LyricalGenes - HYPE (Official Audio)

LyricalGenes – HYPE (Official Audio)

yeah hey yeah yeah hard I hate that you give in to I really into all I hate that you give into I are really into know all the hike that you give into my I'm really into it's simple I mean it's my life but then it's simple hold on let me speak a minute I'm hearing clear but seeing different everybody wants the same thing the same thing just by appearance fame alone doesn't make him different with the money yeah it makes you different singing dogs my two wives my two wives when no experience ever heard of a fuss side no you see it though popping up on the Internet none you'll see him no all right it's enough with that I gotta bite my tongue it's enough of that my turn I'm on debt need a home run grab a bad one I'm done asking staying private I'm dumb asking all out as a new tactic I'm a coach don't need practice hey I in a nutshell my life got enough to tell one shot so I might as well I'm dedicated can't you tell different and independent my brain is my defendant these rhymes are my defenses no more uncle will be proud of me Bobby's allowed to me respect women they're crazy to me we're to pop you need them there's your song was misogyny don't follow people be your own person and stay true to yourself be independent let's go yeah yeah all the hype that you give into I ain't really into all the hype that you give into I are really into no all the hype that you give into I are really into it's simple I mean it's my life but then it's simple get it once gotta do it again did it twice and never give in did it thrice and settled in what you gonna do with this permanent life are nurse not permanent take your chance keep your burning it no arrests you earned it it's your life you control it it's my life I'm a never settle this ahead beggar no heavy metals no life in the fast lane but I keeps pushing on the gas pedal being you is a true rebel Who am I when I'm in my era God knows that I need this I need this I'm gonna never sir

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  1. how ya doin dog? think i found you through a comment on a logic song on YouTube! so i think you like music haha. i was wondering if youd check some of my music out? i put a lot of effort into it and i think youll like it. if you do itd be awesome if you subscribed too! haha peace out man!

  2. "Who am I when I'm in my era!" MY GOD! You would have been blew up fast af if ppl knew what real intense music was! 💞

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