My New iPhone Life | The Sims MOBILE

My New iPhone Life | The Sims MOBILE

my life has improved this place has potential we make a great team thanks I think so too Lauren hey guys and welcome to a unique Sims video on my channel and that is because today I'm gonna be trying out the Sims mobile this game seriously could not have come at a better time in my life I'm going on almost the 3rd day of not having power at my house because of a snow storm and you may be wondering Lauren where are you then how are you recording this well because I'm such a dedicated youtuber I packed up all my equipment and brought it to my in-laws house who had power so I've been feeling pretty down about you know all my food going bad in the fridge and not having my full set up but you know it could have been worse it could have been worse and now I have a new game to play and keep me happy yay I mean hopefully I haven't played this yet I've heard that it's good so I have high hopes but I at least wanted to start it out with you guys if you want to see more of this let me know with a like or a comment what have you let's jump right into it and we're gonna have to customize let's get one a little closer to what I look like so it's not so hard who should I make myself or should I make somebody interesting I know it's gonna come down to the hair if if they can match my hair then I'll make me not too many hair choices also is there purple oh it's the Sims purple darn The Sims purple is there's like pastel EE purpley pink thing it's not purple alright I'll try to make me as close as possible but I'm gonna speed this up so we can get right to the gameplay I don't want to waste time just creating me all right so this is me I decided to change my hair to brown because the purple was not looking right on me because it's not the right shade of purple and there's no hombre hair anyway so we'll just go with my natural hair color which is dark brown they did get my eyes right though like that hazel color that's not perfect I color and there wasn't much apparel so I went with the purple in the shirt it's more of like a grunge style laid-back grunge ready to introduce Lauren to the world yes oh my god my house oh the back of that shirt is cute I didn't even know Oh what are we doing okay oh it looks beautiful now I see why this was listed as a charming fixer-upper right I have to clean this is fun it's something to build a fort but let's clean up these boxes oh man no box for videos they do so well you know this one oh I want a hamster apparently I love how the only photo hanging is a photo of myself looking really smart they know me so well I have this photo hanging in my house of myself thinking what's hiding under there oh oh a couch I thought it was like a vermin oh look at the cute couch lifestyle improved first furniture and now let's uncover this oh look at that I like it ooh which should we focus on next that most people said bedroom not me oh that was those fast them catalog will help us sign decorated bills there we go hey I did it I can now go yay my life has improved this place has potential we make a great team Thanks I think so too Lauren Arthur Lauren when to Lauren's put their brains together Eliska they're unstoppable I don't know oh I think I hear someone at the door oh my god Annie huh a friend a best friend oh my god who are you oh say hello relationships with the neighbors hi I'm Bella welcome to the neighborhood we cleaned up just in time for our first house guest asked about houses history discussed decorating plans history is it haunted is it haunted Bella you can tell me with somebody murdered here you can tell me if she's not gonna tell me lagdi I just hit them off the couch whoops okay now we're gonna go sit over here reveal thrilling backstory yes yes I need to sound interesting to the new people I'm so happy you're turning this house into a home to make this our dream home I'll need a career Oh what okay I don't get a choice we're just yeah we're just gonna be real work at the cafe yeah yay yes the way of the latte I must go the way of the lighting the way of the light a new Breuer I'm thinking of penguins of course makes sense it's nice of the cafe to give an aspiring barista a shot let's hope I can make decent espresso shots yeah I don't know how to do that in real life earn that money girl oh my god is this like a minigame to make a coffee make a coffee this is a pretty cool I'm gonna be addicted okay give them coffee give copy uh then I gotta keep making new ones I'm done talking to Josie good go make coffee go make coffee clean and tables just like I've always wanted to do in a game living my dream play a prank on coworker yeah working hard as always yeah I think we did it yeah serving coffee cleaning tables that sim life yo promoted my first day I know I'm amazing wow it's busy the only thing these customers like more than coffee is a refill yeah I love it though coffee is my passion I did the office job thing for years I'm Way happier here really really girl I mean hey you do you wow that's great to hear hopefully I'll find it as rewarding as you do I probably won't find it as rewarding as her hey you're a fast learner I think you might be ready to study latte art Oh Oh latte art whoa really balata art makes or breaks the latte dredging experience that's a lot of power my lips look real funny by the way Oh hers do too okay I don't feel so bad I'm not so self-conscious now I think you're ready for the responsibility great first shift thanks for your help yeah why do my lips my lips look like this yeah I look like my sim okay I mean I gotta stop trying to do the face who's this good-looking guy be my husband Derrick can't chat now well Derek is Derek seems like a dick I don't want to marry him now Oh Belle Oh oh I left my guests in the house and she just sat there quietly Bella girl girl you haven't problems at home I know we just met but you can you can talk to me girl she looks dead