LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Series 2 – CMF Draft!

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Series 2 – CMF Draft!

With our first wave LEGO Harry Potter and
Fantastic Beasts Minifigures releasing, everyone is already asking what the heck will be in
a second series. I teamed up with my artist Ashnflash to deliver what we think would REALISTICALLY
be in such a series. We think this would release in 2020, to coincide with the release of the
third Fantastic Beasts movie. Well, Harry Potter has to be in this – and
we thought a good variant would be his outfit to the Yule Ball from the Goblet of Fire.
And while I don�t think the Yule Ball variant is very exciting, LEGO tends to do mediocre
variations for a second series – look at the Simpsons Series. And Harry himself doesn�t
have too many crazy variations aside from this. We gave him the golden egg, which isn�t
specifically from the scene, but rather from the same movie – the Goblet of Fire. Harry�s best friend, Ron Weasley is next.
His attire is based off of the outfit he wore to the Yule ball as well� you�re gonna
see a lot of Goblet of Fire figures in here. Ron uses Qi�ra�s hairpiece a new recolor
in dark orange. He has a fabric leg attachment to continue his overcoat from the torso. Rather
than having it printed on the legs, it helps make it seem more puffy and ridiculous. While
it isn�t exactly screen accurate to this scene, we wanted to include an item from Goblet
of Fire for Ron – so he�s holding a Potter Stinks pin on a 1×1 round tile. And the Hermione Granger is dressed up in
her Yule attire – I feel like if LEGO included one in the Yule outfit, all would be in the
Yule outfits. She comes with a new hair piece, as well as a new dress piece that�s the
same height as the mid legs. We had a hard time coming up with an accessory for Hermione
from this movie, so we decided to give her the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
book to help tie the movies all together. Hermione is seen in the film reading multiple
books – so we�d figure that we�d just give her this text book. Originally, Cat Hermione
was going to be the Hermione from this series, but you KNOW LEGO would just cop out and do
the less interesting Yule outfit to pander to the princess-loving demographic. Maybe
we�ll see this version in Series 3. Next up is the Sirius� Black�s house elf
– Kreacher. He comes with a new head different than Dobby�s. His ears and nose are more
droopy because he is a much older and beaten down house elf. His accessory is a broom piece
in dark brown. His other accessory is a new mould of one of Voldemort�s Horcruxes – the
Slytherin Locket. It is similar to the already existing medal piece. Then there�s Luna Lovegood wearing her Lion
head, a fan favorite outfit that Luna used to show support for the Gryffindor Quidditch
team. Her accessory is a reddish brown wand – which actually, I should note, most characters
have their wands in here so I�ll leave out mentioning that – and a goblet in pearl gold. We also have Moaning Myrtle with a new toilet
seat attachment to her neck that continues behind the head, and she uses the existing
pigtails hair and mid-legs. Now, we have Wormtail in his Graveyard Duel
outfit with lil� Voldemort – using that Series 15 LEGO baby piece, and Wormtail himself
has a new hair piece. Kingsley makes an appearance in here, with
some gorgeous recolors of existing pieces, a new hat, and the newspaper of Daily Prophet
accusing Dumbledore of being a threat to the ministry of magic. We can�t forget the infinitely annoying
Rita Skeeter, with some nice lime recolors for her outfit, a feather as a quill, and
a notepad – a printed 1 x 2 tile. There�s also Lavender Brown, which has a
new hair piece similar to Alice�s from the Disney Series, as well as a new piece of a
Weasley Brothers� love potion topped with a handle up top. Now, going back to the original films, we
have Vernon Dursley, using a recolor of the Commissioner Gordon LEGO Batman Movie hair.
For his accessories, we have the already existing LEGO cookie, and a letter printed for Harry
on a 1 x 2 tile� right before he�ll angrily destroy it. And, there�s Vernon�s son Dudley, based
directly on the Sorcerer’s Stone – even with an accessory of the python that he encounters
at the zoo. Gilderoy Lockhart is another pick for the
series, with a new mould for a cornish pixie similar to baby groot, and a signed photo
of him on a broom. Nymphadora Tonks would appear with alternate
hair pieces as accessories for when she changes her hair color – you can go from a reddish
purple, to a light pink, and even tan. Not only that, but her alternate face uses her
metamorphic ability for a pig nose. We decided to include Luna�s dad Xenophilius
Lovegood, the only minifigure in here from the final films. His hair is a recolor of
the new Aquaman�s, and his accessory is Tales of Beedle the Bard� Ashnflash did
a great LEGO interpretation of this, with the inside page – a 1×2 tile – being of the
Three Brothers story. Finally, we have Prisoner Belatrix from the
Order of the Phoenix, which uses her existing hair piece, black handcuffs, and the web holder
piece holding a 1×3 tile of her prisoner number. That�s it for the Harry Potter figures,
which you can see, it�s an interesting bunch. Stay tuned �til the end as I discuss some
key characters who remaining missing, because we still have six to go! But these are from the Fantastic Beasts movies,
starting off with young Albus Dumbledore, based off the second film. Keep in mind this
movie hasn�t been released yet, so the accessories and such were so hard to decide. Well, actually
not for Dumbledore – we gave him the deluminator, a new piece. Young Newt Scamander is included with his
Hufflepuff robes, and a new mould for Pickett much like a statue figure, since I felt the
one LEGO released is so lame – I just thought it was a leaf. Again, I don�t even know
if he had Pickett at this time in the movie, so I�m making a wild guess. We have Leta Lestrange, with a photo of her
from the past – the one Newt owns, which LEGO did include in a set but I felt it wasn�t
too accurate, and this is a 1×1 printed tile. There�s Newt�s brother Theseus Scamander,
with a recolor of the Mr. Incredible hair in dark brown, and the letter he sent to Newt
printed on a 2×2 tile. The writing on it is pretty fine, so I�m not sure LEGO would
print the whole thing, but we took the risk. We were really pulling for characters, so
we included Seraphina Picquery from the first Fantastic Beasts movie – the Grindelwald Escape
set has a different version of her, this one uses a new hat piece. Her accessory is another
printed 2×2, with a wanted poster for Newt Scamander. Finally, we have Nicholas Flamel, revealed
in the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald. He has the
philosopher�s stone as an accessory, and his hair piece is a recolor of Mad Eye Moody�s
in white. Ashnflash did an incredible job with the backside
of the checklist with Fantastic Beast characters� I love the little instructions for Lockhart
with the cape. Anyways. There�s a bunch of characters planned
that didn�t make the final cut. At one point, we had Werewolf Lupin with Sirius
Black as Padfoot as an accessory, but since we think this would launch in 2020, I�m
sure other LEGO Harry Potter sets would be out by then� most likely based of Prisoner
of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. And one of them will PROBABLY be the Shrieking Shack. The same goes for why we didn�t do a regular
Bellatrix or a Greyback, I feel those would be in potential Deathly Hallow sets. We also had Professor Sprout as a figure,
but we couldn�t think of any accessories to give her – Neville took the mandrakes.
And honestly, I just think they�d release her as a figure in a new Hogwarts Expansion,
like they did in 2011. I�m sure there�s so many more, and I hope
to do a Series 3 sometime. Either way, this video was voted on by 5 dollar up Patreon
supporters, and our next poll is up now – with choices for a LEGO Overwatch Series, Super
Mario and more – just click the card in the top right corner. Also, be sure to check out
Ashnflash�s instagram and YouTube channels, linked in the description. But what do you
guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I�ll see you guys later, peace out,

