Learning to Draw: How to Draw a Horse – Fine Art-Tips.

Learning to Draw: How to Draw a Horse – Fine Art-Tips.

Hello, and welcome to another tutorial Tuesday! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I am so happy to see you again. Today I’ll draw a horse for you. I begin by practicing the line that I want to do. Then I sketch an organic form similar to a peanut. This is how I start drawing a horse, if it is in profile. Then I gently mark where the head is going to get up to,
and also the sides of the neck. This is very light and maybe it can’t be seen very well. I sketch the muscles which for right now
will have a very simplified triangular shape. I continue by now giving some form to the neck. I do the legs with straight lines. The hoof goes about here. And now the hind legs. I will speed this out otherwise
some of my students may fall asleep and i will get distracted with the snoring. I do the shape of the head, and the features. This peanut is a little bit long, i’ll make it shorter. The tail. I begin shading. I’m using a couple of pictures as reference, but I want the muscles and bones
to show in my drawing, so it looks more rich and more realistic but as I can’t see those in the picture, I am also using a horse anatomy diagram. I hope that with all of this, i can get a good result. Here for example I draw some muscles. I lightly suggests the ribs. And I continue in this way,
shading while doing the form and the details. There some other bones that
one may see, like the knee. I reinforce some shadows and then
put some reflexions with the eraser. Very well. I hope at no time I woke up
those who have fallen asleep, but mostly I hope that it was helpful
for those who manage to stay awake. In the comments I would love to know
what do you think about it. If you enjoyed it please give it a like
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100 thoughts on “Learning to Draw: How to Draw a Horse – Fine Art-Tips.”

  1. That was awesome!! Tell me your secret!! I've loved drawing and colouring from a very young age but I was never happy with what I created.. ❤️

  2. Sir it is simply very very best….I'm really mad for drawings n want to know how to go about it…coz me to is good artist but born artist not as u… coz me poor couldn't afford to join fine art college but now I'll try to learn from ur classes n b a artist…Thanks sir…may God bless u..u r really lovly artist

  3. Great method. I´m trying to find a tutorial dealing with horse and rider as a whole: you can see that both in paintings, sculpture and monuments the person on the horse is the object of the piece of art. Also, in battlefield paintings there are many figures of horse and warrior, that are drawn partially as elements of the whole drama.

  4. Thank you very much.
    It's an easy way for drawing a horse I had many problems with drawing a horse thanks for your vedio it was very useful.

  5. The sketch is wonderful but I think the tail of the horse should have begun at a bit higher point and not in the middle of the hips. Shading is fantastic.

  6. man don't you just love these videos. it makes u feel like you have absolutely no drawing ability at all.

  7. my mum kept telling me how i dont know how to draw horses and that i can do better than this.
    the worst part is…

    she thinks she is helping me

  8. Anjay Hebat Euy 👍😉
    Hello..My Friend Mr.Drawing.. 🙋
    I like you drawing Horses..can you share other technic to draw horse my friend ?? 😅😂 Ty…

  9. It is simply fantastic. Can you please post any vdo regarding how to create different kinds of human skin tone using pencil?

  10. I love your method of drawing this horse, it's amazing! The streps are so much easier to follow than the other horse video that I started.

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