Kids Show and Tell: Art Project | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

Kids Show and Tell: Art Project | Show and Tell | HiHo Kids

– Hi, I am Petunia. This is my dance. La, la, la, la, LA. (lighthearted music) – Today, we’re doing show n’ tell. – What are we sharing today? (children cheering) – Let’s get to the sharing. – I love to clap. – This is a picture of a bird that I made. My mom thought it was so good she just put it into a frame. – Do you put that on a wall in your house? – Not in our house, our grandma’s house. – You go down our
neighborhood, take a turn, then go down, then take a turn, and then, you turn straight, and
then you’re at her house. – What kind of bird is it? – A yellow popinjay. – Is there a name for this bird, because every drawing I do, I put a name. – Let’s come up with a name for it. First I’m gonna ask Crystal. What do you think you’ll name this? – How about princess? – Haana? – Princess tweety princess bird. – Ethan? – Rainbow? – Yellow M&M. – This is my picture Princess Tweety Bird. – [Children] Oooooh. – Quit yapping! – This is my monster. Behold. I made it in school. I did green, red, yellow, blue, instead of the rest of the colors they had there. Does anybody have any questions? Crystal. – What does the monster eat? – Everything. Next one. Justin. – Do you have a name for it? – Nope. – Oh, oh I have a name. Booga booga! (children laughing)
– Booga booga. – [Children] Good job Ethan! – Bye bye booga booga. – Who wants to go next? – Me, me, me, me.
– Me, please. – Me, me, me.
– Me, please. – Justin. – I made this when I was in Pre-K. This is me, this is Gigi, and this is our big sister Tierra. – The teacher told me to use shapes, so I used shapes. – What kind shapes you use. – Mostly circles. – Who wants a closer look? – Me! – Don’t break it. – It smell like paint. – The purple girl she reminds me of a robot. – It’s pretty cool. – Thank you. – [Children] Good job Justin! – This is my fraction robot. The reason I wanted to make this at school was ’cause I loved doing fractions. – What’s a fraction? – It’s where you have something you split it in half. If you have a circle and you divide it in four pieces, that would be 1/4. Cut it in half, 1/2. Cut in three, 1/3. Do you understand? – No. – In a fraction you one piece and you then you slice it a amount of numbers. Slice! Then that would be 1/2. But this!
(babbles) (babbles) – That would be 100 pieces of you. – I’m still confused. – Me too. (distant laughter) – [Children] Thank you Petunia. – You’re welcome. – Let’s do a funky dance yeah, la, la, la. – This is my bunny. – I made it at school in Kindergarten. – Awwwww. That’s cute.
– Awwwww. – My mom put it in the garage so I can save it for when I turn like 10 I will hang it up in my room. Who’s want a closer look? – Me!
– Me, me, me, me, me, me! – Be gentle, and don’t rip it. – Awww it’s so pretty. – There’s the eyes. – My favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite part is the ears. – Did you make the dots with paint or – Paint. – What kind of paint? – Sparkly paint, and it’s I don’t know which kind of paint but it’s sparkly. – Hmmm. – [Children] Good job Haleena! – Thank you. – You did amazing! (hands clapping) – [Children] Show and tell! – I almost hit my head. – Aaah. – Thank you for watching show and tell. – Don’t forget to subscribe to HiHo. – Don’t forget to like HiHo on Facebook. – Me! – Me, me, me, me me! (children playing) – [Ethan] Look at mine! (children playing)

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  1. Omg my OG hiho kids are back on 1 video Finally! Thank you hiho ♡
    Earnie, Desmond, Maddox, Austin, Clara, and Vanessa&Talbot next please.

  2. My girlfriend of 3 years broke things off with me. Crystal is a splitting image of her. She was also Filipino. Brings back so many emotions.Shes 27 but Crystal just reminds me of how she had to be when she was a child, how our child would have been. :/

  3. Gg's drawing is amazing! I would frame it too. Such subtle use of colors, more realistic then most kids would paint a bird. Wondering if she got help

  4. Haha so.. Ethan is a little weird and his sister, ive noticed, REALLY likes to smell things.. "Smells. Like. PAINT!" hmm.. Id like to meet their parents haha

  5. Ethan said to GG do you have a name because I put name on every thing I make then when it's ethan turn Justin said do you have name for the monster ethan said nope

  6. AHHHH in grad school for secondary education but seeing these precious little ones makes me question that!
    How sweet are these little ones 🙂

  7. “(Says With SUPER serious face) my mom put it in the garage so when I’m ten I’m gonna hang it in my room”

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