Music Video Effects GLOWING ANIMATION! After Effects CC & Final Cut Pro X

Music Video Effects GLOWING ANIMATION! After Effects CC & Final Cut Pro X

what is going on everybody its King touch Pro and welcome back to another Final Cut Pro 10 a tutorial if you guys are new to the channel consider subscribing turning on the bell and fication and leaving the like because you guys will find a lot of tutorials just like this so please but please leave a like to make my day a whole lot better but anyways I'm sorry that I've been gone for like three weeks that's because I got some faulty community gun lane strike so YouTube's fix your stuff please League YouTube is broken right now so I'm so sorry for those who were trying to look up some tutorials you know last week so I really am sorry for that it's not my fault but you know YouTube is not gonna stop me from making videos and you guys are my motivation you guys are my passion and that's why I continue to make videos because you guys really love them and nothing's gonna stop that okay so anyways I'm gonna show you how to do this really cool animation I guess you can call animation trendy electric element to your music videos or vlogs or whatever honestly it looks really cool now this pack isn't for free unfortunately I'm sorry to break it down to you but you guys get a bunch of elements effects transitions backgrounds animated backgrounds scenes titles and a whole bunch of stuff like that and can you also use this for logos and stuff like that now I just want to give a huge thanks to TR TR mg for allowing me to actually use this pack for a tutorial just like this one as well as the link to buy and download the pack so you guys can use it in after-effects now I'm gonna show you how to do in After Effects and in Final Cut Pro 10 alright so the pack is called flash effects Pro animation constructor it is by TR mg also the creator of the trendy transitions if you guys have seen that I made a tutorial and that link is in the description so you can go to this page as well and you can see all the stuff that you guys can use this for already guys so this is what I've done here I'm gonna push play so you guys can see what you guys can do with this really cool animation toolkit now when you guys buy and download it you're going go to file open project I'm gonna click don't save just for the sake of the tutorial we're going to flash effects pro mine says King Tut's just cuz he allowed me to use this I'm gonna go into flash effects Pro if you guys aren't on the cs6 version go to that one I'm just gonna do this one Taman CC 2017 now it's gonna allow you it's gonna bring up a window saying that has to be converted click OK and then just wait for the project to load alright so once the project loads you're gonna go on to main comp and trng has pretty much placed some placeholders here so you guys can edit and stuff I'm just gonna select everything click on one command a and delete and then here we're gonna be adding our effects so I'm gonna go on to your file I'm gonna go on to import and I'm gonna select the video I'm a click enter and I'ma clicking drag and disable the audio temporarily by the way over here we have the eye icon to temporarily disable the audio alright so once you are here I'm going to skim through the video because I want the effect to start here alright that sound that looks good alright before I go though you have a whole bunch of stuff here in the flash effects Pro folder you have scenes titles transitions elements logo backgrounds tools gift and ignore so in the scenes if you open this and we will go into the navigation scenes you can see all of the scenes that are pre-made that you guys can edit but we're gonna go into the elements so go to the elements folder and we're going to the electric folder now if you go to the all elements folder here you can see all of the elements that give you like a preview of what you have in these folders now once you go into a subfolder like the electric folder and we go to the navigation folder ya the navigation electric you can see different ones that you guys can go on to so you can like let's say we want to use this one you can click on it and double click and select it and press command C which is the electric 13 glow we're gonna go to the very bottom and we'll go to the main comp from here you're gonna select the clip and press command V to paste it on top alright so once you guys are here I'm gonna make this a little bit bigger going to fit so you guys can see this a bit better now once we are here what we want to do is you want to select this really tiny piece which is the comp is what they call it in After Effects at least we're gonna zoom in first by seeing this little mountain we're gonna click drag and I'm going to select this cop and move it to our time head which is about here all right right there okay now we're gonna select this and I'm gonna move this actually inwards a little bit and we're gonna move and scale this down so click and hold down shift and move this down and I'm gonna I don't know scale this to something like this okay and we're gonna go on to the pen tool to mask this out because we want this effect to be behind them and then we're gonna keyframe that so this works better if you have clips that are not very fast paced and they're relatively in slow motion so we're gonna onto the pen tool make sure you click on this again and then now we can temporarily disable this by clicking this little eye icon next to the electric or whatever element you guys chose to use and then I'm just gonna click and drag and just make a selection of him okay and I'm gonna click this and you're gonna see a little circle next to the pen tool which means you're gonna close the path make sure it's closed and then we're gonna go into the electric thirteen glow by clicking this little well first we're gonna enable this again and you can see what we've done we've masked it inside of this shape which is him but we want it to be the opposite so we're gonna click this little arrow next to the number one or this color here we're gonna go on to masks and we're gonna you can see that it's on add we're gonna do subtract so it's the opposite so now he's in front and the element is behind alright so once you're at this point we can want to go on to the mask one so open this again by clicking this little arrow and you're gonna have mask path okay click on this again you want to make sure that these points are visible or else you're