Movavi Video Editor Review & Tutorial - Movavi Video Editor Step By Step Demo

Movavi Video Editor Review & Tutorial – Movavi Video Editor Step By Step Demo

hey guys this is Chris with MOV Trials and in today's video I want to do an updated review on the movavi video editor this tools been updated quite a bit since I last done a review and I wanted to show you some of the new features available in it and kind of do a new video for you I know a lot of yous out there looking to download this and you know you're on the edge of whether you should buy it or not I want to show you what you get with it would you buy it now you can download a free trial version of it by going to MOV trials com the links there on your screen is also under this video if you click on it it's going to take you to move Ali's website and you just want to go to the top and click on products from there you'll see where you can choose either the window or Mac and then you want to choose the product that you want to learn more about or download so go there and download it you kind of follow along with me and then at the end of the video you can choose before you export the video whether you want to actually invest in a software and buy it or not so let's jump into it what I want to do first is show you a short 40 second video clip I made here of an underwater photo shoot and it will kind of give you an idea what you can do with the software this is by means not anywhere near everything you can do with it there are a lot of options and features within this tool but it's just a little bit of what I've done within about a five minute time period of putting this all together so let's go ahead and watch it real quick okay so like I said that only took me about five minutes or less to make and I'm going to show you quickly how I done that that waves you guys want to make your own slideshow or whether you're making videos for even a hobby or a business that will evolve a video editor tool can do that for you and it does a very good job of it so when you first get started with movavi you're going to see a screen it looks like this here and you can choose to do a slideshow wizard which is a step-by-step process to quickly get everything added into your timeline down here at the bottom or you can just start off with creating a a project in full feature mode which is what you see here in the background the first thing I want to do is show you the slide to Wizard real quick and then we'll jump back over to the full feature mode and I'll show you how I put this video together now when you first get started with your project the best thing to do is go down here to advanced project setup click on it and go ahead and adjust your settings for your resolution and your audio and how you want it and then once you do that you can click on either one of these when you slide to your wizard first and we're on there's only three steps to this before we get everything put together and the first thing you want to do is add your files or folders of your images and video clips that you one for files I'm going to go ahead and click this and want to select all the images click open it's going to put all the images in here I want the slide duration of each one of them to only be about three seconds okay we're going to click on step two and we can choose the type of transition style we want we'll just leave it at crossfade and the number three we can add music to it and we can choose one of movies that they already have set up here or we can add our own and I'm going to add my own and you want to adjust the slide duration to the music tempo I'm going to put no and finish okay we can see here it says your slideshow is ready to run click OK and everything has been added down here we can see all of our pictures have been added and let me zoom in just a little bit so you can see this better and what you want to see here are the individual images and then in between each image you'll see a gray box and what this is this is the transition style so if we move our little marker back and forth we can see exactly what's happening so if I move it over here we can see the transition taking place in this gray area and then as we go over each image or want to see the image so we can put this marker wherever we want to if we need to edit any of the images or if you have video clips you want added we can do that as well and then you notice down here this is the scale box this is what I click to zoom in and out with so you can see either everything easily or if you need to zoom in you can do that as well so this is how you add everything with the wizard now what I want to do is go back and we're going to do without the wizard we're going to do the create a project in full feature mode so what we get here in full feature mode is obviously you've seen the screen is right here the preview is going to be right here in this box down here is your timeline area this is where you're going to add all of your video clips all of your images and do all of your editing so if we go up here on a left-hand column you want to see a row of icons and the first one is your import this is what allow you to import all of your files that you need to be using for your video the next one are filters that we can use to add special effects to either the images or the videos and then we have the transition styles which are what I show you the gray boxes in the video and then we have where we can add different kinds of text we can do call-outs and these are pretty neat especially if you're doing any kind of like a tutorial video or you want to point out certain parts of your video or the images these are tools that can be used once you have selected the clips on the file which we don't have none down there yes so we don't have these options available yet so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to add media files and if we don't have any already you can record a video from an external device you can add a whole folder of files or you can do a screencast which is recording your screen on your monitor and using that as part of your video over here you're going to see that move all these added already a few things you can use such as sounds some music sample video clips and backgrounds you can use let's go ahead and we're going to add the media files to run click here and I'm going to go to my desktop you and I'm going to add my images and my video clips click open and you can see instantly it puts everything down here on the timeline so what I want to do is just like I can rearrange them however I want them just by clicking on one of them you can see right now that they all have a yellow line a border around each one of them and that simply means that they're all selected so what I want to do is just click on each one of them individually and move them around so let's say I want this to be C this will be last and we use this as the first clip I'll just drag it and then I can move this where I want it to see what if I want to use the whole video clip I can or like I don't want this whole back part of this clip so what I'm going to do is go to about right here and make sure this clip is the only one that's selected and click the scissors and what that's going to do is split this clip in half and then I can click the part I don't want and hit delete and it's gone so now I only have this part of the video and the front of it just a little bit too long too so I'm going to cut it and get rid of the beginning so now we have our little clip here now you noticed in the video that I made at the beginning that you saw there were some text added to it and what I done here is I clicked in on the text box and I went down here and used so use that one at the end to find which one I used at the beginning this one here so you can click on it and see a preview and you can do that with all of these but if you right-click