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    Michelangelo Biography: Who Was This Guy, Really? | Art History Lesson

  2. Gave a "dislike" because your presentation is too flippant and off-handed. Really didn't like the way you portrayed Michelangelo. As an Italian and a student of "M," know that there was much more to the man which is omitted. Strongly suggest you get some acting coaching and training. Don't quit your day job.

  3. If you ever have a chance to visit the Sistine chapel or just Rome in general as well as Florence, PLEASE do. You will not regret it! In Florence go to All’Antico Vinaio for the best sandwich ever 🤤

  4. Sadly, most people will know very little after watching this video. You could have done SO MUCH more – Michelangleo is the most biographied artist of all time! You ignored everything he did in Florence before the Pieta, and the development of his reputation and self-aware image as the first publically recognised "artist" instead of "craftsman". Sad times.

  5. Hi great video.. I have to ask this but when we did art history in school we were taught that when michealangelo was commissioned he was asked to demonstrate his abilities so he walked over to the nearest wall and drew a perfect circle and was hired.

  6. Although it is known that he had a teacher , Michelangelo wanted people to believe that he was self taught and that his genius came from God. He commissioned his own biography to define his self image.

  7. It’s funny how they call it David when it’s more of a Goliath.

    Yes I did just make that joke. You’re welcome.

  8. Why do most YouTube vids like this have such a snarky tone? Dude can’t even pronounce the names but acts like a too cool for school know it all. Just weird. Why not present the facts without trying to make be snarky comedian? I guess it’s stylistic and trendy but I hope it passes soon. Anyway, just my opinion.

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  10. I went to Europe on December last year. Everything I see and everywhere I visited, most sculptures and drawing were all made by non other than… Micheangelo 😂 History exam must be an easy task back then…

  11. Well I’m officially planning my trip back to Italy. I saw the Sistine Chapel when I visited Italy and now I’m dying to get back to Europe.

  12. why does americans always interpret EU history like it was some soft action movie.

    Fucking D.J. Trump losers.

    Stay away from our EU culture. Fix your own.

  13. He was known to be ' pathalogically proud ' – I'd love him to come back and see you summarize his legacy with cartoons & comedy music 'n all. He would be suitably indignant !

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  15. It took him 7 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. Bob Ross could have done it like a week, and there would be more trees.

  16. Thanks for these amazing videos!! I also am so thankful I got to teach with your wife for years. God bless your family!

  17. This is total bullshit and should not be listened to at all. This little prick talking should be hung by the balls and publicly horse whipped.

  18. Wow. Thank you very much. These little biographic details really helped me get a good grade at my project. Thanks for saving me Nate!

  19. No one knows what was 500 years ago, knowledge is crushable and fragile, so truth is not always obvious but sometimes hidden. The thruth is never evil or weird, but is deep relief, like a water falls. Do not fake the truth, do not use bad faith to " made yourselves truth", do not play with it, its crime to accuse anybody for anything.Use your brain to think, never filthy imagination or conclusions!

  20. Michael Angelo was a door-to-door shoe polish salesman who once got caught fishing for trout in a river going through land belonging to the Medici dynasty. In those days such forbidden activities were punishable by marriage, but in Michel Angelo’s case he was offered the opportunity to escape punishment by building a twelve foot statue of a naked man on a bridge over the river to scare off other illicit fishermen. He said he couldn’t do it himself, but knew where he could get one cheap and this offer was graciously accepted. The graffiti on the ceiling of one of the Vatican chapels was done by another person altogether with the same name

  21. Did you also notice how the Pieta is way out of proportion……Mary is WAY bigger than Jesus………………

  22. What is it with the dumb, teenage, wanna sound cool language? As that wasn't bad enough, you pronounce almost everything totally wrong. Combine that with the super annoying American accent with the high pitched voice…
    Typical stupid Americans.

  23. Nice Russian accent on cartoon Michelangelo. Please do some research before doing this, you've totally butchered the Medici name.

  24. Why don't you tell about the verrocchio'lab (la bottega del verrocchio), where many fomous artists, painters and sculpturs knew and elaboreted the technic?

  25. Let me "school" you for a second. It's MEdici (accent on the first syllable) and PietA (accent on the last syllable). Pretty sloppy after all the great research for the rest of the video.

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