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  1. I really like the idea of bringing art back to its roots. Not all art needs to be grandiose (much as I love art like this). Sometimes it can be simple, made with simple materials. It seems like, in this day and age, we must own the most specialized stuff. We must have nice, expensive things. Few people (including myself) make our own clothing, furniture, or art. In my own life, I feel the dichotomy of wanting to buy things I don't really need (or truly want) for convenience or pleasure and the desire to make my life simpler (which also ties into my cheapskate nature).

  2. Been really loving this series! I really enjoy how it challenges the common misconception that art is simply something restricted to things like painting or sketching. I used to be so confused by abstract art and such, but you guys really opened up my eyes to how artists think and express through their work! DFTBA!

  3. I have no excuse to not do this Art Assignment, therefore I shall do it. This is a very interesting assignment, and I think that I shall enjoy it. 

  4. Hey everybody, when Sopheap Pich gives you an assignment….you do it.
    I'm not joking.  Seriously, do this assignment.

  5. I’m really digging the physicality of this, and of art-making in general.  I really miss doing hands on stuff, which hasn’t really been part of my schooling. In a way, working with your hands sort of brings you outside of yourself and your daily life. To me, working with your hands and working with your mind are just two sides of the same coin. It can be intimidating though, especially within the sterility of modern life, which is why we need The Art Assignment as a stepping stone.

  6. Arte Povera definitely relates to the democracy of art that Hickey talks about in Air Guitar, which I still need to finish! And apparently, scientists have discovered that Picasso used commercial paint himself:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/19/science/picasso-used-common-house-paint-scientists-say.html?_r=0

    I think that gives us all a little more confidence to try out paint, in whatever form.

  7. I’m glad you guys are including such a diversity of artists in your series, it’s great! It certainly makes YouTube a more interesting place to be 🙂

  8. This is a great assignment! I love Sopheap's work! The bamboo interactive sculpture he has at the IMA is one of the coolest things to see. I can't wait to see the things that people create with this assignment! 

  9. My favorite assignment yet! For me, the most interesting part of his final print is the area where two imprints got a little messy and ran together a bit. The "imperfection" is a big part of why the print is so beautiful.

  10. This was fun!



  11. Aah this is kind of a tangential comment but I just wanted to thank the people at Art Assignment for featuring a Khmer artist. As a young 2nd generation immigrant Cambodian, we rarely get to see any of our culture or our people celebrated in western media or any media at all really. It really means a lot!

  12. Two things that come to mind:
    – when you cut an apple in half, and you can sort of either cut it the "normal" way (vertically) and get a very apple shaped print, or you can cut it horizontally and get a pretty bland circular shape but with the star shaped seedy bit on the inside that always rather enamoured me as a child.
    – things are cool when you slice them, like when you slice cones and you get conic sections – ellipses, parabolas or hyperbolas, and you can get different looking ones with different properties depending on the cones themselves. 

    Idk I just like the idea of exploring an object with its 2-dimensional cross-sections…you end up with a kind of shadow-work.

  13. This is really similar to a project that I've just finished (thought I haven't had a chance to install it in a space yet). I've done lots of prints of leaves with paint and a few clay castings. But this is really cool! I'll have to give this version a go

  14. Not going to lie I started to scream uncontrollably when I realized there was a prominent artist that shared the same heritage as me. Thank you so much for showcasing this brilliant artist.

  15. I have watched every Art Assignment and simply think about them, but today I watched this in bed and got right up and did it! It felt good!

  16. Okay, so I'm going to try to use my words and describe what has been going through my head which was inspired by this art assignment. When Sopheap Pich asks us to create art by cutting an object, dipping it in paint and making a series of imprints to further our study of that specific object, it made me think about a definition of art that I've never thought of, and never heard anyone discuss before (Please tell me if someone has thought about this before). So my definition is: Art is when a thing (human, animal, whatever) interupts the "normal" pattern of another thing (human, animal, whatever) and creates something that would not normally have been created. An example is when a person (thing) cuts down a tree (interupts normal pattern of tree, which is to grow) and makes a chair. The process, the end result, and the steps in between are all art. Now, I like this definition for a lot of reasons. One is that this definition does not tell you whether or not the end result is beautiful; Because art does not equal beauty, and beauty does not equal art. Something created by a human isn't necessarily beautiful, and something beautiful might just as well be the pattern itself, or something that's pattern has not been interupted. I feel like this definition encompasses everything that anyone could call art. I would love to hear others' thoughts on this, and/or if this definition could somehow be narrowed without excluding anything that we think of as art. I hope that made sense, and I would really love to discuss this further with whoever is interested. 

  17. I remember seeing a tree carved out of a tree (Giuseppe Penone's Tree of 12 Metres) in the Tate in London thinking it was so awesome! My favourite piece there!

  18. This is interesting, in a way, but it reminds me of potato stamps. Almost all the interesting things in my house are either hollow (and would leave bad imprints if cut in half) Or books. And I don't wanna cut my books. 

  19. Thanks for the video! I have a question about 'Arte Povera.' Doesn't Penone's iron casting count as use of conventional or "elitist" material? Creating an iron cast of his own hand would need extensive equipment, right? Or does it's combination with a tree, thereby making it art only with the tree, reclassify it as 'arte povera'? 

  20. Did anyone else notice the mistake in the credits…? Lauren Zoll is stated as the artist instead of Sopheap Pich, she just can't get enough of The Art Assignment.

  21. I love how this is kind of a printmaking assignment but without the need for facilities or a press or chloride or anything.

  22. It would be so awesome if every museum had a room for showing short interviews with the artists about the art they currently display. It would be so much more understandable! I love what you do here, it's like showing the new and more beautiful side of art:)

  23. The thing about art stores is interesting to me because I've had the experience of growing up in a rural area with no art stores nearby and learning to make art and enjoy making art with the things that were available to me, and honestly I find it a lot more fun that way. It's more difficult for me to create things while surrounded by things that are purely intended for the sake of making art, actually, because tools don't inspire me and I don't feel much of a personal connection to them. Maybe this is just because I see the process of making the piece as part of the piece—I do tend view it as a story or a narrative, unlike Mr. Pich—but I find it's more fun when I'm making a mess in my bedroom and using nail polish because there's no paint that hasn't dried up rather than working with good quality materials in a studio. Actually tbh this is also probably just because I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to art and professionals intimidate me. But I still think it's interesting, and I'm curious as to whether anyone else has the same problem of not being quite as creative in a professional setting. 

  24. I have to say the Art Assignment program is really inspiring me. Well done to all involved in the making of it. More please, a hugely beneficial enterprise all round, life enriching.i love it.

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