29 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Stories: Episode 1”

  1. Do you like the cinematic stories? More episodes will come!

    Creator: Hectorius Alkaline https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-nTLmgjaLLusosOy7c_qVQ

  2. Buti nlang may YouTube ito pa naman ang pinakagusto ko na panoorin thanks sa nag gagawa nito gumawa pa kayu ng gumawa suportahan ko rin ito

  3. Hey idol, can I ask if what's the title of the song on the closing theme? I keep on searching it but I couldn't find it

  4. Most powerful squad : Ace squad
    Because they have Alucard and Rozer,Right..?!
    And I miss professor Ace still.
    It's very sad to know he will not able back to his original form.

  5. Good day! Help me spread this pls! Hi ML! I just like to bring to your attention the negative players who curse a lot in game. I am starting to recognize that playing ML does not promote healthy and positive environment anymore. I miss the days when i was still in low rank. Gamers there does not profane a lot. It was simpler and just enjoying their hero & learn new skills. I wanted to make a diffent account but I'm worried about my skins. Just to stop seeing bad & boastful players. Sadly your own team (some) will bully their teammates who's having a hard time coping up or by just simply choosing hero they think is weak. A lot of bashing and cursing even before the game starts. Is this really the thing that ML wants to promote? Boastful players that curse a lot don't think what the other person feels. If you can just increase the credit deduction to these players pls do, so we can bring back the fun and positive environment in ML. Thank you for reading. Be blessed.

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