Kingrow K1 smartphone with e-Ink display

Kingrow K1 smartphone with e-Ink display

hello we're in Cairo pools in Hong Kong and Cairo is showcasing a very special concept of this smartphone so you can see it's an e-ink display the advantage of this smartphone is that is using the same technology as the e-book reader so even if it's black and white it should be a Icarian and also the second advantage of this smartphone is that it has a very low power consumption if you use it for ordinary smartphone you can last for two days but if you use it for just reading it will last for seven days and if you keep it in a standby mode it will last for 15 days so let's have a close look at the this display smartphone it comes with around 5.2 inch display and the resolution is HD which means that 1280 by 720 pixels they use in an e-ink Carter the important feature of this e-ink display smartphone is that it has this front light so we can adjust brightness here remove to zero and also we can adjust to the full brightness so that you can read in the dark let's have a look on the on the sides we have power volume buttons on the underside and at the back we have a texture filling plastic cover and also the rear camera comes with an 8 megapixel with autofocus on this side we have slots for SIM card and of also a micro SD cards we can support up to 64 gigabyte at a button we have speaker and also a type C port this port supposed quick charge up to 10 watts the overall size of this ink display smartphone is 138 violence and 72 millimeters for the wife and also the thickness is around eight point five millimeters this smartphone comes with a mt6 763 octa-core the membrane storage is 2 gigabytes plus 16 gigabytes and also I mentioned earlier is support up to 64 gigabyte for microSD card the battery is 3100 milliampere let's have a look the system is Android 8.1 but because the this device a little bit special so they just come and they need to optimize every single apps on this phone that means you cannot download the apps by Rome it cannot it doesn't support Google Play so you can see they have some space for different apps on this phone which at social media and kinder and also music and they have a collection of the apps on his phone this company is going to have their own app store so that you can download the app from the store let's have a look on the flyer of this company this model is k1 as I mentioned earlier the chipset they are using is mt6 763 octa-core the memory storage is 2 gigabytes plus 16 gigabytes and the display is what a 5 point 17 inch e-ink character they have a rear camera with a McMissile with autofocus the front camera we have a front camera and big enough but they are going to remove this camera in the future the battery life is once 3100 milliampere besides the black color they also provides different colors for you to choose like a red one and also this blue one one of the important feature of this smartphone is that we have parental control apps for this phone so that the parents can decide what kind of apps and websites the children can use on the smartphone and the parents and also get access to the counter lists so that you can remove some potential scammers on the list to protect the kids so we have someone to show you how to remote control is this one as a matter of fact this this smartphone is not yet available in the market according to this company but they're going to run a trout pounding on JD first in April and later they'll start the crowdfunding on Indian go-go idea of May with a price around 349 US dollars the price can be a little bit high for this kind of smartphone but the company's the Moke is going to make the whole hardware and software buy their own so it's kind of reasonable for them to have this kind of price so we'll keep you updated about these pink smartphone in the future thank you

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  1. I would love this phone but sometimes I need a phone that takes pictures with color at work (electrical stuff) and to watch videos on how to do certain things when I'm not 100% sure. Would of been a dream phone in middle/high school

  2. doesn't support google play… we chat? The rest of the world doesnt use wechat. Do you ahve whatsapp? Gmail? Google Calendar?

  3. I would buy but it needs to support regular Android apps. Impossible to buy otherwise, even if they develop many applications themselves.

  4. so they sacrificed everything so the battery would last for 15 days and selling it as a smartphone optimized for eye health?

  5. Ok I do like the concept and the kindle app would work wonderful…but without the play store how do I get audible? Preinstall that and I'll buy it. Gotta have my audio books for driving

  6. I would love to have one of this, BUT THE SCREEN NEEDS TO BE BIGGER¡ (At least 6.5 inch) remember that the main purpose of this would be to READ ON IT¡

  7. Well, its black and white, and i couldn't see a app store. So, my guess, it's like firefox OS, a good a ideia, but it will not work. 1 year and it's out. You can see it's slow, just moving the bright bar show how it is slow. No video, no good.

  8. I can use that phone as a daily driver.. For texting or reading. It's not bad.. But the priced.. 😭😭

  9. I always thought this could work, even back in pre smartphone era.

    Simple e ink .mp3 player, reader phone. Great.

    Minimalism. But just camera is out, yoi have music and programs.

    People who have DSLR Cameras on vacations dont need phone camera anyway.

    You actually have photos in color when you upload it.

    For people with full Daltonism it is even less of a trade off.

  10. What are those small phone? Are they also e ink phone? I'd rather buy those phone than that big screen. All i need is a call and text phone with black and white display

  11. I really like the product can you flip the display to invert black/white? How do pictures and visual look for video?

  12. 4:50~5:00 I'm seeing some smaller phones there. What are those phones? I want to check them out.

  13. Battery: 11:43 58%
    Battery: 11:47 57%
    What's the difference with other phones?
    And whats up with the apps? Some games?

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