inside oh she's got the same open back shirt as me Bella can't chat right now Bella think get out of my house whole kitchen I don't have a bed by the way I forgot where's where's the kitchen go oh here I don't think I like it here it's starting to feel like home movin on up in the world got a fridge somethin I don't have right now with no power but but I'm not supposed to be thinking about that supposed to be enjoying myself I've started a list of tasks I'd like to finish every day wow you're a go-getter huh we finished something you ready grab this reward complete your daily tasks let's finish cleaning up yeah oh my god how did it know how did it know is that just the default color cuz that that is lucky I think the sims just knows me so well after all these years we're doing great and there's lots more to Explorer complete tasks level up a black cool stuff tall dark and handsome Nick vikrum vikrum that's an amazing name Vikram a mad you can't talk right now Bella can you talk yet cuz you're in my house Bella can't talk right now Billy get out of my house then make the most of today complete another event I'm sure meet the neighbors greet someone new I can't nobody will talk to me I know I'm the weird new girl but please somebody talk to me Bella left me can I talk to this girl why can't make friendly introduction back on your low-cut back shirt okay we met it met a neighbour you I don't like your sideburns I'm not gonna say hi to you whoa whoa so I can add more Sims to my household as I level up woo how'd you get Aubree hair I'm done talking to Sheila good talk to this girl talk to on break her hair girl I need to find out where she got her hair up complete the task my bad I did it wait I'll bring hair yes make friendly be friends I need her hair give me your hair what in purple yay okay so I only have one I only have to do one more event and then I have completed my to-do list for the day you know friendship started an illness Lauren will finish on her own in an hour with your help she will finish way sooner what's asked about aspirate ask about hobbies share recent success talk about the weather that's the safe subject nice weather we're having huh where'd you get your hair give me your hair yes you said it now that means we completed our to-do list guys oh my goodness we are such overachievers I'm thinking about a dog can I get a dog I've really enjoyed getting to know you want to hang out again soon yeah can we hang out at your salon where you got your hair because I need it and I want oh so I can pick what kind of story I want between me and my new best friend because of her hair and I want her hair and then I won't be her best friend anymore because that's how friendship works so we could be two gigs sports buddies BFFs forever art aficionados there's nothing about hair I guess I'll do BFFs forever because then she'd have to give me her hair that's what best friends do feels like I've known you for years maybe we've met in another dimension or something no way that's exactly what I was gonna say our name is Penelope I didn't even know yay I did yes well good I've been thinking what kind of personality do you think I have mm-hmm a lot of these things I would think not really flirty pretty ambitious I'll say ambitious I want to do all the things oh it's something my inventory I didn't even know yeah let's just put it in the middle of this room yeah let's go with purple oh my house is so cute will you talk to me oh he's talking to me vikrum be flirty with Vikram oh oh and then I'm walking away where should I go next this looks like a hair place ah of course it does I've got all these new potential friends and love interests work a cleanup shift sure let's cool so you could eat a certain event and then like put your phone away for the day or if you're at work or school or whatever just let it run and then when you pick it back up it'll be done or you could sit and play and like try to get it finished sooner but I think that's gonna be it for this episode of The Sims mobile I don't know if there's a way for you guys to like add me on here oh yeah here's my friend code this might be a terrible mistake to give this out but you know what if you guys want to try and add me I'm sure there's oh yeah I can only have 50 friends you can try to add me but I'm definitely not gonna be able to add everybody but if you guys enjoyed me playing The Sims mobile and want to see me keep playing The Sims mobile I mean I'm gonna be playing in my free time anyway but I can either play again like a live stream or in an update video then make sure to leave a like before you go so that I know you want to see more subscribe if you're new to the channel I put out new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

47 thoughts on “My New iPhone Life | The Sims MOBILE”

  1. I used to have the Sims FreePlay on my ipod touch and the cheat codes worked back then so I had way too much money so that it got boring after you were able to basically buy everything lol.

  2. Omg that’s the only game I have of sims because I can’t buy sims on the computer! My sim is married has 2 kids and is ready to retire

  3. I have the same game, I got it before I got The Sims 4. And BTW The firsts person you meet (Bella) appears for everyone

  4. “I heard it’s really good!”


    Also can I tell you a story that actually made a little mad?

    So I was waiting for this to come out because I didn’t want to make a Brazil apple account just to play it.
    Well Christmas comes around and I get the Sims 4 for Christmas! (This was the Christmas of 2017 by the way) and THE SIMS MOBILE STILL HAS’NT COME OUT until way after Christmas! So all that waiting was for nothing!

    Wow, world! WOW!

  5. Tbh I have a hate/love relationship with the Sims mobile, sometimes I find it really fun, but if I play it after I have played the Sims 4, I get bored because it isn't as good lmao

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