100 thoughts on “Matthew McConaughey Has Stephen’s Old Sketches Memorized”

  1. Oh, my gawd! McConaughey is such a charismatic story teller! He could be talking about nothing and I'd still be hanging on to every word coming out of his mouth. ❤

  2. McConaughey is a fantastic actor and very charming. I just can't get past his promotion of canned hunting, this just wipes out any good he may do.

  3. Why a mullet? In 2017? How is anyone with a mullet the sexiest man alive? Unless it was the throwback edition of People's SMA.

  4. Exit57 was THE shit. 'Honey Pie' and 'Salmon' are still two of the funniest things ever. My friend, Amber, still has no idea why I say " Amber git over heeere" and laugh myself stupid. Colbert, release the tapes! Release the tapes! Release the tapes!

  5. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166039/
    The thing has only 140 ratings, no episode descriptions or even a single picture. Stephen wasn't kidding when he talked about how few people know that show.

  6. These guys are Great Merkin Heroes defending the Merkin Way of life. This is why people in other countries want to come to the USA and BE Merkins.

  7. type in merkin on google and in the images there is a donald trump shaped dick saying make merkin great again

  8. Colbert was in absolute awe while watching McConaughey act out something that he had performed over 20 years ago.

  9. thats also a quote from strangers with candy… him and mr jellyneck – "I'm not pushing you away, Chuck, I'm pulling me toward myself" awesome line.

  10. I loved Exit 57 too! One of the reasons I have always been searching for new covers of "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake." Haven't found the right one yet! Anyone know who sang the one that was used for their theme?

  11. The whole I'm not pushing you away I'm pulling me towards myself ends up being used a couple times since then. First in Strangers with Candy the tv with Jellineck saying the line to go off and become an artist while Noblet was jealous of not pursuing his rockstar dreams. In the Movie version Noblet says it as he's breaking up with Jellineck in the beginning. (DINELLO'S WRITING IS A1 SERIOUSLY)

  12. Find you someone who looks at you the way Colbert looks at McConaughey doing impression of Colbert's impression

  13. That was amazing. I was never really interested in Matthew McConaughey but this video alone made me a fan. The guy has such presence and charisma. The scene alone where he describes the porch is gold!

  14. Exit 57 was awesome. 1995 was when I first saw Comedy Central. We had a satellite dish. Exit 57, Kids in the Hall, Politically Incorrect. Awesome. The '90s were cool. Now sucks.

  15. Matthew McConaughey loosing it over a Merkin comment on Graham Norton's show makes so much more sense now! https://youtu.be/jO84pzP3Fmc?t=20m4s

  16. I absolutely LOVED Exit 57! I laughed so hard at the first sketch in the very first episode, where an idealistic office worker (Jodi Lennon) writes "Practice Random Acts of Kindness" on a piece of paper, folds it into a paper airplane, and tosses it out her office window. The plane then hits a man on the street (Stephen Colbert) directly in the eye. So beautifully done.

  17. I love how Stephen has used the line "I'm not pushing you away. I'm just pulling me closer to myself" three times. Once in Exit 57, once in Strangers With Candy, and again in the SWC movie. Awesome to see where the line originated from considering it's fucking gold.

  18. This is awesome. I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with Exit 57. could never understand why it was canceled. I spent so many years looking for the Jesus song ( one of my favorite things) that I forgot Stephen was on it. Comedy Central should replay them all. Every time I see a cake I think of the opening song…lol

  19. I used to watch Exit 57! I didn’t realize Stephen Colbert was on that! (And why am I commenting on a video posted over one year ago?)

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