Mass Drawing / Line Drawing- Learn to Draw Any Cartoon Character / What You See

Mass Drawing / Line Drawing- Learn to Draw Any Cartoon Character / What You See

bjbjLULU In this video I am going to share
a very effective training technique that I use in my classroom. It is a strategy tailored
for novice artists and it will make you better at drawing what you see (also known as the
skill of rendering). I call this process mass drawing / line drawing. The process will seem
awkward at first, but I have seen students get great results once they understand the
process. So please give it a chance. All that you will need is a highlighter, a pencil and
some paper. Lets begin. This is a mass drawing. I used the highlighter to make a silhouette
of the cartoon character, Ni Hao Kai Lan. I scribbled it in quickly and as a single
mass. This will serve as a guide for the second step, the line drawing. This is a line drawing.
Notice that it is done directly over the mass drawing. But don’t just outline; make corrections.
The mass drawing will enable you to see the big picture and the mistakes that you made.
Many of my students have found it much easier than guessing on a blank sheet of paper. So
dont outline your mass drawing make corrections while doing the line drawing. Take a second
to look at how many changes I made to the original mass, such as the right arm, the
shoes and the hair. Still confused, thats ok, watch the process a few times and you
will begin to understand it. Remember that it is just a drill and drills are used to
build good habits for the future. This drill will help you build observation skills and
comparative skills which will help you develop the ability to draw what you see. I don’t
expect you to use a highlighter for long. In fact, I will show you a more advanced method,
later on in the video. I will also teach you a really cool trick that will get rid of the
color from the highlighter. But for now, remember that there are two steps to this process.
Use the highlighter to create a mass drawing of what you are trying to draw. If you are
very new to drawing, try to make your mass drawing a similar size to your reference picture
or object. With more experience, you can experiment with scale. Remember that step two, the line
drawing, is meant to be a correction of step one. I have observed that when my students
do this process for the first time, they struggle a bit, and complain that the yellow or pink
from the highlighter “throws them off”. Please remember that it takes three tries, on average,
to get fully acquainted with this process. I have also observed that the students who
improve the fastest, look at their reference image more often. Get in the habit of looking
at your reference image at least once for every five seconds. To get rid of the color
from the highlighter, flip over your drawing and start to scribble all over the back. It
is easiest to use the side of a graphite stick, but you could also use a pencil. Once the
back of your drawing is covered, flip it over again and tape it down over a new piece of
paper. Then, retrace over all of the lines. I used a blue pen for this step. When you
remove the tape, you will see a perfect print of your drawing Now, I am using the pencil
to create a mass drawing. Notice that I am pressing very lightly while scribbling in
the mass. I have observed that using a pencil is a little bit more difficult for beginners
due to the tendency to apply too much pressure and leave dark lines. Also it is much easier
to differentiate the bright colors from the highlighter then the subtle tones of a pencil.
Still, after you feel that you are progressing with the markers, move on to this step. Do
not worry about mastering the process with the highlighter, just get comfortable enough,
and move on. Thank you for watching my video, I reply to all of my comments, so feel free
to ask me a question, or just let me know how it goes. Remember to try this at least
three times before you judge the process. I guarantee that it will feel foreign at first,
but I have used it for eight years in the classroom with a high success rate so give
it some time. Happy drawing everybody! In my demonstrations, I drew, Ni Hao Kai Lan,
Spongebob, Homer Simpson, Moose A. Moose (Noggin), Characters from Yo Gabba Gabba, Lilo from
Lilo and Stitch, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Dora the Explorer, Patrick Star (Spongebob), Stitch
(Lilo and Stitch and Blue the Dog from Blues Clues (Nickelodeon Noggin). I am confident
that this process could teach you how to draw any cartoon. h$1I h$1I gd$1I Owner Normal
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68 thoughts on “Mass Drawing / Line Drawing- Learn to Draw Any Cartoon Character / What You See”

  1. Awesome Yo

    And Ive learned that technique a couple years ago like when I was about 6 or 7 years old (No Sarcasm Intended)It really help me back then to focus on the main details of a drawing like if I used a reference pic I would compare every detail of the image to the real Drawing and I still do today.

  2. Stitch is awesome. they made a japanese series…but they got rid of lilo and replace her with some lame random girl…thats like NOT Hawaiian…and stitch is like REALLY skinny..-___-..faaaail…

  3. Hawaii is the most BEAUTIFUL place that I have EVEN been to! I am a fan of anything Hawaiian. "If it aint broke dont fix it" as they say here in NYC!!! Thanks Lusa!

  4. For me….My drawing skills "took off" when I learned this. It got me in the habit of looking at the reference. I figured that I would pass it on….thats what I LOVE about the internet! I have learned more on youtube than I ever did in school! Thank you as always Samurai!

