Nano's Fusion Summon Animation on Global Year 4 LR SSJ4 Summons! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Nano's Fusion Summon Animation on Global Year 4 LR SSJ4 Summons! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

alright guys name is Tyler aka Manto Genex and today year forum global is finally here the LRS shapewear banners are live by 3 you get one free you get some tickets you get all that stuff let's not wasting time let's hop in now I got I got the transferring vegeta for the good luck because we are going for Vegeta first I am at least going to do one round of Goku summons I might do them live I do not know yet but here we go so the first six are sorry first six the first three of these are 30 stones for 90 stones you can hop it so basically for 180 stones you can do eight multi summons for on Vegeta and then four on Goku and then I think it gives you three tickets from old Lee so that would be technically nine more singles almost to hold another multi as well we're gonna find that out as we go along I think that's how this works I did actually look into it myself I just saw people talking about it over on the timeline on Twitter beacon which s our trucks what know speaking of which if you guys don't follow you boy and energetics on Twitter you might you might do that you want I mean there's a link down below of course you can open up Twitter's personally I think follow you boy anyways its global you're for we're out here there's tons of stuff to do there's tons of stuff to see I knocked out the Oh bro alright this is a that's a good pool man is that okay that's what first you sorry okay sick how many do you get you get three all right so you do get three so three per multi so like legitimately you could that's I mean dude that's actually really that's a pretty good deal so 490 so over 90 stones you get four multi summons and almost a whole nother one so almost five multi summons for 90 stones that's actually a really really good do you think I was confused there was a Vegeta there can we fuse boos oh my god we are I mean I mean this could be a lot of stuff now the cool thing about this and today's video 100% I can use like everything on the pan I have no dupes an MVP 17 I have no dibs in my super saiyan blue evolution Vegeta I have no dude and my Frieza bro yes I'm he's like really the only thing that that's regino meant that could be bad for me it was like maybe the old pro SR trucks in the house today the only thing that really that would have been bad for me would be like the old-school s2 shape for Vegeta but pretty much everything else we out here man we I I said I'm saying that now but it's on this video is over I might be super sick of some of these but as of right now I could use dupes of a lot of stuff Burlison I didn't seriously no I have one tireless I got I think the category summoned back at new years all right well so far so good we got the wrathful Broly which is really really good full on this for someone that's not on the banner and then so next summon get friggin Frieza yeah I'll take it cool absolutely take it all right super geo animation second multi summit how far am I gonna go today we've got enough to do I mean we got enough to do our first buy three get one free and then we got up to do a whole other round and then also we'll have some ticket summons in there since you were doing like we're doing a lot of multi summons out here also and let's see it let's do it happen let's see what happens in this they're just I mean I mean he's a he's a feature that's our on a banner he's gonna be everywhere GSS our oh wait just sorry oh yes our trucks what all right free ball deep get onto our 50 stones then option to pick up the tickets and hey I see I see you Dogon Goten and Trunks alright okay okay alright this day this is X I mean I'm not gonna license ink on this banner I mean it doesn't really secure its anything but to pull a guarantee three more stars on this banner it's definitely not a bad thing rare that is that is a dope on awakened bull rare Crillon right there getting him back to back okay alright alright what do what do you think what are these save and they asses ours for here come on okay alright seems about seems about right so far of course to get a banner unit of course we get a banner unit dude is it gonna save it that's it oh no no no no I was like what's that the gesture sorry I'm not sure I'm pretty sure that we we were pretty far in him into the multi but I don't think we're that far I'm pretty sure it's my first one rebrand – we're sorry brand a Cheeto I'm not playing the same in that right but still okay that was actually I mean that breeze is good I needed that much of Jesus still and that's a new unit so we'll take it as a win no no LRS yet may not walk away with an LR at all if you guys remember my log on the JP side Vegeta was super easy Goku was incredibly difficult for Goku took over 2000 stones to pull fail-safe work out goo I probably won't do that one gold aside I'm not gonna lie well I want I don't know if I'm gonna hop in again on that but it is what it is guys if you're new to the channel you joined today's global summon so far you've not hit that red subscribe button you like to sir going down there getting that subscribe button joining dashing man famine today we're trying to hit four hundred and fifty thousand within the month what we're trying to do so if you look down there it's not a foreign fifty thousand might the subscribe button joins day you might also put that like button for global summons dude year for we are here man this is about where the channel really started kind of gaining some momentum was global year one anniversary doing dual summons with Ichigo and stuff like that so you know to be here three years later still making so making this content still being able to do this and having you guys here as part of it like seriously such an incredible community thank you guys so much for like all of these support over these last like three years it's been it's been crazy man it has been absolutely crazy and of course the best of luck on your guys to summons I'm sure a lot of you guys watch summer watching this to pop in but if you haven't yet yourselves something you're gonna do best of luck we're gonna do group summon there's no way I'm making this year for global summoning video without at least leading one group summit in it so we're gonna do one here in a second let's get through this full rotation and then we'll do one more rotation and that'll be the end of the video somewhere in that last one we will LA well how would we got moved got it we got to do a group summon man are you kidding me we have to at least one okay so hey I will absolutely take this the medical or tech s to shave Vegeta he's I mean he's dude he's a cool he's a cool unit – alright all the Vegeta's just just all of them give me all of it you just except for the physical the Vegeta that just stuck on awakened from here for the fiscal gala gunman because he's already sa ten with all pads open so I don't really need help but outside of that all the Vegeta's all of them especially the LRS especially the LRS I can use Ella I do I can use LR go cheetah I only have one path open on him I think so like dude it's just so much so much stuff and that is why it is so nice not to go crazy all the time because on the JP side it was very much so I needed like to LR go cheetahs I do still need Super Saiyan blue evolution Vegeta is on the JP side it's crazy that is my Super Saiyan blue evolution Vegeta has to have open now maybe