100 thoughts on “Microwave A Pencil (#097)”

  1. I've been watching this show for awhile, up to the end of Season 5 start of 6. What was really the top 10 smelliest experiments you guys really did? The gamecube was really bad enough to burn your eyes I see, and Season 3 seemed to have the most action in that department. Heh.

  2. http://mentalfloss.com/sites/default/files/styles/insert_main_wide_image/public/graphitescale.jpg

    Graphite scale for artist pencils

  3. I've got just a couple of weeks before I start college. And this is what I'm doing………. I do not regret anything.

    Except for my last girlfriend. Hm.

  4. 1H is just H, 1B is just B. HB is kinda "0". And they go up to 9 in hardness (H) or softness (B). But most places that sell "art" pencils only have up to #6. Although it's supposed to be a standard, it seems hardness at a given rating slightly varies between manufacturers. The most useful range (if you're into drawing) is probably 4H to 6B, which is why the others are fairly rare.

  5. junior in high school (11th) Also there are indeed number 1 pencils, and 2 1/2, 3, and 4
    the higher the number the harder the graphite and lighter mark it makes, number 1 pencils are darker then number 2

  6. A # 3 pencil http://www.staples.com/Dixon-Ticonderoga-Pencils-3-Hard-Dozen/product_499368 Shockingly it's actually a thing… here's the difference about pencils lol http://mentalfloss.com/article/49849/are-there-number-1-pencils

  7. 1 2 3 4 5 and even more than that exist. 2 is the only one I have ever seen sold for writing. All the other numbers are for artists, at least primarily. then there are charcoal pencils and all different grades of graphite for artists' mechanical pencils.

  8. I once saw this kid in my class stick a pencil up his nose too far so he had to go to the nurse -_- (He also likes to bite it to this day)

  9. I would love to see what happens when you microwave the pencil lead by themselves. To see if they glow red hot. I have heard they will. Sure would love to see if this is true or not. Thanks for sharing

  10. I feel like an idiot..
    I used my teacher's microwave to microwave my pencil for fun…
    I put it in for 3 seconds and the lead exploded while i opened the door.

  11. I thought if u put pencil led on a plate and put another plate on top in the microwave for 3 mins you could crush up the led and rinse it. THEN IT WOULD CREATE CRYSTALS. I don't know what's going on here tho…

  12. I’m watching this because I watched a bullshit video on snap that said you could make diamonds, but it also said you could mash tinfoil together, sand, and shine it and it would be a perfectly spherical ball. Which I know is bullshit. Soooo

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