100 thoughts on “Late Show First Drafts: Valentine’s Day”

  1. I think it would be nicer if the guests were allowed to read one set of cards, either the final ones or the first draft. I think we can assume that Stephen's audience can read, and I suspect that the guests are tested in advance anyway.

  2. 6:35 YO, she looked inside the card again. Amy you're a liar and a cheater! No ring, husband in Florida, and a peeker!

  3. Did stephen ask her about her lack of wedding ring because it would be awkward if she was going through a divorce and he’s making jokes about it

  4. Aw hell, Amy, Queen of Spoiler Alerts!😉 Stephen must regret picking her. She ruined First Drafts 4 herself & The Shape of Water 4 us. Dammit Amy!😃

  5. Yeah. Pro parenting tip: don't take your young ones to see "The Shape of Water." There IS nudity and some VERY adult situations that you won't want to have to explain to a pre-teen. Still a great movie, though… for adults and young adults.

  6. I’m always amazed when ordinary people in the audience are this comfortable doing these kind of segments. I’d be terrified.

  7. I constantly mess up words, in many ways, I took speech therapy when I was littler but it flairs up often. So what? It's fairly common and we really hate when people point it out, it is very embarrassing. Amy was awesome, she made me grin

  8. they literally moved every houses foundations towards my uncles balcony and added a road on his land so they could rewrite history and eventually say he did it goddamm Americans he has pictures from his balcony that clearly shows the hill and he was the nicest drunk on earth, if anything his parties drove that guy to do it that's how they think in these small towns

  9. 6:04 That reminds me that my brother's fiance still has Tinder on her phone (my brother didn't meet her on Tinder). She claims that she's checking out girls for a male friend of hers, since she knows his tastes in women. I told her that it still looks suspicious. We were shopping for suits because I am one of my brother's best men.

  10. Colbert is so amazing with people, I often wish they would dispense with the silly bit and just let him talk to audience members for 5 or 10 minutes.

  11. This is ineffably, incomparably comical ! What a way to make more amusing the usage of and writing upon those Valentine cards ! Stephen, you verily, truly are a great entertainer !

  12. I liked this segment a lot; very sweet. 😊💙
    I adore Stephen, so charming and adorable. Keep up the good work, Late Show team. We depend on you for so much: sanity, laughter, and biting truth.

  13. Look at this lady go! That's confidence right there. I wish all Stephen's guests were like her more often. It's just refreshing to view.

  14. Leave it 2 13, not done with my cool aid God, Lion on the Hunt and you are the best from the Southwest, funniest and point garde bla bla 1 day SOS, when freedom is lost, Bi Bi roaring Truth and make me laugh so much joy its a ploy, decoy LOVE

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