MakerMonday 047 - What Video Editing Software to Use

MakerMonday 047 – What Video Editing Software to Use

what's up guys how you all doing hey welcome to another maker Monday today sorry it was gonna be so late but today we're gonna be checking out a little bit further in the how to produce videos we will be looking at different video editing software's today so we're gonna be checking out a couple of them two of my favorites is on here one beginner so we'll go ahead and get started again I apologize for this being late I know it's gonna be late when this comes out he's made for a minute got something my eye but it's gonna be a little bit late for this one but that's okay cuz at least it got out so um this Wednesday I'll be releasing another DIY with mi that I think you guys are gonna like but anyway let's go ahead without any further ado and let's get started on this so now continuing on last week we talked about different video cameras and things to use that we'll be using for making pretty good videos like right now I'm using a Logitech camera mm to capture me here it's a USB camera I'll go through some other stuff about a capturing video and maybe a later segment if you like this make sure and fretts that thumbs up button let me know in the comments if you like these videos I'll keep doing I'm gonna keep going and I'll tell you how to do video capture here on the computer alright so anyway enough of that so let's look at the software is one very simple and free software that we're gonna look at here I'm gonna make myself a little bit smaller here there we go that's better so what we're gonna do is we're looking at Microsoft movie maker now those of you that don't know what this is is free from Microsoft moviemaking movie editing software now what I do is I think you have to download the Microsoft essentials pack which is free but I you may have to do that I can't remember if I've done that or not but I think Windows 10 may just come with it so depending what you do here is you get a little preview pane and you get you basically your spot to place your videos so you can hit add videos and photos as basically you do now I've got something already set up we're gonna go to a YouTube channel over in the chair and you select your videos that you're wanting to do you plop those in it slams them in and any old method and you can basically move them cut them split them move them around so like we can do a preview here let's see I think I got my desktop audio on when I turn off my fly so I don't get feedback here but there it is Oh seems like it's not wanting to play the desktop audio give me just a second I'll see if I can fix that okay sorry about that got my audio fixed so now there we go whoo there's the normal intro and then there's all the other pieces so what you can do is you can right-click and choose different things you can split it you can set set points I don't know like this one I need to rotate it so you come up here you say I want to rotate it to the right a couple of times there we go we've rotated it around and then this one's same do rotate it rotating it around so there we go so there's our deal that has different transitions and different things you can have beginnings you can add interesting basically intros and stuff of course I've got my own intro but you can also do transitions I believe that that's in here as well there's different transits I don't know to tell you the truth I haven't used this in years but this is a good way to get started what you do once you've got your video where it is you come up here to file you're gonna say save movie and usually I do for high-definition display or recommended for this project a lot of times will get you very good or you can create I think a custom one so you can do custom settings and put in you know your own settings your height through with your frame rate all that stuff even has some presets here for Android Apple Windows Phone and things like that and it works pretty good you can get do some pretty good stuff with this dig into it and you can find some pretty cool things to do so now my next one that I highly recommend that's on the freeware version is gonna be Kayden live now this one this one right here is a linux-based version you can find it I'll put the link down in the description let me grab the web page right here all right so you can get it from source boards the source forage this one is Caden live on Windows what this is it's a VirtualBox image so those of you don't know about VirtualBox virtual box it's from Oracle it's actually basically like VMware but it's free totally free you download it and it works fine now me I have VMware so I'm running mine in a VMware Workstation but be and so you basically if you're gonna do go that route you have to convert this which there's a converter that you can download that converts it from VirtualBox to the VMware sorry I have to think for a minute I lost my train of thought I saw that I saw that like kids picture and it blew my mind I was like what what is that little girl doing anyway um so once you get it installed basically there's just a deal looks like a film strip right here it's called kdenlive okay and it pops up in here now with VirtualBox you can do this can Trevor how to do it with VirtualBox but with VMware you can link a folder and tell VMware that you want to share a certain folder that's on your PC with the VM and that's what I've done I called it the virtual share but you select your videos that you want to put in you hit open that comes up here in this little kind of project tree space and then you just drag them down here onto the timeline you can preview each one in the preview pane but then if you go up here and move it down you can move it down to your space so let's say we got two of these let's put this one here that one on the end let's say now if you hold down the control key you can zoom in you can zoom in and out and get more detail in less detail thing I like about this software is it shows the audio track like the actual spectrum of the audio track and you can see right here that's my intro that's me turning on the camera and getting things set up or whatever well I don't want all that space all that time so if I can show you this you watch so I don't want all that intro time so what you can do is you can cut that down so I can cut that down real quick and then plug it in and there'll be a nice transition between and then we start okay so and I would do the same thing if I take and shrink this down again I'm holding down the control key and it zooms relative to the time cursor so wherever the time cursor is that's where it's gonna zoom so I would do the same thing with this one I'll take like the tail end of this I'll cut this down and then I'll take this one cut this one down and then put them together okay and so that's kind of how I go about editing now let's say that that audio is way too loud let's say let's come over here this audio on this on this beginning cuz a lot of times it is this is really really loud so if that's way too loud you can right-click on it and choose split audio now it breaks the audio out from the video so you can edit that audio differently you could take and you know choose this audio track configure tracks I believe that you can that's how you can mute it you probably add an effect there we go effect audio correction it's been a while choose game and then you can take the game down you can take it down you know let's take it down to 25% then it'll be real quiet or at least it's quieter so you can play around with the audio and stuff splitting it out and whatnot you can like I said we this one needs to be rotated because it's upside-down the way my camera is all you do is right-click on it well if I can get it to right-click go to add effects I believe then you go to crop and