My Top 5 Most Used Video Editing Plugins

My Top 5 Most Used Video Editing Plugins

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back my name is 9n sands this of course is learn how to edit stuff and today we're talking about plugins now I'm gonna go ahead an issue a trigger warning on this video because all of the plugins that we're talking about today do cost money so I don't want to hear why are you making me spend money why can't I just touring all these plugins well the short answer is your end product will be significantly better because the tools in your toolbox are gonna be better than the ones that you currently are working with now and also don't torn anything period viruses Russian hackers can steal all of your personal information and also support the creators the creators of these plugins the people that are spending years of their life developing this amazing piece of software that makes your life easier spending 20 30 bucks whatever it is supports them it supports you it's a whole circle of support you guys gotta support all right trigger warning out of the way now we can jump into the good stuff all five of the plugins that we're gonna be talking about today I use every single day for every single project that I work on I usually use all five of them but I will at least use one of them for everything I find tremendous value and all the things that we're gonna talk about today and I hope that you do too so if you see anything that catches your eye you really got to have it you really think it's awesome links in the video description below for you guys to check it out as well but let's dive in my top 5 most used and most recommended plugins for video editors all right down here on my timeline I've got some fortnight clips and I cut together let's check it out all right it's okay it's very basic edits down here on the timeline just cutting from clip to clip but it could be better and how could it be better by spicing it up with some transitions between our scenes let's check out the Handy seamless transition pack inside from your pro something that I use all the time laughs so right down here my project window I have a folder called transitions and if we open up that folder you will see down here how many things we have access to in this pack we have aberrations fades flares glitches motion shake offset pan perspective all of these things are really amazing and they're so easy to use so hypothetically I want to add a nice zoom transition right down here between my first two clips I will open up the zoom folder and I will may be coming here to the hid folder and I will use the zoom hid out I will simply drag and drop that straight onto my timeline and you just have to line up the first edit point in these transitions with the Edit on your timeline right down here so we will zoom in make sure that it is accurate it is lined up perfectly and now let's demo that and in a matter of seconds I have created a really cool zoom transition if we go frame-by-frame here we're doing some chromatic aberration we're doing a little bit of motion shake and we're doing a nice lens Distortion zoom out of my clip into the next scene and now for this next one what if I wanted to add a zoom in I'm gonna do the same thing and just drag-and-drop this making sure to line up my transitions and now guys I have added a nice zooming effect back to my character and we'll do one more zoom out just for the heck of it why not check this out and that's just one folder of this transition pack there are a lot of folders and a lot of things packed inside of this transition pack that are absolutely amazing and you can preview them very simply by coming down here to any of these folders double-clicking on them and then make sure that your icon view is turned on right here and you can just very simply scrub through these transitions and kind of see what they look like before getting into it and if you were to by this transition pack there are a load of tutorials that come with the pack as well to show you exactly how to use it it comes in a multitude of resolutions 1080 and 4k and all of that stuff you can do custom resolutions but this pack is massive there are a lot of different folders in here and keeping this transition folder inside of all of your projects will give you the ability to just drag and drop onto your timeline and create super awesome smooth transitions in a matter of seconds guys as a video editor time is your most valuable resource hands down trust me I've been doing this for a really long time the more time you have and the more time you can save the better your end product will be so having a go-to folder of just drag and drop awesomeness is key now of course you can make these yourself you can use adjustment layers all the built-in things inside a premiere but that's gonna take you a lot of time and I always say time is much money is time you've heard me say that before so for this transition pack the price point of this guy is $43 that is not a lot of money to spend on a multitude of really amazing transitions that are just drag-and-drop simple that you can just throw right onto your timeline and be cooking with gas and move right on to the next thing because the creative flow in the time that you're spending is the most important resource for you and me but mostly for us for us again links in the video description below for all the stuff that we're gonna be talking about today the handy seamless transition pack for Premiere Pro I will also include a couple other links in the video description that are a little bit cheaper if you guys don't want to spend the 43 maybe you'll want to spend at 20 or something like that I don't know we're moving on to my next favorite plugin it is the neat video noise reduction plugin you guys are gonna lose it so down here on my timeline I have a nice shot of some hangers in my closet that I purposely shot at thousand eight hundred iso and you can just see the awful noise that is happening in the blacks in this scene because it was a dark closet my ISO was boosted really really high and if you guys are used to shooting in low-light situations and have to boost your ISO a lot you'll always understand and always see the amount of noise and grain that you have in your shadowy areas and it is just awful it makes your video look really subpar and just not beautiful but check this plugin out your oh my god okay I'm going to drop a neat video noise reduction right on the clip I'm going to click prepare and then build and it will open up the neat video noise reduction interface and this is a very very complex and advanced program if you want it to be you can do specular noise reduction and luminance noise reduction and like do all these adjustments and all this crazy stuff but it's also very very easy to use for novices or somebody