Mortal Kombat X Mobile Glitch. Open Kombat Pack until you get Desired Kard. (Works in 2018)

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Glitch. Open Kombat Pack until you get Desired Kard. (Works in 2018)

hello everyone today I'm gonna show you a little trick how you can choose any gold character you want it will require some time but it's not a hack it's not a glitch is just some feature you can use so first make sure make sure that you have your WB profile synced with your account so here with you your progress is backed up to the cloud so what you want to do now you go to store and you buy a combat pack no first thing you want to do is to turn off the internet completely so you turn off Wi-Fi you turn off mobile data in turn off any kind of connection you have so now you don't have any connection so you go and buy combat pack let's see what we get we had demolition Sonya Blade well I would like to get someone better so what what I can do in this case I go to my settings find apps manage apps or just apps whatever well you can see the list of your apps then you find Mortal Kombat in this list well sorry I can't unsee okay you found Mortal Kombat and what you want to do you want a clear data I think on Apple it would work kinda like the same but it's Android if you don't find anything like this an apple just uninstall rinse all the up so clear data and now you just turn on the internet back and you're go just launch the game once again and complete tutorial from the beginning so you have completed tutorial now you go to the file and login into your WB account then you have to click YES on the download window you will say that login is successful you press ok and you see that your souls are still there well of course you didn't get you didn't get those that character that you bought but you have a chance now to buy a new one so I'm doing this again it took me about 10 minutes to do all this process to restart the game and everything I already turned off internet again and I'm trying to buy another Kombat pack we better lock this time and I'm getting had three Kunwar let's see how good is peace let's go to characters he stands pretty good let's see what what abilities he has let's go let's go to our collection oh sorry so he is martial artist 35% critical chance and 50% critical damage for martial artists this is pretty good I think I'm gonna keep him yeah I'm gonna keep him so if you don't like your second choice you can always go back and restart and do it again until you get the one you want I'm going to keep him though thanks guys for watching and you can use this trick it's not cheating it's not hacking you don't need no root in a jailbreak nothing it's just simple logic you kill the connection to server by someone it cannot communicate the server and report that you bought it at the time and if you don't like it you just uninstall the game install it again and when you connect the server there is no information that you bought this character so it lets you to buy it again but if you liked it you resume the connection it will report lately that you bought the character and everything is good you have them so I hope you like this trick so subscribe guys share the video if you liked it and thank you for watching

33 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat X Mobile Glitch. Open Kombat Pack until you get Desired Kard. (Works in 2018)”

  1. For the peoples asking:
    -Does this still work in 2018
    -Can it be patched?
    -Does this really work?
    -Can we use other packs 2?
    -Does this work at packs?
    (That costs money)
    -Will my account get suspended by doing this?
    -Can this work on buying kards? (Using souls or Koins)
    Yes (I've tried it)

    Edit: Can you pin this comment so people could know?

  2. Can anyone pls pls tell me why my account get banned but I didn't even hack it?????I just made some in app purchase

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