My Crazy Fibroid Surgery Story (Graphic Content)

My Crazy Fibroid Surgery Story (Graphic Content)

hi everyone welcome back to my channel and it feels really nice to be back and to be talking to you guys so I've been away from YouTube for almost three weeks now and I'm just here to tell you where I've been and what I've been up to so for those of you that follow me not just on YouTube but my other social media you guys know that I have been away I've been going through some medical stuff and you guys have seen me in the hospital anyway I am a pretty private person and if things like this normally I tend to keep to myself until I feel like I have a situation under control I don't really like to involve other people just because I think it comes from the fact that I feel that I'm not helping anyone I'm just bringing you my problems and I feel like once I've done something fully or I've kind of figured something out I feel like my experience might help someone and so that's what I'm here to do this video is going to be pretty graphic that's going to contain pretty graphic photos photos of blood and if you are a little squeamish about that kind of stuff I would just say click out of the video now or possibly I can leave timestamps of when that stuff comes up so anyway a little over two weeks ago I went in for surgery and it was one of the scariest things I have ever done and it was to remove a tumor that I had in my uterus that almost keeping me from being able to get pregnant it was extremely painful it affected everything from my period to my mood to the way I dressed I physically looked six months pregnant for at least a year so technically it is a tumor they call it a fibroid if it is benign but obviously until you have it removed and until you have it tested you don't really know so just to backtrack in the last maybe five to seven years I have been under a lot of stress starting a business and starting YouTube and just you know moving to the city getting married there's lots of changes there was a lot of stuff going on in my life and obviously a lot of it was very positive but of course it was still a lot going on along with my dad's accident I mean there was just a lot has happened I feel in last five to seven years and like I said I've been under a lot of stress so I felt like my body was really feeling just not healthy and like not myself and I just thought you know it's the stress and I was constantly tired I mean I've mentioned that here and there my hypoglycemia and all of that and so I was always trying to you know tackle that figure that out like trying to help my body heal and feel better and one day like when I got out of bed I just felt like there was something like in my lower like abs that like just was moving and I don't know how to better describe it it felt like I had a bowling ball inside my stomach that if I sat down quickly or got up quickly I just felt like it would like to bounce up or something and I was like that's a really weird feeling and it's weird excited the biggest hypochondriac when it comes to anything like any symptom and then this I when I felt this like for the first time maybe two and a half two years ago I was like well that's really weird and I'm gonna schedule an appointment tomorrow morning with my doctor and I was like it feels like it's like near my uterus so I probably should just book it as my gyno I mean it was so weird like how did I know that it could have been anything else but so anyway next morning I called my doctor to book this appointment and randomly they were like they had an opening like like next two days which I thought it was like wow that's really soon but that's great and I thought I'm just gonna go into them totally it's nothing and then I can stop like thinking about this and so I went in and as soon as she had me like lay back she was like yeah that was like a fibroid let's take a look and she did an ultrasound and she was like yeah that's definitely if I'm worried but it's so big that I can't even see it on my ultrasound machine you're going to have to go and get like like an actual skin and so of course at that point then I'm like oh my god like what is the fibroid like I heard that where did anyone that mean she's like what's a tumor and it's in your uterus so I can't even tell if it's in or if it's on the outside wall and I was just like my whole world just came crumbling down I'm like this is like a morning before like you know going to work I remember having like an hour before like my next appointment and just like sitting in the car crying thinking how am I gonna go through this day how am I gonna go like so anyway she did tell me right away she was like this doesn't and she was like obviously can't say for sure but she was like most of the times these are benign so it's not life-threatening but it will get worse and it will start to affect your life more and more and of course she was right but I was like you know why I want to try the holistic approach I want to try and see if there are supplements I can take and not necessarily to like get rid of this thing but maybe from keeping it from getting worse I also I just wanted to like learn about it like what what is this like why why is my body doing this so obviously it's from a hormonal imbalance which and a hormonal imbalance can stem through many many things but I think for me it was definitely the stress I had really high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone which then brings up all these awful things in your bodies so in a way in those two years and did learn a lot about my body I saw so many holistic doctors one of the main things that I learned was to rest and to really listen to your body and I I really took that to