Lew Later On OnePlus Phone Bursting Into Flames

Lew Later On OnePlus Phone Bursting Into Flames

we have a 1 plus a 1 plus 1 that allegedly burst into flames so I mean we've had we've had stories of so many different smart phones at this point and manufacturers with with these exploding batteries and these fires and nice things melting of course nothing not not a single model more famously than the note series was it the no 7 the note 7 it was like a guys Jeep caught on fire is just like a bunch of reports all coming out at once well 1 plus up until this point has kind of been unscathed in this department but it appears to me that this tech has less to do with the actual specific phone and more to do with whatever battery cells and it was almost like anything with a battery cell has the potential to have this happen now the individual in this case says that the room was air-conditioned the phone was idle it was just shut off or charging or something like this and then they woke up and this is what happened on a bedside table something along these lines but you had to recall recently as well with the with the MacBook Pros where they recalled like a bunch of different model numbers for that one was saying hey these batteries might pose a risk could this inherently be an issue with battery tech particularly battery tech in phones where things are incredibly slim and these things are used charged discharged a large number of times in a short period of time it's quite possible obviously these types of scandals look bad on the brand ultimately the brand is the one that has to take the heat for take the heat for it you see that one because they plaster their badge on the thing at the end of the day it's it's gonna be their customer service department that has to look into it but what do we learn I mean I feel like any phone can blow up at this point well I'm not even lying I feel like my phone right over there it could blow up I feel like whatever phone I ever switch to could blow up I feel like this laptop could blow up giving the right satisfy feel like a Tesla could blow up if you got a battery it could blow up now the question then becomes you know what amount what percentage and how do you keep those percentages down this is this is something that manufacturers are going to have to consider I'm sure that they're gonna want to inspect this one specifically and I don't I don't think it should change anybody's opinion about the brand specifically it's a one-off case it's not it can't possibly be a note situation at this point because up until this point I haven't heard a single report of a WOM plus device exploding I feel like they all can and it might just be a question of volume that the more popular a phone becomes the more likely the potential for a phone to explode because it's just more of them out there more batteries so Otis having a kind of a little a little hoot he's having a hoot over there hey gotcha what's he got a hairball or something going on he's just having a time maybe he's inhaling explosive battery fumes Oh unknowingly we've got too many smart phones in this office that it's only a matter of time you know don't you find that strange like we've had exposure to a ton of smart phones here like how long should we go before one explodes I remember we did a video way back in the day when the note sevens started to explode where we took them to a testing lab facility at a university where they had these various potential stress tests that you could do including a heat test where we could simulate a phone running being left on the dash of a car in a desert essentially those types of environments and we couldn't get it we can get a single phone to have any kind of substantial physical issue let alone explode including the note series that was particularly susceptible at the time we got it up to what was it a hundred degrees in there it was wild and we had them running videos on them so that they were heating themselves up and the environment was hot also it's actually pretty cool we should go back there and run some tests on some new smart phones haven't been there in a while so we did various durability tests on some models of the time of the era

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  1. Oneplus ONE??

    OLD ASS phone battery worn out, overcharged, or bad replacement battery used…

    Not buying this story.

  2. Oneplus has the worst customer service ever. Still waiting on a fix for 1month . No nore Oneplus products for me…period! From an all time oneplus customer.

  3. OnePlus did have a reported case of a phone bursting into flames when the OnePlus One was new and another case where someone sat on it damaging the battery, around the same time there were iPhones and LG phones reporting issues with overheating using 3rd party chargers. I still have my OnePlus One that I bought back in July of 2014 when it was invite only. It was a great phone, got slightly warm, but due to age I can imagine that the battery is not in the best shape, also it could be a third party replacement battery or charger to blame. All I know is this was not a major issue in any way, not like the Note 7 where every other week a phone would catch on fire.

  4. Crapple iphone explode but this sheep never report thye hide it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ iphone x xs max both explodr

  5. American apple sheep love to spread lies and bullshit also paid by apple ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. OnePlus one? I thought it was a recent OnePlus, I'm sorry for the persons loss, but I don't see the big deal

  7. Wow this is scary cause I have a OPO too
    My screen is coming out due to battery expanding at first I thought it was just a bad seal for the screen but just few weeks ago I felt it most probably is the battery expanding is pushing out the screen from the casing
    I'm not using it already tho

  8. Well one they our using new types of lithium batteries that our gell instead of standard li-on. Which this keep the explosions down to minium and better heat dispisation.

  9. Such an old phone which probably has a replaced battery….lol… trying to create some unnecessary shit

  10. You're so desperate for views to going to put clickbait everyone's going to think it's the OnePlus 7 why don't you say OnePlus One who gives a fuck about the OnePlus One it's oldest shit it's probably why it exploded into flames other than that it's one phone that super old get some actual stuff going or cancel this Channel and go back to unbox only

  11. There are two factors. First not all batteries are perfect, they can have defective due to mass production. Second there is something going on with the 3rd party charger failing to properly communicate with USB-C to get the proper voltage to dispense. This could be the software miscalculating the power needed (charge + phone + screen) from the charger. USB-C is very different where the device lets the charger know how much power to deliver. Just look at Rasberry Pi 4 where they did not follow the USB-C standard and now NONE of the USB-C chargers will work with it, and now Rasberry Pi will have to recall and redesign.

  12. Nobody care's about one plus only sheeple like i phone people, one plus people are also sheeples

  13. Never hear of iPhones exploding… hmmm maybe their unwillingness to let others repair and their control from top down is on purpose

  14. Dumb bitch using a 5 year old phone with original battery and mismatched charger……. Fucking Shocked๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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