just one I can't remember what are the chances of me pulling her of the 150 plus characters that are in the banner twice on the GSS are like what are like the chances have got to be pretty low you know what I mean I'm out I might hurt how you're trying to do math this early because instead of staying up and doing it when I went live actually we went to bed and got up this morning with use again by someone video I think not s to say one by someone video I think not yet I was I was trying make the decision of do I stay up in someone or do I wake up in some and I was like I'll wake up and summon because then if there is some server stability issues it should be fixed by the time I'm up so that's that's what I did that is an intelligence wheeze I think I can still use them on jet from the boat on the JV side not at all but what was that I think I can still use still use him can I talk telogen small soo okay all right last round here we go next one group summit also I'm not I'm not so got to talk about it but I got to go see far from home no spoilers of course holy crap that maybe was good at bro are you kidding me I mean I'm sure there's someone watching us right now and now that movie was trash but for me personally you know you can keep hey man you can have your opinion I don't care do what you want to do man I'm not I'm not here to tell you that you're wrong I'm just say me personally I enjoy the movie a lot huge that was especially especially the mid the mid-credits scene uh yeah but yeah that hope that old movie was great man I just I really do I really do like Tom Holland as aspiring at Deer Park I don't know there's something about that kid that like he just like I just feel like he was almost made for this role like it's it's crazy man is absolutely crazy yeah it was it was fantastic it was it was fantastic I was I was you know I mean spider-man sort of my favorite Marvel hero but I still was kind of like I don't know man going into this and of course the reviews there were very polarized like there was very a lot of people like man this is one of the best spider-man films ever and then a lot of people there like fantasies look very mid Spider Man and for me in person I was like no this is uh this is up there I don't pay anything gonna ever talk spider-man 2 which then people will say like when you go back and watch it it's not the same and like just watched it not that long ago and I can honestly say a movie holds up they did they did they did something special with that movie I mean the CG obviously because it was like early 2000s you know anime so the CG is pretty noticeable as compared to like today where you're watching like in game you know or really any of the Avengers films and it's completely act like everything you're watching right is like none of its real they're on gun you know Titan or something like that and none of it's real but it looks so real you know what I mean alright let's blast one here we go I don't look at my son Michael is like do we go one more but then we also have the tickets so yeah we will do will do the free one as the group summit right after this reven has the group some of yeah I'm antsy jeez Kim just came a long way right even in this last ten years so yes it's the CG not that great you know but for win it for its time it would look pretty good because the movie as movie as a home and I I do thoroughly still I think spider-man 2 is still my favorite but Barbarin home was definitely up there okay this is this is we're getting we're closing in on the end of these and of course know Noel our insight may be that maybe it's it's saving it for the tickets or maybe I'm just not gonna get one at all maybe the super vegeto is the beginning with the Frieza was about as good as it gets I feel like we started out really good and now it's just like the summit's have fizzled out like entirely like absolutely entirely well we got that and then we got the SSG as well but since then that was like it was like bam bam bam and then just almost nothing I was really hoping there's any Crillon and then it wasn't hi this is group 7 time if you new to this first off from casting Fisher patients are chromebooks MacBooks stone tablets are gonna test all those things are you guys need to do doing it on today's route some pull back kind us down Beach won't go we're all got some of the other here we go three two one go well we got what we got you wanna go ask to see again I would do that what I honestly love that okay I mean three more SS ours I'm not gonna complain ah man yeah I I've just kind of been in the mode of talking to you guys and I just I'm sort of not realizing like our last 300 stones worth have been about like this Champa though since is dov'è la king pretty good unit I need him though no not really at all because well he's been around for really long time so I have an SI 10 all pads opened he's actually rainbowed the second you got that duffel awakening boom my man's was rainbowed like ASAP right let's go accept these which also gotcha coins our thing now to which is fantastic essentially every multi somebody do you get 10 gotcha I gotcha coins and then you can spin there's their various amounts of premium del conte testicle units that are tell are is like 400 L R del caño festivals are 500 so it does take a lot but as you kind of over time fire them you'll be able to purchase some actual like good units that maybe need dupes for your first copies of you know and the other thing too is they do stay around you don't have to get them now and use them on this banner they're here for like ever basically so if you don't acquire enough to purchase one right this second they'll stay on your account you can purchase one on the next banner and of course they are they are related to what is available on the banner so like if you really wanted say that kid Goku they came out last month you couldn't get him the next time he comes around he's on a banner he should be purchased purchasable in the body shop so it's also smart to to not just absolutely spin because you got them they might wait for a unit that you really want or that you really hey i rage vegeta actually he's already ring though never mind not not a rage to do this but still alright final one this is uh yes this seems about right III assumed this is how this is gonna go an all on see just because I had to good luck on JP that sounds stupid but seriously well I do gonna look onto G de on JP no I'm Koka I don't know anyone I I don't know anyone that would be like yeah mm stones you did good okay oh okay I mean are there were stories out there yeah absolutely but does that make it alright no no it does it definitely does not it definitely does not I think wooded rhyme tinkling mm songs for his first Vegeta tune or something like that so yeah yeah it seems about right guys there you go man those you out there that were like please let nano not get this first mumfie her first summon or first video that's what you won you absolutely won guys you need to the channels to said wait earlier this was a lot of summons today you might still going down there in that subscribe button joining that's like no offense today as I said we're trying to get foreign of 50,000 for the end of the month but the end of July so you look down there it's not a foreign 50,000 you might slap that red subscribe button join the name of ham today and its best of luck on your stomachs best-looking anything everything else do line have a great great day keep on keepin on antigenic signing off I'll see you all in the next video bye guys you