heart I do feel that maybe six to eight months of doing all that research I did start to feel better um but obviously this bump wasn't going anywhere and we did call it the bump for two years I'd would rub my belly and it was like literally like I was pregnant but with this demon thing but it's really hard when I think of myself as living as being someone who lives a healthy life I try to eat healthy to try and work out and so to do all that and then to always feel like just have this belly and it wasn't like the thing like my body should I don't have body by any means but I weighed 10 pounds in more than I weigh now and I had a flatter stomach so it's just it's a weird thing when you know like I'm eating healthy and I'm doing all these things I like I look six months pregnant and Acela you notice occasionally when I post a video that is also why I haven't done a lot of outfit videos or things like that just because I didn't feel confident doing that and any time that I even showed like kind of full-length me in a video someone would always say like oh my god you're pregnant congratulations and I'd be like I know it looks like it but I'm not but yeah like any time that I would even think like I want to get healthier I'd be like the skinnier I get to like more I'm gonna see this and like I don't want to anyway so you guys if you guys follow me I was on a TV show this year and I was down in LA for three weeks filming that and I was like I'm going to be on TV I need to get you know a little bit more in shape so I did start to eat healthier and really like work out a little bit harder and I lost about 5 pounds and this is around the time where you guys started saying like I had had all this plastic surgery and my face was looking different and I was like I just lost 5 pounds but I definitely show it in my face a lot of people have told me that since surgery I've lost weight in my face now so again if I look different promise it was not any plastic surgery in fact I so wish that were the case I wish that's where I had been in the last couple of weeks I feel like a lot of stuff that was going on in my channel and a lot of speculations and a lot of just guesses I guess from you guys and I get it it's weird if you're like following someone and they're not explaining what's going on of course people are going to start wondering and guessing so I don't necessarily blame people that you know thought I was pregnant or you thought I got plastic surgery because my face looked different and yes I did get a like quarter of a syringe on my bottom lip like four months ago five months ago and I have not touched that up so that is still what's in there and that's all I've gotten but people started saying that I had my nose done that my face look completely different honestly I think that's all it was but of course when you like look at video especially if you jump around from video to video you can really see the difference that sometimes in like four months or five months does but if you see a video back-to-back you look my god completely changed like it has to be plastic surgery so so fast forward to this year and being on this TV show we had you know obviously good to be on camera I ended up going to so many amazing like LA parties and you know you have to wear dresses or more you know it couldn't be in this like loose blouse every day of my life which is what I felt like I would work this one all the time and how I lived my life basically just wearing looser tops and looser clothing but obviously some some events asked that you know you wear recognize your dress or something and I think it was being in LA that I was like I have to take care of this is here it's like I can't let another year I can't let another holiday season come and go and I'm like still with this like big burden inside of me that I feel like I still need to take care of so when I got back I booked another appointment and started talking to my doctor and she was like it I think it's gotten a lot bigger and I I mean I could feel that it it was bigger I mean it was at the point that I was wearing like jeans a size bigger and if I laid on my back it was so much worse I mean I'll show you a picture here of what it looked like and it's just just a weird just weird feeling obviously it's funny because like now that I've gone through this I feel like I'm more and more like meet new people that have gone through it and most women that find out they like get the surgery within like a month or two I'm just so terrified of surgery but I was like if somehow I can put it off that would be amazing but obviously I couldn't mind it was way too big for that to happen so the first time two years ago when I went in my tribe right with the size of a grapefruit which obviously already terrified me that is ginormous and two years later to two weeks ago it was like the size of a melon and it had doubled in size and it weighed like over two pounds and it's just so crazy and so gross to even think about but so we when we had another ultrasound to to find out size and all of that and to confirm placement of it so mine was on the outside wall of my uterus so that is good and bad news so the good news is that if I choose to have children in the future it messes with my uterus less because they don't have to go into the uterus and kind of dig and cut into it they can just kind of remove it from the outside the bad news is that I actually had to have like an outside incision in my lower abdomen to remove this fibroid my doctor said like you can get the vertical incision or you can get the horizontal and my doctor said that she would definitely try and keep a horizontal incision and about one and a half to two inch long incision and I actually