Neymar Drafts a 7 Year Old! | YouTube Nation | Friday

Neymar Drafts a 7 Year Old! | YouTube Nation | Friday

JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it’s Jacob. We’re at YouTube Space LA. Today we’ve got over
a decade of selfies, a music video from the edge
of space, and parkour couture. [GLASS BREAKING] [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] On Wednesday, the Brazilian
national soccer team took on South Africa in
Soweto, but it was not Brazil’s win that
had people talking. It was this little
guy, who snuck onto the field to
meet his idols. Security was quick to escort
the pint-sized fan off the field until this happened. Brazilian superstar
Neymar and his teammates gave the seven-year-old
the memory of a lifetime when they
grabbed him from the guards, and they made him
the man of the match. [CROWD CHEERING] We put together a playlist of
some of the most memorable kid moments. Make sure to watch
after the show. MILES: In my experience,
it’s a lot easier watching an incredible parkour video than
trying to make one yourself. This comes from former gymnast
Gaetan Bouillet of Belgium. The tricks and production
value in this video make it easily one of
the best I’ve ever seen. [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] A few years ago,
he took home gold at the European
Parkouring Championship. And a few minutes ago, he
took home best cardigan at the 2014 Miles Awards. JACOB SOBOROFF: Bitcoin’s
all over the news right now with reports about the identity
of its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. If you’re trying
to follow the story but you still have no idea
what Bitcoin is, don’t worry, neither does anybody else. This genius callback
to an old meme sums up the Bitcoin
phenomenon to a T. SCOTT ROSE: Bitcoin
or oligarchy? Your choice. They love inequality. That’s why they hate Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not
just for criminals. I think it’s going to
stabilize, eventually. Oh god, it’s crashed. JACOB SOBOROFF: Scott
Rose uploaded this just two days ago, and he
has already posted a sequel. Head over to his channel
to watch part two and to learn more
about Scott, who happens to be a member of Mensa. ALI: Music videos have been
shot from all over this earth. But how about from
the edge of space? For their new video,
Birds Vs Planes sent their lead singer on an
iPhone up into the atmosphere using a weather balloon. [MUSIC – BIRDS VS PLANES,
“LITTLE BLUE”] This video is so beautiful, and
it matches the song perfectly. Go, watch it. Share it. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Let’s Play videos for “GTA V” are
some of the best. Whether it’s killing sprees,
or massive trick jumps or– COCO PERU: Look at
this pretty carpet. Gorgeous paintings. Why would anyone ever
want to leave this house? JACOB SOBOROFF: Drag queen Coco
Peru, I think it’s fair to say, is not your typical gamer,
which makes this pure joy. Like most non-gamers, she’s
a little bit unsure at first. COCO PERU: Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh! Who’s screaming at me like that? That woman’s distracting me. JACOB SOBOROFF:
But not to worry. Soon enough Coco gets the
hang of it, in her own way. COCO PERU: Look at the
view, and look at her. Head down, texting. That’s what you deserve. You know, I think I’m starting
to like this game more and more. JACOB SOBOROFF: This is a
breath of fresh air compared to what we normally
see in this genre. You have to go check out more
of Coco’s hilarious videos. Stump MALE SPEAKER: Earnest. JACOB SOBOROFF: OK, Earnest. Today’s challenger
is Myanno Miller. Earnest, find me the video
that took the longest to film. EARNEST: Myanno, not only did
this video take 12 and 1/2 years to craft, it’s
still a work in progress. Noah Kalina animated
more than 4,500 photos of himself, one a day starting
in January of the year 2000. Myanno, you might want
to wait until tomorrow to start your own
photo a day so you don’t have to remember the
look on your face the day you got burned. Boom. JACOB SOBOROFF:
You think you got what it takes to
step to the champ? Drop your challenge using
the hashtag #STUMPEARNEST. Check back in tomorrow
for a special look into the world of K-pop. Now play us out, Peking Duk. [MUSIC – PEKING DUK, “HIGH”]

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  1. All you needed was a better lens with a big aperture, to blend perfectly with the music video .. js saying

  2. EARNEST ACTUALLY GOT STUMPED!!!!!! He said it was still a work in progress THUS… not making it a complete video YET!!!

  3. #Youtubenation  I want you to see SkyDoesMinecraft's "Animated Shorts : STAND THE MOVIE" he's been making these animated shorts for a while now but they're really hilarious in my opinion

  4. Bitcoin is the only accepted currency on the silk road, A black market hidden in the deep web, an area of the internet not accesable by browsers such as google. 

  5. Teaching kids that you will get rewarded for doing things you are not supposed to do since… 2014 or something xD

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