who's a beginner who just wants to get rid of noise check this out it's very simple I'm going to click and drag a box over the area in which I want to get rid of the noise just like that and then I'm going to click build profile and then I'm going to click apply and that's all I'm gonna do and Holy Mother of God look at how much of the noise it is actually getting rid of I'm gonna trigger this on and off look at that it is bananas how much noise it gets rid of and maybe I can play this we'll see we'll see if it plays back look at that oh my god there's no noise anymore it's insane this plugin is absolutely God's here and guys I shoot a lot of low light stuff in my job I am the director of one of Studios for Team Liquid and in eSports events it's always low light kind of like crappy lighting and everything's really dark so I use this plug-in on pretty much everything I shoot every single time it is absolutely incredible it gets rid of so much noise makes your footage look so much cleaner hi-hi-hi recommendation from me in the price point for neat video noise reduction is $74.90 just for the premiere pro integration you can bundle it for premiere and after-effects for a little bit more money but I don't think you really need the after-effects one just for premiere has worked totally fine for me 74 90 it will save all of your low-light footage it will make everything look incredible it makes the camera that you're shooting on look like it was way more Pro than it actually is it's an amazing plugin trust me and we are moving on to red giant universe you guys have heard me mention this before but I'm gonna mention it again in this dedicated video about plugins Reggie universe holy-moly let's jump in so if I come down here to my video effects folder and scroll down you will see I have a bunch of different folders labeled RG universe and then blur distort generators glow motion graphic stylized text and utilities and within each of these folders there are eight multitude of incredible plugins that you can just drag and drop straight onto your footage now down here I have this little fortnight clip of me with my glider cool whatever I'm gonna drop in I don't know maybe some chromatic aberration I'm gonna drop that right down here on my clip and automatically you can see some really cool stuff it's doing and if I come down here into my effect controls I can just kind of mess with these sliders turn up the master Distortion I can turn up the red distortion a little bit and I can turn off the red scale and I can just start really messing with all of this stuff but the really really cool thing about red giant universe is if you click on choose a preset it will open up the red giant universe dashboard and within this dashboard you can kind of preview all of the different chromatic aberration effects just by simply hovering over all of these thumbnails and you can kind of preview what its gonna look like now I can get out of the chromatic aberration presets and go back to all the universe effects and down here you can see there's blurs distortions generators glows and you can just kind of hover over all of these to see what it looks like and there's a lot of really really awesome stuff that you can do all from within this plugin and if I were to go into detail on every single one of these things this tutorial would be like two hours long and I'm not gonna do it I'm just gonna tell you that it is absolutely incredible and I use this stuff all the time for a variety of different things the price point on this one don't get too scared 199 dollars for the year it is an annual subscription license for red giant universe it is worth every penny but if you guys are a college student if you have a college ID you can get red giant universe for ninety five dollars a year which is awesome so if you're a college student definitely take the discount super hard this plug-in is incredible it does everything you could ever want it saves you a tremendous amount of time and gives you a much better end product at the end of the road that just makes your videos look more impressive again links in the video description below for you guys to check out all the information about all of these plugins cuz you can't cover every little nuance in detail today because this video would take so long but I just want to tell you I really like and what helps me out everyday red giant universe amazing plugin we are moving on to Mount McGrath motion v2 this plugin is insane I use it for everything motion graphics related inside of After Effects it does so much complicated amazing stuff and it also makes the very simple things that you need to do in After Effects way easier let's jump in and check it out inside of After Effects I have a white ball on my timeline no motion going on right now but I want to direct your attention right over here to the motion v2 little integration on the side over here there's a couple different sliders and a bunch of different buttons down here now all of these buttons do incredible things we're not going to go through all of them today but we will go through some of them but what I really want to show you guys is these sliders right here and just these sliders is worth the price of admission 100% for this plugin so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make a very simple movement with this ball going from top to bottom just like that now if I play this After Effects defaults to linear keyframes so it just looks very linear and dry and nothing really going on here but I can highlight these keyframes and I can come up here and this is my ease in this is my middle and this is my ease out controls and if I were to just take this top slider and slide it all the way up you'll see that my keyframes have not changed from linear to bezzie a and what it's doing is it's gonna lag on the front and shoot down towards the bottom and give me much more dynamic movement really really easily really simply and if I highlighted these key frames and showed you the graph editor you can see exactly what it's doing it's doing an upward curve like that but now if I take these keyframes and take this slider all the way down and put up the ease out what it's gonna do is it's kind of ease straight to the bottom and if I showed you my graph editor right here it's doing the opposite movement in my graph editor and this saves a lot of time anytime I do any animation I'll just throw keyframes down and just ease it up because it just smoothes it out so nicely and just makes it so awesome now say I wanted this ball to hit the floor and just kind of do a bounce now I could do that manually sure but all of these buttons over here do incredible things and I'm not going to go through all of them today there's a link in the video description below it's like 42 minutes long of the developer talking