think she did an amazing job she was like I'm going to try and keep it as small as I absolutely can so what they do is this fibroid is like dense muscle mass so it's heavy and it's tough so it's not something they can like pull out of a small hole so what she said she would do is like actually cut it up into pieces and take it off piece by piece so that you don't have to have an incision like this long so here are the pictures of what she removed so absolutely crazy to know that I had been walking around with that inside of me for at least two years so two weeks ago I go in for the surgery obviously nervous as hell of course I think just the idea of getting put under is always scary I think the scariest part was as soon as I like woke up from surgery and it's so weird because I've only had surgery one other time and when I woke up I was just like stays and really relaxed and like they were like trying to like get me to wake up and I was just like no I'm gonna sleep and this time it was like like I woke up and I was like an insane pain so it was kind of like I wish I could just go back to sleep cuz this sucks so originally my doctor said you know this is you you should be an outpatient for this surgery a couple hours after surgery should be able to go home so that's definitely what I was planning on so the scary part was as soon as I woke up from surgery and the doctor came over like I always imagined that the doctor come over and be like everything went great you're doing amazing and so just rest up a little bit and then you'll get to go home so she just came over and like tapped me and was like yeah you you're done with surgery you lost a ton of blood so you're gonna have to stay the night and like that's the only thing she said and then she walked away and I was just like this is my doctor obviously this is a nurse and I have really high respect for nurses and doctors so I'm not in any way putting what she did like down or that she did anything wrong but I was just like I kind of went into this panic and it's so weird because you're still like on drugs and like still under the effects of anesthesia but it was just like I had so many questions and it was just like why did I lose so much blood like am I gonna be okay and is did like what happened what why is this like normal like are you guys worried does this like does this normally happen I just had so many questions but all I could do was like lay there and like close my eyes and she kept coming over and being like you know like what's your pain level and I'm just like I'm just freaking out like what happened to me she's like you had surgery and I was like I know but like why why do white wife to stay here for the night and and I was like just worried about like is someone gonna like stay with me like this is like just too much for me to handle right now which is so weird that that was like the toughest part of the surgery so also going in my doctor did give me a couple of options of what could happen so one it was it's just a fibroid we remove but we're done second option was that the fibroid actually is cancerous and then you have to decide do we just like sew you back up and we don't do anything you decide later or do we just remove the uterus and the fibroid all together because you don't want to cut into something that is cancerous and still leave the uterus so so that was a lot obviously obviously that's what I decided that yes if it was cancerous I wanted to have my uterus removed which such a big decision at my age but that was the decision and it was so funny because like when I woke up like that like nobody told me like oh by the way everything went well and weed removed the fiber or maybe they did and I was sleeping I mean I don't know and the funniest thing was I like went into my recovery room for the night and Adam was there and I he said I kept asking him the same questions I don't remember what I was asking him but apparently like I never asked him like was it just a fibroid like did they remove that did they remove mater's like I had no like I asked him two days later when I was at home I was like wait what if in removing he's like are you joking like how would we know talked about this but that just that's just how much out of it you are and I was very very weak it was I think that was the worst part like the pain was definitely like I said I've had surgery before and I think I can handle pain really well where normally where doctors are like here's your pain meds for like the next seven days and it like the third day I normally would stop for this it was it was really bad I mean I was like on the highest like painkillers in like every three hours it was like insane pain that like but you've worse than the pain because I feel like pain like tonie's I was just things like pain is temporary like so I feel like I I read you did the hard part like that wasn't the worst part it was the bean week for me that was like the worst part like just to see your body like first of all like I you can't walk up straight you can't even take a couple steps without having insane pain or you just can't move your legs the way you normally can so that part is really scary but just that first day I like the doctors like okay you have to get up it's like go in the bathroom and it was like I stood up and like my blood pressure like rise to like crazy and I felt so like nauseous and dizzy and I was the medication and I was like it was this is like not normal like I literally just stood up in bed and so I laid back down then I felt better than it tried getting up again it was like the same thing and I just started thinking like I've never gonna leave this hospital like I feel way way too weak and I was like maybe I just