New art challenge: Drawing Top Female Characters as DISNEY PRINCESSES! | Mei Yu

New art challenge: Drawing Top Female Characters as DISNEY PRINCESSES! | Mei Yu

hey everyone this is mei yu and welcome to fun friday every Friday try to do something new Funny or challenging last week ended part 2 of my draw famous characters as humans challenge i watch you guys really enjoyed this and thank you for your support with your likes and subscribes today I’m going to draw some famous female characters from different movies and shows as how i imagined them if they were Disney Princesses this is gonna be really fun let me know who’s your favorite these will be some of my favorite female characters from different movies and TV shows I chosen because I think they’re quite unique in their own way and if you like to see more of this challenge in the future like this video and comment to let me know if many people like this then i’ll try to play another one in future for this challenge I have to think about how Disney usually designed the princesses with my own artistic take this is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series i love reading books and watching the shows i love Daenerys Targaryen from game of thrones and her dragons I was thinking about have some disney princesses are always around animals so maybe disney Daenerys could be with one of our dragons since disney tends to exaggerate the princess’s hair with lots of volume i tried in the same with my generic stirring ok I love many of Danny’s outfits and dresses in the show and I decided on this blue one I like the cape and how it can make it flow around her so it’ll look more magical I wish I could have my own dragon too i think this dragon such a cutie I made him a little smaller and younger so he could fit on her hand kinda like how snow white holds birds its ok it was fun layering some of the colors to make her dress and legs more dimensional I think Danny looks beautiful as a Disney Princess I wonder who’s going to take the Iron Throne what’s your fan Theory please share in the comments here’s another strong female character ok I want to help princess leia will look like as a Disney Princess ok like most disney princesses I gave her a big flowing dress I stylized the folds in the dress for fancy look and for the opening of the dress on top i decided to show a little for shoulders for an elegant look if you missed some of my Fun Friday videos i hope you enjoy these records and princesses in different ways because Leia’s dress is mainly white I felt this drawing have a little more classic feel to it I don’t want to have the dress like dimensional those so I went in with like shading I love her dress she looks so classic here’s another one of my favorite characters from my show I like try to reimagine shown from the walking dead was challenging because i just could not see her in a dress I tried making a dress design that opens in the front and then her pants would be like underneath but I just felt that this wasn’t Michonne so I got rid of the dress and just kept her in pants kinda like Mulan doesn’t always wear dress so yeah I think this is much better because Michelle would be more in character and lovejoy this pose with her sword I had fun inking all the details and her hair and her outfit and sword I try my best to use the market had to get her skin tone how I wanted for this I had to simplify some details like in her headband no she’s not in a dress like a traditional disney princess i like how i drew Michonne’s eyes and the face and the body to resemble the drawing style she looks like a princess who could kick some major zombie this is going to be the most time I wonder how harley quinn could turn out as a Disney Princess in the beginning I knew I wanted to do something really dramatic with the outfit so I put her in a big flowing gown like my previous drawings i exaggerated her hair and for the dress opening i will with a wide their shoulder look I also gave her a long gloves like how some disney princesses I made her pick out her shoe think of the cute and mischievous pose it was fine coloring her dress in usually disney princess dresses are very dark in color but for my drawing i want with more shading for the effector wanted this is the third time after on harley quinn a fun Friday video looks so different from the others before for something more royal-looking I want with gold for the bottom trim of the dress princess harley quinn looks magical I really like the dress I designed for her that was really fun they all look so beautiful and I really enjoy doing this vote in the i card to tell me which design you like to own as a t-shirt the most and i’ll put the design with the most votes on my mark shop I really some new designs in the near future check back on my shop and they are dr. thank you for supporting art and my Fun2draw channel with your likes and subscribes I’ll see every week on tutorial Thursday and Friday thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video I’ll of the material of my fleece blanket it’s so soft and warm and these cuddly pillows are printed on both sides i love the colors by clothing and home merch are made-to-order just for you happy shopping

100 thoughts on “New art challenge: Drawing Top Female Characters as DISNEY PRINCESSES! | Mei Yu”

  1. It’s sad how Disney princesses are portrayed with unrealistic body proportions and beauty standards! Disney has been trying to change that but it’s not enough! Everyone is different and unique, even princesses! Also, it’s Leia technically already a Disney princess? Either way, this art is amazing! Thank you for these awesome videos Mei Yu

  2. Disney bought Lucasfilms so Princess Leia is kinda a Disney Princess.

    Not trying to be mean if that's what you think.

  3. Me gustó mucho Michonne (The Walking Dead), pero amé a Harley Queen es mí antihéroe favorita😍


  4. Michonne doesn't look like a princess at all it just looks like if the Walking dead became an Animated show that's how she would have looked. I just wished I would have seen her in a dress because how is it gonna look when all the " White " Characters got a dress and the only African American Character didn't get one. I love this but it could have been better in my opinion and as a African American female I am a bit offended.

  5. You should make your own coloring books and sell them as like merch or something using the new characters you have come up with in the videos!!!! I would TOTALLY by it!

  6. Am I the only one mad you didn't swap the red/pink and blue for her hair to be opposite of her dress like Harley Quinns original designs? Lol it looks amazing as usual though

  7. I think michonne could have worn a dress and style of what she wore in her dream/ flashback of when she read with get boyfriend and his friend. She wore a dress then. I know this is a video from 2 years ago, but why didn't guy color in that white spot yellow in Harley's dress?! The teardrop looking spot, where the dress curved in.

  8. My two year old loved the michonne one. She said ' Barbie 😍💜 I said that is michonne… so she kept saying 'Barbie me me' too cute not to share.

  9. Princess Laia is already a Disney Princess- Lucas film is OWNED by Disney and she is a princess, though she did not have a coordination.

  10. Wait princess leia is created by disney and shes a princess so practically she is already a disney princess or do u mean cartoon Disney Princess

  11. I didn't like this one because of michonne, she should have had a dress. Even merida, the most tomboyish disney princess, had a dress.
    We always see her in regular clothes, so what's the point of making her a "princess" if she's gonna wear jeans?
    Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, I just thought it was weird.

  12. You know Harley would have looked so much more elegant if her hair was loosely curled almost like Aurora's and maybe downsized on the overall colour of the dress .. maybe if you made the card details at the bottom have all the colour but she looks really pretty though❤

  13. Hey Mei Yu, I would love to see you do the lead female characters from True Blood as Disney princesses and/or Villians! Sookie, Tara, Pam, Arlene…I would buy shirts with them on them for certain!!

  14. I'm not sure if Lei could be a Disney princess with a gun in her hand she looks like she is part of the suicide squad got that gun like she gonna shoot someone's butt

  15. Seriously, your work is stunning. These are all fantastic, and I especially love the details on your Michonne and HQ! (I found your channel today and have been totally bingeing, lol. You have such incredible talent.)

  16. Wow, they all look absolutely amazing! I simply can't pick a favourite. They all are unique in their own way. I'd love to see more of that! 🙂

  17. My daughter watched this with me and absolutely loved the little dragon in the first drawing. So that remained her favorite. And I agree that it's adorable.

  18. Hey can you make drawings of your subscribers dream character?
    I REALLY LIKE YOUR CHANNEL good job with copying it is really creative ☺

  19. Please do female marvel cheaters as Disney princess. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻I LOVE YOUR ART WORK 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  20. Awesome work love disney princess leia which i guess should technically be cannon thanks to disney buying star wars lol

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