Multimedia Navi Pro - Insignia | Personalisation | That's How It Works! | Opel Infotainment

Multimedia Navi Pro – Insignia | Personalisation | That's How It Works! | Opel Infotainment

One car. Different drivers. Different personal settings. Learn how to create your own profile, and how to add your own favourite music playlists, personal contacts, settings, or even your preferred destinations. Before you start setting up the infotainment system according to your personal preferences, you can create a user profile. Your settings and favourites will be assigned to that profile and can be easily recalled. Start with tapping on <Users> , … …<Create profile> … and then tap on <Add User Profile> . Enter your Profile name…. …and confirm it with <Next> . Now you can choose a profile picture, which will be shown at the homescreen, in the settings menus and on the map screen, when the profile is active. When you assign the profile to a key, this profile is automatically activated when you enter the car with that key. After finishing the profile setup, you can tap on <View your settings> … … to open the Settings menu. In the <Personal> menu you can edit the profile settings anytime, or you can switch to another profile. Now define your personal settings for <System>, <Apps> and <Vehicle> settings. You can also define your personal audio, navigation and phone settings and add favourites, such as radio stations, playlists, contacts or navigation destinations to your profile. Did you know you can secure each profile with a PIN to protect your personal data like navigation destinations or telephone numbers? To setup a PIN, go to the Personal tab in the settings menu and tap on <Security> … confirm… and enter the pin you want to use. Tap on <Next> … repeat procedure to confirm. Finally choose if the pin will always be required to activate the profile. Have a safe and relaxing drive!

2 thoughts on “Multimedia Navi Pro – Insignia | Personalisation | That's How It Works! | Opel Infotainment”

  1. Is it possible to change the backgroud color? Like wallpaper or just white color? Too dark for me =(
    Or maybe it changes depending on a weather or time of day?

  2. Will be a universal software update because I have an astra with navi 900 intellink and I quite like this new update

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