37 thoughts on “Kane Brown – Found You (Audio)”

  1. I just discovered your channel loving your music… by far the best! Your music makes me happy too🙃

  2. I came from Marshmello song.. and damn I love your voice bro and easy to follow to sing along and I just realize that all of your songs are lovely, I'm so happy to know about this, I hope I knew it earlier .. keep awesome bro, I know you will … your journey and career is just beginning :))

  3. Love you Melissa we found each other . I was in bad shape you still took that challenge on you save my life I wish I could have returned that

  4. I am pretty sure ur country it sounds like pop music this is not a hate comment just a suggestion

  5. I think the world of kane I LOVE everything about him his voice, eyes,tattoos, music,skin tone I mean everything and listen to his music on daily basis. I want to go to his concert so freaking bad I can taste it….. I LOVE YOU KANE keep up the good work and keep the music coming u r great and Congratulations on the new baby And the marriage I know it was a couple of months back but congratulation

  6. Love love yu 💞💞💞💞yur songs and personality is wat this world needs…..congrats on yu and yur wife expecting a baby👶👶👶keep singin awwwsome songs cause yu are Awwwsome🎵🎼🎧🎤🎹🎶💞

  7. Got a friend request it says Kane Brown not sure about it but I do know who songs that I keep listening to 😘😉💜🌹

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