47 thoughts on “Mobile YouTube Channel Tips All YouTubers Need to Know”

  1. If you go live from your phone, you can set everything up in the YouTube app ahead of time, then go into the Live Stream Manager in the desktop creator studio to optimize keywords, descriptions, thumbnails, and all your other metadata!

  2. This was helpful. Im wanting to start an Android gaming channel with games from the play store (maybe games that have PVP, not 100% sure what is "in demand" and emulation lets plays, anyone have an advice on how to get started with this? There isnt a lot i can find that helps and what i can find is in another language. I think I have what I need software wise but im nervous about the talking part mainly. however any advice of any kind is appreciated. Thank you in advanced

  3. Hey bro iam new YouTubers and iam having problem with views iam not getting view please help me IAM from India

  4. Don't forget to download Tubebuddy
    You'll get everything there.
    Thanks for that In your previous videos 👍

  5. I have a question my videos are like big pics and it doesn’t show all my videos pls someone pls pls please please help me please please please please please

  6. All I need is someone to make my channel profile picture and/or thumbnails because it’s really hard to do that for me

  7. Thanks. Just started my YouTube channel and glad I clicked on your video. I learned some new tricks that will indeed make it easier so thanks again. I dropped a like and subscribed

  8. Hi again Nick! You have managed to hit it out of the park again for me.

    Okay I have started my channel solely with my android phone – all videos on FilmoraGo and all channel art with PicMonkey. Both of these apps are amazing.

    Here's some of my tips –
    1. Most important – sketch out a branding concept before you start adding videos
    2. Have a banner and good thumbnails ready to go – even for the first video
    3. Verify account so you can upload custom thumbs
    4. Think through your videos so you have a hook, a solution, and a tease regarding new content coming down the pipeline
    5. Use a small tablet size keyboard connect via bluetooth for typing long content and descriptions
    6. SUPER Important – only work on stuff you are passionate about – don't follow trends just to grow your channel

    You know what is so funny – you don't even have to be an authority on anything because evven as soon as you learn a new tip or trick you can then upload that tutorial! See – compelling content even as a newbie. GL all.

  9. I did a shout out to you in my last video. I would really like for you to look at my blacktop travelers show that I'm trying to put together two make it better.

  10. I use a-z recorder its good quality you can make it 60fps so yeah and use vlogit to sometimes

    I work alone on my channel i never got notice and ive been on 2 years i tried but i still have hope

    So if i can gey support it would help

  11. Wait, you got to number five, pointed towards the top and there was no card to see the video you were talking about.

    I use IMovie and it is awesome. I still don’t know how to use everything, but I am progressing and getting better with it. It is awesome ! I highly recommend it. Great videos. You and Dee are fantastic !! Ty for all your help….

  12. Just work hard and dont be lazy editing your videos… I finish editing my videos sometimes for some hours or a day. Be kind to everyone and do not type any hate comments and dont hate, also good luck to everyone who wants to be a youtuber. Keep it up 😀

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