faked it so I can go home but I was like I can't like I can't stand up like every time I would stand up they would take my blood pressure and they would be like ah sit back down like you're not okay so Adam stayed listening at the hospital that night I believe the following day my mom came and stayed with me and all I can say in this myomectomy surgery I think if anything like I was so like worried like I didn't have like comfy clothes I need to have like this to be comfortable I'm going to have like a ton of soup at home and stuff but and it's great to prepare obviously that has helped a lot but one of the main things that and I can't stress this enough is probably for any surgery probably with having a baby I don't know I mean I've obviously I'm not a mother but going through this I think like the most important thing is having a really really good support system at home like there's just gonna be times that you're just gonna be like what did I do to my body like I have this ugly scar like it's just so weird and every day is different so you really do need someone to like kind of cheer you on like everything's gonna be fine like you did it and because I I've noticed that that is like has been a huge help for me the other thing too which is weird was obviously you lose the two pounds of the you know the weight of the actual fibroid but a week after surgery when I weighed myself I weighed like six pounds less and all I could think was like it was that the blood of us I mean obviously your body has reproduced that alrighty so I mean obviously I've been eating really bland foods as you have to for like at least the first week after surgery just because anything that's going to cause any bloating or anything in your abdomen area is not comfortable so I was literally on like soup and crackers or I would say a good like three days and you eat very little portions because did everything just makes you feel extremely full and you don't want to cause like I said any bloating or anything like that so I weighed myself today which is just a little over two weeks and I've lost like eight pounds total which again I don't know if it was like a lot of water retention from just carrying this I mean I don't know obviously it can't have been like six pounds of fat lost in a week or so but I have heard other women that say the same that they end up losing weight more weight than the actual fibroid was after the surgery so insert photos here of my stomach could be four and I'm obviously still really swollen they say that it takes about three months for your uterus and you're like abdomen area to actually go back to what it's going to be at this is a my stomach today so just about two weeks post-op so the ending to the story is that my results my biopsy did come back as benign so super good news and I did in fact get to keep my uterus and so it's actually pretty incredible how much better you feel like soon after surgery only your pain you can feel that everything feels right again which obviously is an amazing feeling and the doctor said that about three months into the recovery period your body is actually ready to conceive and to hold a baby now that that is at all in my plans for the next three months but it's just good to know that your body is working and you know doing what it's supposed to be doing so anyway guys this is obviously outside of what I normally post but at the end of the day this is me and I know that I have been posting stuff on my other social media so I just felt like I needed to let you know you guys kind of like know at least where I was and what I was up to so yeah this is probably the most exposed video I think I have ever posted I never in a million years thought that I would be sharing pictures of what was in my uterus with almost half a million people's oh I hope you guys have enjoyed this video or appreciated this video is probably a better word for this I hope you've learned something from it and if you know anyone that is going through this or will be going through this just be supportive and sweet and let them know that everything will be alright if you guys are still here and still listening to me leave me an ice cream cone emoji down below because life is sweet and thank you guys for being even sweeter for being here through my journey so far and now this I feel like we have evolved to the next level of friendship because of what I just shared with you guys so anyway thank you so much for watching I love you so so much and I will see you in the next video bye

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  4. Holy cow! THAT is a LOT of Fibroid! It looks like a big bunch of fatty pieces. You poor thing, so glad you got it taken care of. I had mine taken care of at the "grapefruit size" and had a bulge in my lower abdomen too. Crazy, huh? 🍦

  5. This is just like my story. After loosing my mom I was severely stressed. I tried the holistic route and still needed to have surgery. Mine is going to happen tomorrow.

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  7. I understand wanting to wait and try a more holistic approach but PLEASE don't wait more than a couple of months!! Benign tumors can become malignant when allowed to grow!! ❤

  8. Awesome video. The best I've seen . You're kinda like me. I am chicken about Surgery, but after your inspirational video, I'm a lil more at ease… Ice cream? Smh … I'm sooooo behind in technology. How do I give u an ice cream. . LoL. I'm gonna see if this is ok 🍦

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  15. Hi hun I’m now looking at your video and I have fibroid and the doctor said to take the hold thing out but I don’t know what to do

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