My Staph Infection Story *GRAPHIC* | Gigi

My Staph Infection Story *GRAPHIC* | Gigi

hey guys it's GG welcome back to my channel so today's story time video is highly embarrassing I debated even talking about it because it is so graphic and disgusting like I'm fully embarrassed to even admit that this happened to me not once but twice hi my name is Gigi and I've had staph infections so anybody that doesn't know what a staph infection is it is literally a skin infection it that looks disgusting it feels like you're a zombie let me just start this video off by saying if you are queasy stomach or you don't like gross stuff click out please because I will be showing photos of my staph infection and it is just like gnarly it's not cute I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy actually maybe I would so let's Google what a staph infection is so staph infection an infection caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin or in the nose very common more than three million US cases per year oh thank God I'm not alone so the story starts in Mexico I was there with a group of people I did a vlog on it if you haven't seen that video go check it out and so much fun and I feel like you wouldn't know from the video that I was suffering from a staph infection so on the first night of Mexico we all got there we were super excited to be on vacation so we all got absolutely wasted went in the pool I was in my bikini I don't remember going to bed the next thing I remember is getting up and I was still in my bikini and it was still a little damp and I was like ooh this is so disgusting like just get me out of this bikini and I noticed on my bikini line that it was a little bit it was I thought it was like a skin chase it was like super red and irritated it felt like I had like you know just like a chafe you know how sometimes you get like chafing it between your legs if your thighs don't touch you're just that lucky bitch but sometimes I get some chafing there too but it was like on my like bathing suit line like super high up so it's just like oh my god this is like painful so I took the bikini off took a shower and started the new day so obviously I went in the pool again that day because you know when in Mexico and I was like feeling a little bit more irritation but I wasn't really paying attention to it I was like you know what if I just moisturize it every night and make sure that you know I take care of it it'll be good cheap little to my knowledge going in and out of the pool it's like a lot of bacteria and like moisture and like just disgusting shit initially a lot of my friends on the trip said that I had crotch rot which is like disgusting as is like you know what I can live with it you know I have crotch rot that's fine whatever but it got so much worse like the more days that went on and the more bikinis and the more in and out of pool I got it got out of control so on the last day we were leaving and I woke up and I was so so exhausted like I could not even lift my arm and I would I just thought you know my gods like all this partying has gotten to me I had drank too much and this is like the ultimate hangover thank God it's the end of the week I can't wait to go home I literally tried to get out of bed and I couldn't and my crotch rot was on fire and I looked down what started from like a single tiny scab had turned into like seven scabs almost down my leg and I guess now is when I'll show you the photo just let me mentally prepare for this embarrassment I can't believe I'm doing this three two one so this was on my crotch when I looked down and yes that is me hence the ring that you see in the photo literally it had spread like that overnight it was literally just like a simple rash and then like the next day overnight like within hours it had spread like crazy so instantly I thought oh my god I've heard of people coming to Mexico and getting like weird infections and like you know virus isn't dying and I was just like I'm dying like 100% I'm dying like this is just crazy amazing vacation amazing week but it was the last week of my life so you know whatever I instantly started freaking out but I was so weak like I can't even describe to you like everyone at the house is packing and getting all their stuff together and like making sure they had their phone chargers and taking pictures and taking like last-minute swims and Beach moments and I was literally in my bed in the dark hello well naps was left me and people were checking on me they're like girl she's really hungover I'm like no guys I'm just dying I end up showing gnats and also I told her that I was gonna do a video on this and she's like can you please let people know you didn't get it from me and I was like is it a sexually transmitted infection staph infection I guess it is super contagious but it's only like if you touch it I don't know so I ended up telling her I was like listen my crotch rot it's gotten really bad baby so I just need you to see it so I showed her and she was gagged she was like oh my god we need to take you to the ER we can't go home today and it was like this huge ordeal everyone's like we can change our flights like we can stay I may seem like I'm super dramatic and like yes change all the plans for me when all the attention is on like that especially when it's like something as embarrassing as this I like to steer clear of all the attention so I was like no it's fine like just give me another hour I'll get out of bed just help me pack and let's just March our way to the airport I'm putting this like moisturizer on it but it's like stinging because it's like pretty much like open wounds and at this point it's getting worse and like the fact that it was even that bad to begin with is shocking but it was getting worse like there was probably like 10 scabs at this point like open wounds we're talking flesh-eating disorder like I felt like I was like on The Walking Dead about to die everything that touched like I just wanted to like have my legs spread eagle and just like never wear underwear again never wear pants again because I can't I couldn't even imagine having anything touched that area because it literally just was stinging it felt like I was dying so an hour goes by and my bags are packed everybody's ready to go the vans are there and I end up just getting out of bed Nath's gives me a pair of her boxers to wear and I put on sweatpants over and I literally was walking with like with like a two feet diameter within steps I looked like an absolute idiot everyone at the resort the stuff that was there was like bye Gigi like such a fabulous week and then I walk out wrecked so obviously I didn't tell any of them that I had a staph infection or anything was going on down there probably a few of them saw me throughout the week with a band-aid on my crotch because that's I just thought that it was like a little chafe you know we go to the airport it's probably like a 30-minute drive let's say I'm at 100 right now I was literally at 3% I was literally almost dead in the airport everyone's like let's go get food oh my god let's take picture selfie Instagram jihad snapchat no but I was like dead like my eyes were like this I was walking like a fucking basketball player with like an 8-inch penis just like full-on just like awful and at the border obviously they're like did you bring anything back with you any Goods I'm like no just my flesh-eating virus my disease in between my legs that's all so I'm thinking I'm gonna be spreading stars to everybody in America but I don't care because I'm dying and I'm just like so weak I just want to go home to bed so I finally get home we're finally there a doctor is rushed over to me and he sees it and instantly is like oh that's just a staph infection and I was like what a staph infection so instantly I google and please do not Google staph infection it's almost as bad as waffle and we won't go there mine wasn't as bad as the bad pictures but it was like it got really bad so instantly he's like you need to go in antibiotics right now because it's really bad like he's like you should have come home early and I was like but I just thought I had crotch rot doctor yeah so he puts me on antibiotics and there was probably like 30 pills in there twice a day I was supposed to take them and this point MIT so I literally I'm not kidding you for 48 hours when I was home in LA I had my leg spread I had my Apple TV remote and the appointment on my crotch after the second day of antibiotics in the appointment I probably felt about like 80% and I could wear normal clothes again so in closing I wanted to ask you guys have you guys ever had a staph infection or any kind of embarrassing infection I've seen a few pictures online of people with them like on their faces and like I can't even imagine it's so awful please let me know make me feel like I'm not alone don't sleep in a wet bikini because you will get a staph infection and be at three percent out of a hundred normal size so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and until I see you guys next time stay gorgeous

