Magazine Peter Auto #05 – Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille 2019

Magazine Peter Auto #05 – Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille 2019

Hello, I am happy to greet all of you
from these impressive gardens in Chantilly. We owe this to an
exceptional man : Henri d’Orléans, duke of Aumale, son of the last King
of France, Louis-Philippe. The estate is also known for its gardens,
gardens designed by Le Notre, or the English-Chinese gardens. The estate covers
285 acres and this is where I offer you a relaxing moment, dedicated
to the Arts, elegance and of course the automobile. In five editions the event has earned its letters of nobility.
It’s been granted several international awards, and is now a must-attend event for fans of beautiful cars. Thousands of visitors come and visit Chantilly for the weekend,
for a relaxing stroll in the countryside. Chantilly Arts et Elegance is an event organised by Patrick Peter
and his team, but we also owe it to Richard Mille. Hello Richard !
Oh Mylène, always a joy to see you ! Thank you so much. This weekend,
are you here as a passionate car lover, a collector, or as the CEO of the watch
manufacturer Richard Mille ? It’s a joyous mix of them all, really.
This mix of countryside atmosphere, magnificent cars, a wonderful setting,
and the heat, which went down a bit fortunately all ingredients are here to spend
some wonderful moments together. Please explain how Chantilly Arts et
Élégance was created. Together with my old friend Patrick Peter
– we go back some forty years – we share the exact same philosophy. We like to do
things well. So either we do them, or we don’t. But if we do, we do them well. So we tried
to get a maximum of good fortune on our side, to create an event of planetary
stature, and I think all agree now that this event is the most beautiful
of the planet. You were talking of a whole plethora of cars.
Is there one in particular that caught your eye ? The problem is that I did not have the time
to see them all. But there is plenty of very, very beautiful cars. As far as I am concerned,
I prefer the racing cars. But there are some gorgeous sedans, and beautiful modern
cars as well. Thank you, Richard
See you soon ! Chantilly is not only about the Sunday,
on Saturday two rallies were organised, one for supercars,
and one for historic cars. Saturday. Just like the whole of France,
Chantilly is hit by a heat wave, but the early morning light is just ideal
for a little walk in the park. A short ride, some fifty kilometres long, for the supercars,
but also for some thirty historic and very rare cars. Imagine seeing a unique 1948 Talbot Lago GS Coupé
driving through your street, closely followed by a Porsche 917.
Yes, you’re not dreaming, a 917. The first Porsche ever to win the Le Mans 24 Hours,
going for a ride on the roads of the Hauts-de-France region, you have to pinch yourself to believe it. The Compiègne palace was built during
the 18th Century, and this is the setting for the lunch for the participants in the rally. After this brief flashback, we return
to Chantilly, because there is plenty of things to see. Like the traditional gala dinner on Saturday evening. Saturday evening, tuxedo and evening
dresses aplenty for the gala dinner for the guests and collectors, offered
by Patrick Peter and Richard Mille. When the guests enter the stables,
the surprise is immense, for there it is : Bugatti’s unique and exceptional
Voiture Noire. And on the lawn of the Le Notre garden,
the most beautiful cars in the world are shown to the public. They’re part of 17 distinct and varied categories,
like the concept cars of Marcello Gandini, French manufacturer Ballot celebrating its centenary,
or the cars of the Paris Car Show, like this Talbot Lago T26. Chantilly is a ‘concours’ above all,
a so-called ‘concours d’état’. For such a concours, you need jurors,
which you can recognize by their white and orange hats. Hello François ! Could you explain
your task as a juror this weekend ? In this category we judge the cars
on their original state. You’ve come at a good time, for this is an Osca,
a car that I like a lot. This one has a history in racing. As you can see,
it’s completely original. The paintwork has been repaired slightly. Not very
well, but that’s not a problem. The interior is completely original.
Through these labels you see this car was a real racer back in the day. And it’s very rare to see a car such
as this one. It has all the original dials. It has a small four-cylinder engine,
which can take very high revs, it’s magnificent. And thanks to all this information
you are able to judge this car ? Exactly. Every single original aspect of the
car increases its score. Thank you for explaining all this. I don’t
know about you, but I am a bit peckish. We’re off to the Garden Party ! This is one of my favourite moments
of the event, the Garden Party. Peter Auto provides us with this picnic
basket, let’s see what’s inside ! Here we go… Lamb terrine…
Spring vegetables… cheese… Lemon cake… and some fruit. Perfect ! The garden party is without a doubt
the most awaited moment of the day. Time stands still during a garden lunch, simple
for some,more sophisticated for others. I’ve just missed a 2CV Charleston,
and this is just a bit expensive for me… So I propose we stop by the Concours d’Elégance,
which Patrick Peter revived 6 years ago, when creating Chantilly Arts et Elégance.
It’s a simple idea : a couturier joins a car manufacturer and both pass in front
of a jury, which chooses the most harmonious duo. The first concours d’élégance was
held in Bordeaux in 1901. During the 1920s there were many concours
d’élégance in France. They contribute to the image of the resorts.
The idea is simple : a lady, a fashion designer, a coachbuilder… and a jury. After the second World War
the concours d’élégance make a comeback, but because of the standardization of the cars,
they slowly disappear during the fifties. Half a century later, only three important
concours remain : Pebble Beach in California, Villa d’Este at the Italian Lake Como
and since 2014 the Chantilly event. The cars attending this year’s event are exceptional
and many a manufacturer presents its prototypes or concept cars in Chantilly. Nowhere else you
could see a MaxMara model walking next to the iconic Bugatti Noire, the world premiere of the BMW Vision M Next or even a McLaren Speedtail,
which will win the competition, associated with fashion designer Polka. Chantilly offers an excellent opportunity
to spend some time in the countryside. There are many clubs present as well,
all vying for the Grand Prix des Clubs. And some have made some lovely
floral compositions ! No new title in the clubs concours this year,
the win goes to Amicale Facel Vega. The ‘best of show’ is the most beautiful
among all the cars, and this time it’s a Talbot Lago that takes the prize. You remember the car I was sitting in
at the start of the show ? Well, it has won its category. It’s the
most beautiful of pre-war cars. And this is the McLaren Speedtail,
which has won the Concours d’Elégance. So this is it for Chantilly Arts et Elégance.
I was happy to spend the weekend with you. We’ll meet again during the second weekend
of July, for the Hungaroring Classic. See you soon !

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  1. Very nice and ALOT better than the event in Como. Chantilly had a very relaxed atmosphere, very egalitarian and a sense of space ie everything Como was not IMHO

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