenes will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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  1. Kuch Apni Kaamwali Bai Ke Baarein mein to Batao?
    Video Pasand Aaye To LIKE & SHARE Karo …. Target hai 1,00,000 LIKES ka 😍😘

  2. meri 6 saal ki beti aapki video bina dekhe like kar deti hai aur puchti hai k 2 lakh like kaise honge main karne aa ….from punjab

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  4. Funny video aur Roshani Tiwari Nahin Hai Main Unki beti Molly Tiwari Dekhti Hoon aur aap Jo video banate hain bahut achha hota hai thank you and Happy Diwali

  5. Hiii mam i am seema i just love you i m ypur biggest fan i just love your vedios all the best nd happy diwali

  6. Please……Home Remedies
    Expectation vs reality.. Please making a new video
    Button ko blue karie

  7. Apko dekh kar to mujhe meri bai hi yad aa rhi thi or man kar rha tha use itni dath lagau ki pucho mat sab paise mil jane k baad yahi karte hai

  8. Said two days and return after 5 days with excusesπŸ˜‚ who all agree πŸ‘ˆthis
    Comment and like here

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