alright guys this season eight come assign like Jan you know let's get started so I get the ACE from last season so I'm going back that's in squad let's see my gun back to gold one gold one okay alright so we're gonna do a do it dooby doo doooo conqueror on this season and I'm gonna do squad conquer at the same time and so let's go let's check how to roll mm-hmm power up the ocean Oh new DP skin that's nice you still get the money back started and leave the great blasts okay Oh new helmet that's nice that's nice okay oh this is for the open jeep already have the scheme for the other Jeep which is nice this is nice I like it very colorful alright new border this is only for elite blasts okay that's nice do you want or you can set it a quest now oh that's nice okay I can actually do a giveaway there you go guys okay we got that one where we have a new scheme a new scar-l skin again again but oh this one is really nice kind of like red and blue oh wow okay I like that one this close is actually quite nice so might use some new games what is this stuff to play oh it's the MVP showcase the same as the last time let us see what's you okay healed you know does it's stupid it's nice to watch okay also you get there on the RP 20 okay get the helmet some cars more clothes with nice shoes all nice that's nice oh you playing I have so many planes now they probably have four right I like this one very colorful oh now I like that plate that's right okay the border SLR absolutely have another scheme for this but I don't use this gun oh this one is better than last season there was also the same as this one I like this no way no way this is like from the matrix what oh my justice in the middle of the game alright new backpacks and what's this great blue oh you get that okay is that a gold shotgun for six years you can open them okay there's us clothes notes money there's a DP okay the MA hello RP notes I thought is it the full one really really nice it's beautiful I think this isn't actually a lot better from like and the last RP so you get new emotes what's up – and then three oh no way this is from the season 2 and season 3 Wow I've always wanted to get this I saw this from somebody else before I was like wow they brought it back actually but you need to pay 600 you see per per emotes okay and then you can get some of them through our PE coins which is nice Wow probably good job good job I like this one nice hmm all right itself with the RP box what is this love parachute before parachute oh wait now oh you can get you can also get this one that's a lot of rewards this season nice that's nice good job Bobby let's open this one all the same there's nothing new it's same from season four five six seven all the same alright guys um that's it let's start the video let's start the game hope you enjoy that one but RP 50 no ready 34 100 Wow which which kids oh by the way guys this is duo because this week I'm planning to play all duo this week and then hope I'm hoping I'll be able to reach ace in maybe in two days time hopefully after my job pay footsteps yeah I'd like to do a concurrent duo and after all two squads right away that's sounds like a new gun keep running jump just now okay hello there that was bad for me I think this is the guy with the new gun by zone by zone by zone by zone P P P P bison you know what I'm gonna do this for you guys only for you BSS and bison they're like a brother and sister playing mmm so what happened to UMP or is it still lying mm or they change it all right let's try it let's try this out of it oh my god gunshots alright that was the plan okay more gunshots into chinky that's nice let's check this compound oh yeah I see one my god I think this guy something really special I don't know I feel I feel good holding it has 50 months oh good for spraying all day all day long I don't know how far is the range is another footsteps it's pretty good you know like mid-range I mean it's not that far but there are a few people here there's driving skills all right steps your friend is here sorry guys no footsteps it's like ripped a bullets Wow my new favorite SME there's more they still alive okay got you it's our job here yeah I'm sure it's gone already so too far can I reach him now oh my god cookplus as his name by the big compound I get more they are fighting Oh oh I see okay I'm sure they're gonna come here there they are there oh come here come to Daddy that's quite far there the range of my son Orbison myself hundred percent this dude is sneaking right now hundred percent yeah why did they always do that only to laughter above the insider zone already and in the new car I can explode what do you do where's your friend be kidding me what are they doing here they're inside legends he's on the other side of the hill he has more attention yes all right guys that's our first game today you're gonna play more actually like I said I'm running will I have to walk through the bus on goo war what a food very easy to control the return I hope you enjoy this video guys I'll see you again on the next one


  1. New Gun , whatever the hands behind the gun is extremely powerful… Bro. You're rocking in every gameplay… Love you…😘😘😘

  2. First of all nice gameplay BRO,finished the game so quickly … and I have used this gun too, it's got great recoil but less power and it is going to be rare find in pubg like M24… But still it's nice weapon..

  3. I just uninstall pubg. Because I was trying to reach conquer this season but my first 10 matches went terrible and i came to decision of uninstall it and unsubscribing every pubg YouTubers. But when it came to banana youtube channel my fingers says no. Ur video is really inspiring. Only YouTuber i subscribe for viewing pubg is banana now. I just what to share it with you bro.

  4. i personally didn't like BIZON, although it has no recoil but way too much low damage and specially when you are playing in 180ms to 200ms, you will be sucked in close encounters!

  5. Banana : more shots in potchinki thats nice💪💪💪💪
    Me : more shots lets get the fuck out of here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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