not going to be able to edit anything make sure that the place the time head is at the very beginning or close to the beginning and then go to the mask path okay and click this little stop watch icon to add your first keyframe from this point all I'm going to do is zoom in a little bit closer and then we're gonna go about half way and then we can click and drag I did not select this so I gotta click on this again and then you can move it that's why you have to select it but anyways can pretty much move these here some like this okay and then go to the end here no no something like that and then just move these out again okay all right we're done okay so now if we go back and I push play you're gonna see how that looks like it looks really bad because you render quality set to quarter we're gonna do full okay there we go so now if I go back and I push play that is what it looks like it'll look super cool guys so let's say you don't like blue let's say you like pink or purple or orange well I gotta do is go into the not in the masks but into the effects here in the electric glow or whatever element you have go to the effects and you should have these here and you have color glow intensity we're gonna go to color click that arrow and click this blue color and then you can change the color so you can click and move this here and then you can click OK and then you might have to re there you go it's kind of slow I'm sorry but you will have to reposition I'm gonna have to change the render quality because it's so slow but you can see that by changing the color let me do that again so you guys can see so you can see that you can do like purple maybe yellow or orange or gold whatever color you guys want it's all up to you at this point so let's say you want to do this in Final Cut Pro 10 well okay let's say you choose out one that you like and you for sure are going to use this just on one clip well we're going to use the electric 13 so we're gonna select this clip we're gonna go to composition we're gonna go to add to render queue so now we have this here we're going to go to the output module we're gonna go to format we're going to do a quick time we're gonna go to format options and we're gonna go to video codec and we're going to do h.264 the reason we do this is so that it's playable on a Mac click on OK and then the output just save it to like desktop or something and then click Save and then click render and this will render out this just this one here however it's gonna render how it is so if you didn't you know change any of the color and all that stuff it's just gonna export as a it's just gonna export how it is so let's go back to this and we can go and here go to the effects and then you can go and change this and then export it alright so now we're gonna go into Final Cut Pro 10 alright so once you're in Final Cut are going to do is press command I to import your files so I'm gonna go here and I'm gonna select this one that we F that we've exported and right now it has a black background that's fine we're gonna go to command eye and we're gonna select the video here all right so once you have your video imported into the timeline we're gonna go to that spot where we want to add our effect which is right here okay and we're gonna have our effect just drag that above okay and then go to the blend mode and go to add and then you're pretty much done and you can see how it's a lot easier of course but we're going to the transform tool I changed this to however you have your really liked now keep in mind that this is not the most optimal way of using the dpac because your changes in blood mode and you're not getting the full quality of the actual element which kind of sucks but it's close right so now we're gonna add a mask so go to the effects and then you're gonna go on to masks draw a mask and drag that above here okay so now gonna have a drop mask and I'm gonna do is just I don't know go here and then select him can be rough like I said it doesn't have to be like full and perfect but if it's if you do if you spend more of your time making these selections it's immature not a lot better but for the sake of time I'm gonna quickly make this like that and then once you've completed the path you're gonna go invert and then now this should be behind as you can see but we're gonna have to add some keyframes so go to the control points click this keyframe okay make sure it that the time today is at the beginning go towards the middle and then adjust these again so we can do something like this click each one to individually modify it or else you're gonna be moving the whole entire whole entire thing which you probably don't want because we're working with the original video and then we can go to the I don't know around here and then move this again just like we did in After Effects we're literally replicating that in after and our sorry just how we do that in After Effects we're replicating that in Final Cut so something like this and then once you're done from this point all you got to do is go to the feather and feather this out you can do inwards or outwards I like to go inwards just a little bit and then now if I push play looks just like that and you can't really tell now of course this is going on to the letterbox so I'm going to select everything and group it go the effects and then type in letterbox and drag that above and then just drag the offset or my back go to border size and move this up to hide it like that and bam there we go we got your really cool element going on and sweet so if you guys liked this video be sure to leave a like comment down below turn on the bow notification and I'll catch you guys next time peace

23 thoughts on “Music Video Effects GLOWING ANIMATION! After Effects CC & Final Cut Pro X”

  1. Great tutorial again! Also, instead of changing the blend mode to add (for fcpx), you can export from AE in RGB+Alpha mode (and not in h264 codec) so you won't have the black background 😊

  2. Hmmm in order to keep the full glow effect vibrant , can't you copy the original clip , place the effect between them, mask the subject on the first clip ?? .. also you can use pixel film tracker drop the effect in the drop zone and follow the previous steps.

  3. But you can do this in Apple Motion using Motions tracking ability so you don't have to key frame to the zoom in. or, with Coremelt's TrackX/SliceX which has Mocha tracking capabilities?

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