37 thoughts on “Nano's Fusion Summon Animation on Global Year 4 LR SSJ4 Summons! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle”

  1. Just started playing dokkan 2 days ago a friend recommended the game said now was a good time to start playing cause of the anniversary got both the LR SSJ4 Goku x2 and LR SSJ4 Vegeta got Gogeta (INT) and UI Goku just by farming gems in story mode I got SSJ4 Goku in my 3rd multi and then again in the free multi I got SSJ4 Vegeta on my 6th multi

    my friend hates me now told me I was lucky now I’m watching tutorials how to play dokkan 😂

  2. With 450 stones I pulled
    LR ssj4 vegeta
    LR gogeta
    Lr vegito
    UI goku
    And some other featured units. I really want transforming goku tho!

  3. I went in a solid 700 stones and got 3 ssjbe vegetas agl ssj4 and a movie turles with agl broly and felt salty because I dont have ui goku and quit and last night I pulled lr gogeta from a ticket single,lr vegito from a single stone and then this morning I pulled ssj4 lr vegeta and goku from a single ticket have hope people luck literally comes out of nowhere!!

  4. i got lr vegeta and lr vegito on the goku banner but then after that all hell broke loose. I havent gotten a decent card since…………………………..

  5. btw meat-coller teq ssj vegeta can stun
    Everyone:WTF are u talking about
    me:i stuned almost everyone i fight in dokkan

  6. Nano:sleeping smile
    Nano wife: I bet he’s thinking about other woman..
    Nano mind: lr lr lr lr lr lr lr lr lr

  7. I have legit no joke gotten shafted out of the main featured unit every single time all the way since AGL Gogeta came out. Just finished every boss rush stage out and summoned for the SSJ4 Goku. STILL NOTHING. END THIS ALREADY.

  8. 600 stones plus the tickets i got int angel golden frieza
    lr goku ss4
    dupe lr vegito
    2 dupe lr gogeta
    2 transforming
    teq frieza
    3 turles
    2 ssb transforming vegeta
    2 trunks,
    and about 25 other unfeatured ssrs

  9. I spend 90 dragon stone for LR ssj4 goku and nothing then I used a free multi summon and nothing then I got 9 ticket (A) and I used my first ticket and got LR ssj4 goku I was so excited because that’s my first Lr and and SSR -> LR in 2 day which I got yesterday and I got it to LR today

  10. 180 stones of multis on both banners, and results:

    Jiren dupe, Kefla, Caulifla, Dyspo dupe, Int Trollhan, old PHY SSJ Vegeta dupe, STR Zamasu, PHY MVP 17, TEQ 18 dupe, TEQ God Goku dupe, the PHY SSJ2 GT Goku and AGL SSJ2 Buu Saga Goku who both got an awakening, old SSJ4 Goku, INT Paragus, and DBFZ 16 dupe

  11. I have seen many guys pulling lr ssj4 vegeta left and right but only one person who raimboed goku is clashx and that just in 1000 stone he raimboed 4 cards that was some summon he had

  12. 260 stones
    I got
    2 lr vegito
    1 lr gogeta
    1 Transforming frieza
    1 ssj4 Vegita

    I got a lot of ssr banner ones but those are the best i got in my opinion

  13. I pulled 2 ssr phy Android 17, god vegeta, LR gogeta and LR ssj4 vegeta on the same multi wish I could put the pic here

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