  5. That just takes time and patience! I had the same problem. I was proficient in painting before I became proficient in drawing- In painting you can cover over your lines as many times as you want because paint is usually opaque (cant see through it). I will try to give you some drills to follow but the answer is to practice and be patient! Thank you for subscribing! Its nice to meet you!

  6. Great video. It gives me a better indication of what I should do to get better at drawing.
    Someone gave me the advice to just scribble not draw lines immediately. I didn't get what he meant at first but now I fully understand what he meant. I'm going to watch some more of your videos. Thanks for the tip! πŸ˜‰

  7. This was the most helpful tip that I was ever given…..I wanted to pass it on….Be patient, it will seem weird at first but it should work in time! Thanks for commenting!
    -Merrill πŸ™‚

  8. Unfortunately I cannot hear a word you are saying and both my computer volume and the video volume are at maximum. πŸ™

  9. Nidonemo
    Sorry to hear that! I have been using a new program to put these videos together. Most can hear it but I have heard of this problem before. I will try to troubleshoot (and shout in to the microphone next time πŸ™‚

  10. I was just checking my e-mail when you wrote this…..I am happy to help! Ask as many questions as you like. It will take practice but this strategy should work! Thank you for subscribing BTW!

  11. The trick to drawing what you see is to see things as shapes. Break the picture down like a jigsaw puzzle. Look for highlights (lighter parts) and shadows (darker parts) as the edges of the shapes. The mass drawing (the yellow part) was meant to be the first (largest) shape and from there break it (the largest shape) down in to smaller shapes. For examples….see videos "Youdraw- How to Draw Simon Cowell Step by Step" and "How to Master Portrait Drawing in 5 Minutes. Let me know if this helps.

  12. very nice, thanks for your guidance, I will give it a try

    (giving it a try)
    (searching for my godforsaken pencil, which probably still is in my schoolbag)

    I'll finish my try soon anyway

  13. I think it went OK

    I give up tryin to send a link to the picture here

    if you want to see it I posted it on my deviantart
    my account is called N00bin80r
    and over there i posted a link to both this video and your profile πŸ˜‰

    youtube filters comments with links in them :@

  14. I am on DA too…my account is kazanjianm like youtube….I just searched for N00bin80r on "all deviations". Is there a way to search for users? (couldnt find it) I would love to see it! I will add you to my deviantwatch as soon as I figure this out. Thank you so much for the links!! Looking forward to seeing your work!

  15. how long does would it take to get to a level of drawing you are at new using this mether as a bigginer i have been drawing for about two years im not fantastic but i have a gift in this area. does it matter what color or highlighter you use ? or can it be any ? also love y our pictuers πŸ™‚

  16. Sorry, Artmorphs was my other channel user name, but it was me… is the rest of the answeranswer,,,…..I just used the yellow because its a light toned color and i can see the pencil lines well (would be much tougher to see those dark lines with a blue, purple)..I would use only pencil after you get the hang of it with the marker (2 weeks to a month). Let me know if this helps!

  17. i will deffantly try this method infact i have some ideas for some pictures i will do today πŸ™‚ thankyou so much for sharing your method i just hope i can get the hang of it πŸ˜€ lol

  18. Thank you for posting this tutorial, It is a great technique! I have always had a knack for art and I am very much a visual learner. I attempted this technique starting right off by mass drawing with pencil, as i am quite experienced in proper pencil pressure. I attempted the same stitch graphic that you used in the tutorial and I picked up on the technique very quickly. After finishing the line drawing, I inked in the lines. It looks great! Thanks for posting. I subscribed…

  19. Thank you so much for letting me know! It makes me very happy knowing that I helped someone!
    -Merrill πŸ™‚

  20. I started by copying pictures. I did that for a while and then I started to study proportion so that I could draw things from my head….Such as the average human being is 7 1/2 head lengths from head to toe and three head lengths from shoulder to shoulder……Cartoons are more exaggerated in proportion…but that might give you a start…..Also, check my "Art Educational Videos" playlist on my channel page. There are lots of helpful videos there! Good Luck!

  21. Very good video!

    But I came here from a photographer's point of view to know what 'ACTION LINE' is.

    It was said to explain the stance of a subject. For example a woman's stance has an 's' shape and a man's stance has a reverse 'v'.

    Would appreciate if you could explain this to me if you know it from a photographer's point of view.


  22. wierd…done this my whole life with pencil no highlighter never knew there was a name, maybe thats why people say im good at drawing in class o.O

  23. so if you practice this method, it should help you draw what you see? so basically you could draw the same character more than once?

  24. Yeah I still have an issue with pressing hard on the paper for mass drawings. This is a wonderful technique though, I tend to do a lot of it digitally πŸ˜‰

  25. Question:although this has nothing to do with your technique which i have tried and works amazinglyπŸ˜„ could you perhaps do a video on blending out hard edges on drawing as I struggle with this. Thanks

  26. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Learn to draw on my blog at keithreviews. com/learn-to-draw-review/ Thanks. King.

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