on it you can click Add to current position so that's where I want it to be and you can see it put it up here on a different layer so and you can do that with this tool you can create different layers and have video on top of video or image on top of the image and you can use opacity options even to kind of see-through them and I'm not going to go over all those details you guys can download it kind of go through the tutorials and see all that otherwise this would be like a two or three hour video but now if we play it you're going to see that we have our text coming up there and just like that and obviously I don't want it to say friendship I want it to say something else so all we have to do is just kind of double click on this and you're going to see this box is highlighted and that's going to let us to go in here and change this and I'm going to change it to photoshoot so we have to do now is click play and we can see photoshoot okay now each image here I'm just going to leave them in this order but I want to transition in between each one of them so we're going to go back here to transitions and we can choose by clicking these topics over here but I like to use the blurs so we'll use a couple of those and then we will use a like the zooms you can do a zoom in here we'll do a zoom out here and I also like to use the Ken Burns so we'll do a couple of those just to give you an idea of what all these are and then we'll just do a blurred end for for the rest of them and you just grab ahold of them and drag them where you want them and then once that's done you can go back through here and you can click play to see how it's going to how it's going to look so those are the blurs then there's the zoom in there's the zoom out and then there's the Ken Burns effect okay so we have that done and here's a couple other video clips I'm not going to use both of these I'm not going to use that one either we'll just leave it like that so we have this at the beginning and then at the end I had the text saying this was the end so what I want to do is click on this and make it last a little bit longer so I'm just going to drag the end of it that'll make the slide last longer I want to go back to my texts find the one that said we will use this from here and so just right-click add to current position and it says the end so now we click play we have the end okay now the end finishes right here so that's where I want this to end also so I'm just going to grab it and drag it and it's going to line up right there and so now they both should fade out at the same time together it's like that okay so the only thing we really have left to do is to add the audio to it and I can go back to my media files and actually did I add the audio to it no I didn't okay we'll go to add media files and add it here now you can see when I added the media file it made the media file much longer than what the video clip is going to be so what I can do is I can grab the end of this audio and drag it back so it ends at the same time as the clip now the only thing is is if I play this it's not going to sound right because it's just going to end suddenly it's going to end really fast and there's done so what I want to do is I want this to gradually fade out what I can do is I can right-click on this audio go to tools audio properties and fade out I can move this and let's say I want it to be three seconds so now you can see this audio file now gradually goes down so for the last three seconds it's going to fade out so let's listen to now and there you have it and really that's all there is to it to making a simple clip and like I said there are a lot more things you can do with this with your video clips and with your audio clips by right-clicking on them you can go to options and you can do different things and you also have those options over here like I said the filters the transitions all the text different types of text and if you just click on them it's going to show you what they are before you add them call-outs you can add and let me go over here and you can do pain and zooming options you can do highlight and conceal so for something on a video that you don't want to be shown you can adjust it and you can just simply conceal it like that or you can highlight it there like that so there's an undo button you can use right here and you can crop and you can quickly go to some of your settings by just clicking these options here and just remember you always have to have something selected on this bottom timeline in order to use these if I if I click an image you'll notice everything is white and if I click off of it you'll notice I can't use these options now so make sure that you have something selected and make sure you don't have multiple things selected if you only want to work on one thing because it can affect multiple slides at once now one thing I do want to show you I know this has been a long video it's already 15 minutes but that's okay is if you go to builders there are some really neat filters that you can find in here that you can add to your video to really enhance it so scroll down through here for example there are selective color blue green and red and what that will do that will only show the red blue or the green collars in your video the rest of it will be kind of grayed out so in this clip let's say actually let's do this once it has a lot of blue in it I can click on this and add to select the clip whoops I had the wrong clip selected see that okay so what I want to do is remove this all I have to do is click the star and remove and make sure I have the right one selected which is this one and then right-click and add it to this video okay and you can see how she grayed out but everything blue is still really blue now and we can do that with the different colors so if I wanted to do it's not much green in it there's a little bit of red we do red you'll see where the red stands out the red collars do and nothing else does okay so really that's all there is to it it's just a matter of just having your files ready importing them all and then you just bring them down your timeline and edit them and you can get really creative with this tool now once you play around with it it's super easy to use now once you're done you can go down here to export and it gives you a lot of options here you can save it in different types of formats here your avi mp4 DVD you can choose audio only you can save it to your your YouTube account and have it automatically upload it or for TV for Apple devices Android or there's other devices you can save it to as well and that's all there is to it guys it's super easy to use and normally for our business we've always used something like Camtasia Studio which is a two hundred dollar piece of video recording software and when you compare it to move avi video editor I'm a little bit frustrated that I paid $200 for Camtasia simply because movavi offers many of the same features with Camtasia actually all the ones that we use is pretty much the same ones movement that mobile Bobby has it's about $30 I think and so I do highly recommend it and like I said you find out more about it mov trials comm and if this is something that you're really wanting to get into with the video editing I highly recommend that you upgrade to the move avi video suite which not only gives you the video editor but also gives you the converter and then many other tools that goes along with it find out more about that website so go there and check it out I hope this video has been informational as well as educational to you if it has please like our youtube channel our video and subscribe to our channel and as we put on more videos for related products here you'll get notified about them so that's all there is guys and thanks for hanging around for these almost 19 minutes you

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