Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Reveal Their Reactions To Season 3 | Entertainment Weekly

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Reveal Their Reactions To Season 3 | Entertainment Weekly

43 thoughts on “Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Reveal Their Reactions To Season 3 | Entertainment Weekly”

  1. This cast is the best like ever I have seen. Love them all but sad we lost some of them during season 2 and 3 but we will remember them all.

  2. There is no way the “American” is brenner. Hopper is the closest. I don’t even think brenner knows about the russians.

  3. Dacre gave like a full essay evaluation and everything while everyone else was like "the ending" 😂

  4. I stan Joyce & Hopper so bad! I want that JOPPER date on Season 4 to be happening, please! At Enzos at 7:00 sharp they should have a table.

    He’s picking her up. Thanks! 🤓

  5. Winona is always so anxious in interview but she’s always amazing in each character she plays. What a great actress!

  6. Im sad. Im now in love with Dacre and if he doesnt come back for season 4 I will cry cause he deserves better now

  7. wtf happened to Stranger Things? Seasons 1 and 2 were about the story, but Season 3 is a non stop SJW circle jerk. I'm only 23 minutes into the first episode and it's UNBEARABLE!

    Also I'm a Russian American, and the constant negative image stereotyping is BIGOTED and RACIST.

    Everything you cult freaks touch turns to shit.

  8. IF YOU DIDDNT WATCH ALL EPOSIDES OF SEASON 3 THEN DONT LOOK AT THIS || Hopper is caught in the blast to close the doorway and the end El reads the note from hopper to her

    and now is in the care of Joyce

    And you saw in the newspaper that is said Hopper died in the Fire at the mall. But after the credits is where it gets cool.

    When the russains were going to the jails they pass a sell and say no not the american. In the death scene if you pause it it shows that

    Hopper is not close to the energy blast. So therefore he went in the doorway and since hes been in the upside down before he knows how to go out

    so when he went to the other side that was why he was in Russia in the Post credit scene. Thats why I don't think hopper is dead||

  9. To those who are so desperate for discussing the ending: I'm not saying you'd better do it in the comment thread to one of the ten million videos about ST3 ending already out, but at least put a spoiler alert on your damn comments.

  10. I've seen a music video about Stranger things. It is not professional but also not bad. PinkyRed: Stranger Danger.🤔

  11. 0:27 when u look someone up n down but then remember u have a s/o thats gonna watch this later so u just keep looking down like ur not doing what u were actually doing

  12. This Season is sooooo upsetting like holy shit El moving away with Joyce from Mike was so upsetting, just watching those 2 hug and cry was so sad.

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