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  1. From ages 14-17 I had a re-occuring staph infection in my nose that was caused by rubbing my nose a lot from frequent allergies. I had to go to so many specialists about it because the bacteria had "colonized" in my nose and would come back about every 6 months. I finally got rid of it by washing my face every day with this super strong antibacterial soap called Hibiclens, which doctors literally use before surgery. It was super embarrassing, and the worst part was that it would "flare up" when I was under stress, so I had a staph infection in my nose for pretty much every finals week, picture day, AND my junior prom. Disgusting.

  2. Staph infections are caused by poop bacteria…couldn’t have picked a worse environment, what a nightmare! Leave it to Gigi to laugh about the whole experience!🦄

  3. Yes I had a open wound and went to a disgusting prison and got staph but it the deadly version of it at least what my doctors said this gave me cream as well

  4. i think women get more pleasure from talking ( waffling ) than they do from sex……( try and breathe between sentences ) there goes my breakfast

  5. I have a mild staph infection right now on my nose, and you’re right that you feel like a zombie when you have it 😢

  6. As a medical professional I think that maybe I can shed some light on this. We all have different “bugs“ living on our skin we pick them up from things that we touch , etc.And, looking at your photos it looks like maybe you might have used a razor to clean up your bikini area? And if so, that gave the staph that was already on your skin, a way into your body. It had absolutely nothing to do with you doing something wrong. It is not a sexually transmitted disease. However, saying that I should say that if you come into contact with someone else who has a break in their skin, yes it can be contagious. However, the medical profession as well as pharmaceuticals have developed so in this century that staph is pretty easily treated. Usually with an antibiotic.

  7. i had a staph infection on my hands and feet i thought i was dying too, i thought i was only 12 not ready to go, but now the doctors think i have a rare case but it is going away, and now the stomach flu is coming in, my immune system is horrible, and i am miserable.1 like=1 prayer

  8. I had a major staph infection on the back of my leg, it hurt so bad I couldn’t sit down or get in the car. Had to go every two days to get it checked out, I don’t get them like used to. I always keep a look out and always keep coconut oil and tea tree oil close by.

  9. I've had 3 staph infections! I have severe eczema so i have gotten them from that. I had 1 on my scalp which spread to my left eyebrow (which resulted in me losing half my hair and left eyebrow), 1 on my left thigh (i have these gross scars now) and 1 in my nose so you are not alone!

  10. Oooooo baby !!! Sorry !!! Cipro can an infection just taking it !!! Thank you for sharing !
    Cipro is a Antibiotic .

  11. I think you got infected not just because of a wet bikini but also of an unintact skin in your intimate area because of shaving.

  12. Yes I had staph all over my breasts. So gross I was puking and couldn’t wait to see a dr. Never sleep in anything wet!!!

  13. Gigi when you've had a staph infection you have a highee chance if getting another, believe it or not but staph actually colonizes in the nose and one of the best ways to prevent them is to obviously keep the skin intact, but to use a few drops of tea tree oil on a qtip mixed with bacitracin or Neosporin and wipe it in the nose before going to bed or in the pool. I hope you never have to go through this again, but remember to listen to your body!!!! Being exhausted like that is your body's way of telling you something was wrong!!! Blessings to you and Nat from Maine. -Eryn

  14. Omg making my way back to this video because I literally just got those sores exactly where you did…I had crazy deja vu like “whose video did I watch where they had this??” I had to come back and watch to make sure mine was the same lol

  15. I got a staph infection on my chin and I got to stay home from school cause I could give it to someone else

  16. Even infected , you have the cutest crotch! Princess crotch rot right enough 🙋🏼👍🏼👸🏼

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