Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer ‘Stranger Things 3’ Questions

Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer ‘Stranger Things 3’ Questions

– Hi, I’m Winona Ryder. – And I’m David Harbour. – I’m… who’s another one? – We’re about to play fishbowl questions. – No, we’re about to dive in.
– Let’s dive in. – Come on.
– Oh, let’s dive in. – Which of the older siblings in the cast would you pick as your IRL
big brothers or sister? – I would pick Joe as my big brother and Natalia as my big sister. – I would pick Joe as my big brother and Maya as my big sister. – I would choose– God, guys. I would choose– – Charlie and you are both English. – Yeah, that’s very true. Okay, I would choose
Charlie as my big brother. Can I do Priah as a younger?
– Yeah, you can do that. Okay, all right, I’ll do that. – Oh wait, then I’ll do Priah too. And Maya and Joe and Charlie. – So the whole cast.
– And David Harbour and Winona Ryder perhaps.
– The whole cast. Who wouldn’t survive a real life episode of ‘Stranger Things’? – I think Caleb and Gaten
and Millie would last long. I think I would die pretty fast. I would like to think–
– Millie would last long? – I think if she was– here’s my thing. I think if I was by myself, I would die. If I was with a good group where I’m kinda holding onto them.
– You’re not doing anything. You’re just relying on them. – Exactly. So if I can rely on good people. – So you wouldn’t survive?
– You would last long. – I would not survive if I
was by myself is the answer. – Which celebrity would actually play a really good Demogorgon? – Demagorgon. – Well, you don’t see his face, it’s just in the suit, so it’s only–
– But if I could work with it. – Bruce Willis. – Leonardo DiCaprio. – What? Why? Give a reason. You can’t just say a famous person. – Because I want to see his face every day when I walk onto set preferably. – I wanna see Bruce Willis
because I wanna see him take off the mask and go,
“Ooh, it’s a hot one today.” – Who’s really– I’d say Finn. – Zendaya.
– Finn’s really– lanky.
– [Millie] Yeah, grangley. – Grangley? – I’m sorry.
– It’s lanky, first of all. – Describe season three in emojis. – The firework emoji. – The kissing emoji. – I would say the sad emoji. – If you had to play
someone else’s character, who would it be and why? – I would love to play
either Steve or Dustin because they’re both funny, and I like to be funny onscreen and they have a lot of fun. – I would like to play Joyce Byers because I would like– – She’s the queen mama. – She is the queen mama. – I would like to play Joyce, Eleven, Dustin.
– Why would you wanna play Eleven? – I like all those roles. Because Eleven’s a freak. – And she has superpowers. – ♪ She is a freak of the week ♪ – What have you stolen from
the ‘Stranger Things’ set? – I took a bunch of underwear, but that’s really it. – I took a lot of socks. – I’ve thought about stealing
things and never have. I’m a good boy. – Oh, pfft. – Oh my god. – See? I’ve stolen stuff from other productions.
– Blow it up your old wazoo. – I’ve stolen stuff
from other productions. – What is your prediction
for how ‘Stranger Things’ will officially end? – I think– Don’t put it back in the bowl. – I think someone really– I feel like Eleven’s gonna die. – All right. Whatever you want, mate. – [Finn] I think that’s not cool. – [Noah] I feel like that’s a good ending. – That’s a good ending? – Just Eleven dies.
– I would love it to just be a happily ever after. – And Eleven dies. The end.

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  1. we need a spin off where it’s just Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will recording a documentary about what’s happening in Hawkins for their school AV club.
    They also show El how to use a Camera.

  2. First question – who would you want to be your big brother and sister that are in stranger things ..? Me : ITS OBVIOUSLY NOAH AND MILLIEEE 😂

  3. I really love stranger things and have recently finished season three and think it was great my class is going to dress up like stranger things characters and I am hopper

  4. Sooo Ik we all are watching all these interviews waiting for season 4 but we just gone ignore the fact that they did a whole bunch of interviews in the same day

  5. 3:32 It won't. Because it's a ….


    (I know that I am really creative… Oh wait)

  6. I don’t want eleven to die she is my fave

    Like this video! Make this video get 500K likes!! ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Is it just me or is Millie becoming more annoying as she comes more famous, and Sadie is becoming more of a queen

  8. How does finn talk so proper but he curses (swears) 10x more than Noah and millie 😂💀 do they realize that when he does concerts he literally so hyped but in this be is very quiet and just there😂😂

  9. Milly is in love with Noah Finns the one who whishes they take it to the room and me wishing milly knows who I am

  10. Have u ever wonder if youtube were a thing back then, we would get a bunch of harry, hermoine, and ron interviews. We would get to see more on how they joke around each other… Not just the 3 though. All HP child casts

  11. I love stranger things✨💎💎✨💎💎✨

  12. You know everyone is constantly saying that Millie is flirting because of the way she acts. Personally I can relate to her personality she just seems to be a touchy person. Some people just constantly hug and touch people all the time without realizing that others find it weird. And I think she just has a flirty and teasing personality. I can relate with the flirty/teasing personality part, but not so much other the touchy part

  13. Finn: I’m Winona Ryder
    Millie: I’m David Harbour
    Noah: I’m……who’s another one?

  14. Finn says that he likes to be funny on screen. Then I look at Richie from IT and I'm like 'that was a whole comedy routine! ' lol

  15. Finn want 11 to die?? In the show he said I don’t want her to die looking for the flake when they’ve obviously vanished off the earth so can we please come up with a new plan because I love her and I can’t lose her

  16. nathan: Mr. Steal your girl

    Billy: Mr. Steal your wife

    Steve: Mr. Steal your kids

    Demodog: Mr. Steal your cat

    Alexi: Mr. Steal your cherry slushy

    Eleven: Mrs. Steal your eggos

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