Minecraft | Cursed Images 18 (Hexagons/No Cubes)

Minecraft | Cursed Images 18 (Hexagons/No Cubes)

so this is episode 18 of the Minecraft cursed images series it is also my 1000th video on YouTube and I could go on and make a big deal about it but I don't really want to although the flipside is that of course this is something that I had full control over I put out 1,000 videos I never really had control over whether you guys decided to watch the videos or subscribe to the channel and for that matter I'm so grateful that so many of you have decided to stick around for 1,000 videos and so here is my little surprise for you I have spent about a week trying to perfect a hexagon minecraft terrain so you can already see with very few hexagons and it's really glitchy up here it is still giving me about 16 to 20 frames if I move around so it can go up to about 30 but I'll give you guys a good look at what it feels like to play with Minecraft hexagons and so as usual if you have any cursed images you want me to make tweet me drop a comments going R slash Phoenix SC and let's have some fun with hexagons so I have decided to give this well to you guys so you'll have everything at your disposal you're gonna have to look around at the resource pack to enable and disable certain things it's pretty easy to do that though so here is a search list I only made six blocks because it's very laggy if I add even more to the terrain but if you have a beefy computer by all means so here's the back of the house it's so laggy if I've decided to add even more blocks over here begins to get really slow and just unplayable I already have over 1,000 entities just from all of these hexagons and I can reach 2,000 but after that it just reaches 0 fps so here is a clean slate I've wiped everything now it's so smooth it's actually very pleasant to look at now you can see that once I place it down it rotates and aligns the way it should so the first thing I had to really know is is it possible to tessellate hexagons and it is because of the image that you guys have been sending me and I've been putting aside because I didn't think it was possible but it is in-game but not with a model the reason being these angles are 120 degrees and you can't reach that with block modeling so I had to do it in game that's why it's really laggy if it wasn't this way it would Lag it's unfortunate so my first thought was that this is actually impossible you can't do this you can't play minecraft with hexagons if you look closely at the image or over here you can see that this block is not aligned in the center of this cube even though there is a barrier here the hexagon is shifted put five meters that way or that way now the reason why this is actually possible is that all you have to do is shift this unit of blocks the other way around and now you're perfectly Alliance now I had to calculate a lot of this mathematically do some geometry which I haven't done in so long and size the scale of the block so it fits the way it should so now it Tessa lates and it what's the left I seem over here it's really really tiny but it's good enough to know that it is a hexagon and I haven't meshed all the blocks together it looks kind of neat this way I like it and so in the background I'm just doing some basic arithmetic just to make sure that only one of the axes is shifted so here is the other block it's not so good snow is one of the best I did snow for two reasons one the image that I was sent to use as snow blocks or snow grass blocks but I just decided to use snow and if I did grass blocks you see it it it'd be doubled up you can see that I've got two layers here which is the best way to do it actually it's snow it's white you can't really see the messiness that is involved you can see it with this auric plank the stone block is just over here you can see it's kind of messy too but from a distance you can't discern that really and then there's also glass now if you look closely at glass you can see a star and that's because it's angled that way to make a hexagon these are just a bunch of cubes so from a distance it looks really messy but if you look really closely it's just a star and unfortunately you can break them by the way if you haven't noticed it's just a bunch of I'm stance ESS bling so now I have hexagons oak logs of course hexagon oak logs don't look really good that's why snow just prevails as the best block to do this kind of thing with and then there's also dirts so I'll have to do it this way now the reason why there's a barrier is so that it mimics a block you can't walk through it you can jump on it so I'm walking on hexagons and the second reason you may have figured out is I can stack them so now I can have a pillar of hexagon snow blocks and I can also build it off this way and so it works very well and it actually behaves almost like an actual Minecraft block now we have a really strange build using snow hexagon blocks it's actually starting to get laggy now I have over a thousand entities and that's when things get a little bit crazy so you can do a lot of things with this and now one of my favorites is just going mad to build off a nice mountain or Hill and you know just right-click hold right click you can break them like a block it's so seamless it's almost like this is a real block in the game and one other thing that I think gives off the effect really well is just creating a nice hexagon honeycomb structure like that and just breaking off some blocks and it really looks like the game has changed completely if you haven't figured out how I'm doing this the blocks I'm holding in my hand are actually spawn eggs so you can see here bass spawning place moaning cats spawning they're all spawn eggs I normally don't do this in videos where I just go through that extra effort to make it look like I'm holding blocks but I decided it's my thousands video I'm gonna do it anyway some other things might want to take a look at is that's a button on it doesn't look really good it still works obviously that's a torch of course redstone let's try and get the Redstone to work there you go redstone on a hexagon block again it works well because there's a barrier here but if I was to put the snow block over here and they decided to try and place it it doesn't look good there because it's misaligned it's supposed to it has to be misaligned once again to make sure that the blocks tile or tessellate properly and otherwise that's all I have for you guys today don't know I wanted to recreate that massive thing that I put on the thumbnail but here's some footage that I decided to try out with a recording it's just so slow I could not do anything I guess with the current computer setup that I have right now all I can do is create a smaller scale structure just to demonstrate hexagon blocks in my crafts something that I didn't even think was possible last week until I tried it out in game to rotate the blocks the correct number of degrees to create the hexagon and then it kind of works it's still very slow so if you have any plans that you want to work on with this go ahead it's gonna be available for download you can download this world in the video description I'm still gonna keep doing this I'm gonna keep making things in this world you'll just have an updated as of today world for this so as this is my 1000th video I just want to update you guys on what I have planned of course I will be bringing back the second channel content I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out next week so that's gonna take me out of commission for a bit second channel stuff will be coming back I could be upgrading my computer setup to hopefully up the ante on the things I can do otherwise thank you all for watching this is episode 18 of the cursed minecraft series again if you have anything you want me to make send it to me as always thanks for watching take care

43 thoughts on “Minecraft | Cursed Images 18 (Hexagons/No Cubes)”

  1. Okay, the mod looks good and all, but the empty space between the hexagons is making me uncomfortable…

  2. make an inverted portal, so like the portal goes around the obsidian and the only way to the other side is the hole in the obsidian

  3. And here's me thinking it would've been easier to make a new engine from scratch… and have the entire world consist of hexagonal blocks instead. But then it wouldn't be minecraft really…

  4. "Mommy look at me, I broke the cardinal rule of mod development and Im clipping like a mad fucker"
    "I wonder why the lag is so bad…."
    "Why did I waste my time with this when the engine format exists to support hex in a minecraft style engine?"
    Well done wasting your time dumb ass. You showed off something that is absolutely useless but I am so glad you are happy with yourself. Pat yourself on the back kid, one day you'll do it for real.

  5. when it becomes too laggy you could just teleport the armor stands out of render distance and continue building. when you're done you just teleport them all back and then your computer crashes.

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