about all these game features but we're gonna look at one today and it's called jump and it's really cool check this out I'm just gonna highlight my layer and click jump and what that's gonna do is as soon as it hits its bottom point it's gonna automatically make it bounce back and I can come up here and I can control all of these different parameters mainly the gravity so I'm gonna give it a lot more gravity maybe I don't know let's try 60 and check this out all I had to do was click one button and it's absolutely incredible what this plug-in does I'm gonna delete these real quick and because we have a little bit of time for some more what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this ball I'm gonna move it over here then I'm gonna take this ball and I'm gonna move it this way real quick and then I'm gonna show you one more quick thing highlighting these keyframes and I'm gonna click warp and what that's gonna do is it's going to stretch my ball from point A to point B and just kind of make a really nice motion trail and basically all of these buttons right here are tagged two different things in After Effects and it automatically sets them all up for you and all you have to do is kind of come in here and tweak all of these parameters to get exactly what you want out of the deal it is absolutely incredible the other really amazing thing about this plugin is if I click on my layer I can come over here to the rocket ship and I can now position my anchor point in different parts of my shape layers just by clicking on this little grid which is something incredible that you can't do in After Effects natively so literally just this top half of this plugin is worth the price of admission for everything that you get and it is a lot of stuff what is the price of admission you ask only $40 which is insanely cheap for everything that you get in this plugin it has helped me tremendously just make all of my motion graphics look a lot cleaner a lot smoother and I get there a lot faster than I thought were to do it manually it is absolutely insane links in the video description below go watch the video it's nuts 40 bucks not mograph motion v2 highly highly highly recommended from me to you and last but not least gift gun it is exactly what it sounds like it helps you make amazing gifts inside of After Effects really really simply and has a lot of really cool features let's just check it out real fast so on my timeline down here I've got this cheeky little fortnight thing it zooms into the barrel and says goodbye haha if I wanted to post that on Twitter as a gift how do I do that well using gift gun that's exactly what we're here for so check this out guys this timeline down here I'm gonna come up to you gift gun it is only two buttons it is make gift and a Settings tab so we're gonna open up the settings tab so I can show you exactly what's going on here I am resizing to five hundred and six pixels wide because that is the twitter recommended in timeline gift width the frame rate is gonna be the same as my composition I'm doing 256 colors I'm going to render it with the lossless preset I am not going to compress it I'm going to have faster resize selected and I'm going to turn it on infinite loop and if you guys buy this plugin you should experiment with all of these different settings but these are the ones that work best for what I use it for which is literally just making gifts and putting them on Twitter that's all I use it for it's amazing and then I'm just gonna click make a gif and what its gonna do is it's gonna take my timeline it will render it out just like normal in after-effects and when it is done ladies and gentlemen you will have a nice gift that you just made in After Effects that you can then take and upload to Twitter sent to your friends via iOS or whatever messaging app you're using and you've just made your own creative little gift so if you've shot something of your friends that's really goofy drop it in after-effects create a nice little gift send it away they'll appreciate you forever and I appreciate you forever also the price for admission for gif gun is $29.99 which is not that much it's not that little but it's also not that much so if you prioritize making funny gifts of all the footage that you're using you should absolutely 100% get this plugin anyways guys all five of the plugins that we talked about today are my most used and most recommended plugins for you whether you're a novice beginner more advanced if you've never heard of these plugins before a lot of these will absolutely change the game for you it will make people more impressed by your work it will save you a tremendous amount of time and you will learn a whole hell of a lot by diving into all the nitty-gritty little aspects of all of these plugins and see how they work and see what they're doing and it will just up your level and up your game by a tremendous amount it did for me and I know it will for you too again just in case you didn't hear me the other ten times links in the video description below for you guys to check out all of these plugins I do not make anything off of recommending them to you I just want to recommend them to you because they are amazing and they will help you out tremendously if you haven't already please make sure you subscribe to the channel and also check out the last video that you missed we do here weekly at learn how to edit stuff tweet at me at knotty and sans make a suggestion I'll make a video for you that's how this relationship works subscribe check out the last video that you missed and I will see you next time

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  1. Damn, I have the handy seamless transitions but for AE/Premiere. Would rather have those adjustment layers straight to premiere. Looks easier

  2. Can someone please help me out? I have a transitions pack in After effects that I want to use for transitions in Premiere. So I selected the clips in Premiere and clicked on 'Replace with After Effects composition'. Then it opens a new After Effects Project, but the composition in AE is empty. The clips don't show up in AE. What could be the problem? I'd be really grateful if somebody could help me out!

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  4. I noticed you were careful to use the term "end product" in this video/ So let me get this straight… according to the license agreement, I need to re-purchase a license for every "end product" (which I assume is a video) which I create for a client or for myself? That will get extremely expensive. That's $43. for every "end product". Is there anyway to purchase a lifetime license?

  5. Suprised you dont talk about True Comp duplicator, one of the most important and free plugins for AE for any project.

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