transform and then you just go to rotate rotate now the rotate is kind of weird on this it has an extra 0 like we need to go 180 degrees but if you do 180 degrees and hit go it just kind of puts it caddywhompus there so you have to add another 0 don't ask me why but you do and that flips it all the way over and so you can do that for both of these clips so like this one you would do the same thing effects proper transform and rotate and then 180 1800 and Bob's your uncle so this one is very nice the nice thing about it is when you go to render it in this rendering it actually renders it in the format for you can go let's see by an h.264 which is the preferred render format for YouTube videos so it already has it it's already ready to go I got children coming down so highly okay you're gonna make snow cones all right so what we're gonna do here is once we set that basically everything else is set you're gonna name it you'll name your file whatever and then you'll just hit render to file and this will go ahead and render out your video pretty darn slick and it's free and this does all kinds of stuff you can have the picture and picture if you do the transition you can do a composite where you can basically make what I'm what you're seeing right now you can make two different videos overlay them over the top you can do regions you can do subtract light and hue it'll even do green screen stuff like you can do all kinds of cool stuff professional quality editing with kdenlive so I highly recommend yet okay now last on our list is gonna be the professional great software which is this is what the one that I used for my videos anymore now this is gonna cost you this is the paid stuff it's subscription-based which is kind of a pain but it's obviously Adobe Premiere Pro Premiere Pro will let you do literally anything I mean it's just crazy it comes with all kinds of canned transitions and intros and things like that it does a lot of really cool stuff so what you do to get started on this is again just drag it down to the timeline it imports it and it'll scale and set up the video for whatever you have imported you just bring this stuff down now it always keeps the audio and the video sort of semi separated I guess you could say so same rules here except you hold down the alt button to zoom in and out but it will zoom relative to your cursor okay so wherever your cursor is is where this one zooms okay it doesn't matter about this time deal it's based on the cursor now the cool thing about it is I don't know if you heard that but it actually will play the audio as you drag the cursor around so that's kind of cool let's end same deal you get this little cursor popping up on if you can see that but I can now drag and cut this down I can also change to the cutting tool this little tool looks like a razor blade over that will cut wherever you click you can also shortcut to it I'm pressing the C button if I press C it'll change the cut tool if I press B change this back to my cursor tool and if you need help with that hover over you'll see the tooltip V for the cursor and see for the razor tool or the cut tool so I can do it one of two ways I can cut it and choose it press the Delete key and it's gone and then move them together if I want to so now like this one needs to be rotated so all I have to do in this one is go to my effects and go up here to motion expand that out rotation and this one actually is in degrees under than 80 and there it is there that's rotated now if I want different audio levels this is a cool thing about Premiere Pro if I wanted a different audio level on this versus this one I can move this one down to another audio track to a 2 and then come over here to my audio settings and it's basically just like a stereo mixer I can take a 2 and C like right now the sounds about like that I can crank that way down to quiet and now it's a whole lot quieter and I can just and I can actually play with it live while it's going so I can hit play and I can play with that and make it louder I can make it soft I can you know I can play around with it do whatever I want so that's kind of cool about it you know what I mean so that's pretty spiffy editing and splicing it you have so much stuff to do effects with and whatnot this is a really powerful software I probably only scratched the surface of what it's capable of it also integrates seamlessly with their Creative Cloud which allows you to put together stuff like After Effects so you can do like my intros that's what I've been using for my intros anymore is Adobe After Effects and things like that and putting stuff together and you can create special effects and all kinds of stuff it integrates seamlessly with Premiere Pro because obviously it's all Adobe products kinda like Microsoft Office so guys anyway I hope that that helps you guys hopefully that gives you some insight on some software I hope that you enjoyed this little video and definitely let me know if you like to continue to see this kind of stuff on the channel if you would like some in-depth tutorials on how to use the software or how to use the video cameras and things like that if you want to you want that kind of stuff I don't care this is an electronics channel we cover all electronics that's totally fine with me so if you want to want me to do that I'd say I can do it but let me know in the comments the best way to get the content that you want is to let me know in those comments man because I will give you exactly what you asked for so any case let me know in the comments guys thank you very much for watching the videos check out Wednesday and because that's coming up a DIY with mi it's a new one we haven't had one in a while so I got that coming out as well as Maker Faire is getting closer I'm doing some cool stuff with overclocking and whatnot at one of our museums so I'm a film some of that and throw it up here just because it's fun to see so anyway so we'll do a bunch stuff flat so make sure and like subscribe and share because that really helps the channel when you subscribe make sure and ring that little bell icons that way you don't miss the updates and stuff that I put out I think I sent an update earlier today telling you that this video is gonna be late I like that mechanism that Google has put in now where I can send out a message to all my subscribers just by typing it in I can put pictures in it and live maybe little gifts and quick little videos and things so that's gonna be awesome to be leveraging that a lot here in the future so definitely ring that bell so that way you get those notifications because if you don't ring the bell you won't get the notifications so anyway guys check me out on all the different social medias and check out the t-shirts I'm not wearing one now but there's t-shirts down check those out as well as other coffee cups and whatnot check out the forum we've had a lot of people join the forum haven't been seeing a whole lot of traffic on it so definitely check out that forum beans because I can't answer everybody's questions so check out the forum and we can all kind of work together as a community to answer to answer each other's questions so far as all the different things that we do on this channel so guys with that that ought to do it thank you very much for watching and we will see you in the next video

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  1. I'm a bit surprised that openshot wasn't mentioned. It's free and it has a native Windows version now.

  2. Aye I really don’t know much about video editing my pc isn’t that good so I can’t really do much with editing videos but thanks for the heads up once I get something good if I ever need to edit. PS I still laugh that Microsoft calls it Windows “Movie” Maker it’s such a basic program 😂

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