100 thoughts on “LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Series 2 – CMF Draft!”

  1. Maybe instead of Theseus,Nagini/Maledictus human form would be better ? (it would have new hair mold and maybe a poster for Circus Arcanus because snake form is with Voldie)

  2. For #3
    Sirius black
    Ginny Weasley
    Fred Weasley
    George Weasley
    Reamus Lupin
    Percy Weasley
    Molly Weasley
    Dolores umbridge
    James Potter
    Lily Potter
    Severus snape
    Cornelius fudge
    Lucius malfoy

  3. Love this series! Although I doubt they’ll the Yule Ball outfits will be here as they might be in The new Hogwarts For 2019.

  4. I think they changed the title for Harry Potter 1 in America it's the sorcerers stone .over here in Australia it's the philosophers stone

  5. Just 2 good i hope you see this and I request in your next series you would add mcgonnigal and umprige and auther and molly it would mean everything to me if you would create a series 3 and would add these . Btw ash and flash 10/10 on all of your effort comment if you agree

  6. Gonna need a revised version of this considering a bunch of these are going to be in sets. Give Ginny some love!

  7. i made a custom quiditch harry from the goblet of fire.
    i used snapes hair piece to show harrys long hair blowing in the wind
    i might swap out the quiditch clothes for normal school clothes tho

  8. Thank you so much Justin and Ashton!!! Great work as always and I desperately want all of this!!! Of course we already have a few of these in sets but dang!!! I love these!!

  9. Arthur Weasley Barty Crouch Jr. Winky the house elf Antonin Dolahoph Molly Weasley 17 year old Draco Malfoy

  10. What I think will be in the 2020 CMF series 2:

    -Harry Potter/Gregory Goyle
    -Ron Weasley/Vincent Crabbe
    -Hermione (blue sweater)
    -Gilderoy Lockhart
    -Dudley Dursley
    -Petunia Dursley
    -Vernon Dursley
    -Viktor Krum (Maze Task)
    -Moaning Myrtle
    -Peeves the Poltergeist
    -Tom Riddle
    -Fred/George Weasley
    -Professor Sprout
    -Lee Jordan
    -Newt Scamander (Hufflepuff Robes)
    -Leta Lestrange
    -Nicholas Flamel
    -Albus Dumbledore (Young)
    -Nagini (Crimes of Grindlewald)
    -Credence (Crimes of Grindlewald)

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