Meet Stacia, Goddess of Creation! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Stacia, Goddess of Creation! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Stacia, one of the 5 known Super Accounts
of Project Alicization, referred to as the Goddess of Creation by the residents of Underworld. The Stacia Super Account is the first of the
Super Accounts with ID #01 and was later used during the War of Underworld sub-arc of Alicization
by Asuna. The Stacia account is a Super Account with
the inherent ability of terrain manipulation that can be utilized via the will of a Fluctlight,
requiring a dive through a Soul Translator unit to take full advantage of. When a Human Empire resident named Quinella
discovered the existence of super accounts during her research of system commands, she
incorporated the names of the super accounts, including Stacia, into the mythology for the
Axiom Church religion she founded. As the Stacia account possessed the ability
to alter geometry, it was titled the “Goddess of Creation” by Quinella in the mythology. According to the legends told by the Axiom
Church, Stacia governs the existence of all animate and inanimate objects in the form
of a Durability parameter displayed on the Stacia Window that Quinella dubbed Life, summoning
those whose Life expires to her side. The reality only becomes clear to the inhabitants
of Underworld 6 months after Quinella’s defeat, when Yuuki Asuna dives in with Super
Account Stacia. Upon meeting the girl, the perceptive commander
of the Integrity Knights, Bercouli Synthesis One, reached the conclusion that she is not
a god, unlike how the legends had claimed. Asuna showcases great miracles as she descends
to the battlefield by using the Super Account to create a massive canyon, plummeting a group
of Dark Knights led by Vassago Casals to their deaths; however, she pays the price for her
miracle. Unlike native Incarnation that temporarily
overrides the contents of the simulation as a side effect of the way the Main Visualizer
of Underworld works, the native Super Account ability requires the user of the Stacia account
to process all the geometry data of the world through their Fluctlights to permanently alter
the terrain, thus placing a huge burden on the user’s mind that manifests in the form
of an insanely powerful headache. With the exhausting miracle, Asuna saves the
lives of Ronye, Tiese and Kirito in the process, instantly gaining the favor of the Human Guardian
Army decoy unit led by Bercouli. However, her sudden appearance and interest
in the boy whom she had nursed for over six months, coupled with her commanding presence
and beauty, prove too much for Alice Synthesis 30 to accept without resistance. As war approaches from the north, however,
the Human Guardian Decoy Army put their trust into the supposed goddess of the legends and
her Radiant Light to fight against the hordes of enemies closing in on their location…
as well as many more enemies that would descend soon after! For more information on Asuna, Stacia and
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  2. Asuna's op entrance and cliffhanger was so godly that gamerturk made an introduction video on her even though we know who she is.

    Im just kidding xD, this is more so about the account anyways, Nice video gamerturk!

  3. Spoiler question

    I only read up till the climax of the human empire but you mentioned 5 super accounts what's the 5th one (the ones I know are: stacia, souls, terraria, vecta) maybe my memory is fuzzy in this one but I realy dont recall a 5th one maybe that got explained later so would realy like to hear

  4. This video really helped me that I didn't know that Quinella learned that Stacia is a super account that she made as the Underworld Myth.

  5. Am I the only one who was disappointed by Asuna’s appearance in the show? I feel like there was more hype to it and I feel like the music and others aspects weren’t there. The intro got me hyped, but idk. Might have to re-watch the scene a few times.

  6. Amazing, Asuna is a goddess? by the gods, the Alicization Mythology is all coming together. this is almost like the great war againts the titans in Greek Mythology, but even better.

  7. I have question. What was that sound that came from Asuna when she was doing terrain manipulation.?I don't remember her crying like that in the light novel. Is it a artistic choice from A1?

  8. Any guesses of which episode Kirito will regain his consciousness and when the other super account users login in?

  9. It would have been nice if they went over this more in the anime. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Sao but I like more lore

  10. Sinon as Solus defiently looks a lot better design wise.

    Leafa on the other hand her design as Terreria doesn't look much different from her ALO Look.

  11. So you telling me….. the reason Alice always fighting with Asuna… just jealous of her beauty and interest of Kirito?

  12. Holymotherfukka finally Goddess Stacia make an epic appereance
    Now i'll just wait for Kirito to regain his conciousness, an epic comeback of the Black-swordsman…
    Another epic appererance of Sinon and Leafa as another Goddesses… (Terraria and Solus, if i'm not wrong)
    And even more epic short appereance (but has a big impact) of Eugeo, Konno Yukki, and HOLLAMUTHAFUKKA Kayaba…
    (Yes i'm unpatienly waiting for these three Ghost more than the three Goddesses to appear)

  13. With great power, comes a massive fucking migraine XD
    Finally Asuna shows up. But I remember you saying in an explained or Q&A that just cuz she’s here doesn’t mean everything’s gonna be all sunshine and rainbows for the Human Empire now
    I’m excited and scared to see what comes next, and predict next week is gonna be Asuna getting the run down on how everything works right before her dive.

  14. When she was doing some geography changes to the UWO, Asuna seemed to be “singing” during her casts. Has anyone noticed?

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