NO-HEAT Waves… Will They Work? | Fab or Fail Hairstyles

NO-HEAT Waves… Will They Work? | Fab or Fail Hairstyles

(cheerful pop music) – Hey you guys! I’m Mindy
from @CuteGirlsHairstyles and I’m here with Paisley today! – Hi! – And we’re gonna show you how to style these… Well, we’re doing a Fab
or Fail but ultimately, we’re gonna show you
how we got these no-heat waves in her hair. But, the Fab or Fail is about
– It’s so cool! these little formers.
– And here’s the stick. – These are technically, look, if you look them up on Amazon,
they’re called, wave formers, these are not manufactured
by the company Curlformers. CurlFormers actually has its
own version of wave formers. So, I don’t, let’s just
call these wave creators. Wave makers. Shall we? – Yeah! – They come in a package of 24, at least the ones I bought,
they also include one hook so that you can thread them through, and, you know you do like the whole stick thing where you thread it through
then pull the hair through and you’re good to go. So, this is what we tested,
we’re gonna see if it works. We’re gonna see if it pulls on her hair, we’re gonna give you all of the scoop so let’s get to it, shall we? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!
– Yeah! Ok, the first thing you want
to do when you get your package is open it up, separate them out. As far as I can tell
there’s zero difference between the pink and the orange. They’re exactly the same length, when they’re all stretched out. They’re literally just
two different colors so these are the 20-inch ones which are considered long hair. They do have shorter ones too. And each package comes with
a little hook like this in it that comes in three pieces that you just snap together. You wanna push that one on?
– Yeah. – Push it on tight, and it
creates the long stick like this. Then you take these and
you thread them up through the actual former, like this. And I’ve got, I bought four packages just cause I wasn’t sure
how many I would need. And I probably have too many, cause there’s 24 in a pack. I’ll tell you when I’m done
how many I used in her hair. But this is what they
look like when they’re on, and now we’re gonna start
working on her hair. Okay, to prep Paisley’s
hair, yesterday we washed, detangled, and, using the LOC
method, we got it all prepped. So LOC is Liquid, Oil, Cream,
so we did all that last night, and then I put in braids to
just help stretch her hair naturally without using any heat. So, I have now separated her hair, tip your head back for a sec Pais, into four quadrants essentially
just so I can keep them kind of separated out and also mathematically not use all
of the formers in one spot and then run out before I’m done. So, I’m gonna start right
here on this bottom corner You can see I’ve sectioned
this little piece off. And I’m just basically
going to create kind of like little squares on her
head that are pretty even and then I’m going to just run them on. Now, if I just put them
onto her hair like this, it wouldn’t work very well. So I’m actually using some gel today, I’m gonna just run a tiny
bit of gel through her hair on each piece. I’m not gonna overuse the gel because otherwise it will make her hair too wet, and then her natural texture will start popping through again and I don’t want that either. So I’m just running a little gel through using a wide tooth comb, you can see her hair is already really detangled and stretched. So, what you’re gonna
do is take this section and twist, twist, twist the root. So that you have a nice solid root. Then you take the hook and you
put it right over that twist and then you push this up as far down and as tight to that root
as you can possibly get and then you just simply, just gently, pull this through. So again, I’m gonna show you, I’m just gonna take a little gel on my fingertips, run it onto her hair, all the way down into
her root and the ends, especially the ends, quite honestly, because that’s the part
I’m worried about, like, showing the natural texture the most. And I’m just gonna comb
through with a wide tooth comb take one of the hooks, and then, as close to the root as
possible, pull it onto the hair. And it just threads it
through the hair like this, you can see,it’s just gonna sit like that. And you can see her hair
only goes down about halfway so we got plenty of space on these. We could have maybe used the shorter ones on her hair right now. Then I’m gonna section off another section and continue to repeat this. I’m giggling, here’s a
funny fact for you guys. Can you see this piece I’m
working with right here? How it has like a noticeable
length difference? That is where Paisley
cut her own hair out. You guys can see her hair,
I’m starting with it dry. Just because, if I start with her hair wet I’m afraid that it won’t
dry fast enough in these. I’m not gonna have her sleep in them, I’m going to opt to have her
wear them, just air-dry today. What you could sleep in them overnight but to me they look a little
uncomfortable to sleep in so we’re gonna do air-dry or
I might pop her under her hood if I’m concerned that
they are not dry enough when I start to take them out. – Hey mama. – Hey what? – What are you gonna do
when I’m gonna be in school? – I am gonna work. Get all my work done
– Boring. – Okay, was I supposed to
say I’m gonna watch movies and eat popcorn? – No. – I think that’s what I’m gonna
do while you’re at school. – No, you were supposed
to say, when you get home, we’ll spend time together. – We can do that. – And watch a movie or something. – Maybe when your homework’s done. So the nicest part about
this is that if these work we will have not used any heat on her hair but we’ll have great curl because we didn’t use heat to stretch her hair since you slept in it over last night, overnight, last night. And we wouldn’t have used heat to air-dry her hair today with these formers. – Nice.
– Mkay, and we are done with the first section, so we’re
just gonna keep on going. Okay you guys so I have
finished section one and section two and I am
one row into section three. Put your head up right here. And I went to about right there and then decided I wanted to switch and I’m gonna start working up the side of her head now here and working this way cause ultimately I want them to lay so that
when her head is this way instead of the hair going
back, it goes to the sides, so it will just make a nice
prettier part line for her. So I’m gonna switch and start going a different direction at this point. And again, I’m just adding gel, then gently combing her hair out, and then I’m taking it and just giving it a nice twist at the root. You can see as I’ve been parting, I’m kind of almost doing
the same type of parting that you would do if you
were doing box braids. Essentially, that, you can pull through. I am not getting any tugging with these or hair sticking yet on
these which is really nice cause it’s not pulling on
her hair or snagging at all. And I really like that I’m
seeing inside the formers that the hair is laying
flat which tells me the chances of us getting
really nice flat looking curls are good, we’ll see. Haven’t used these
before, but I’m thinking that they’re looking like
we should get good curls. – I feel like, it’s gonna
be heavy when I walk around. – Do you think? – Yeah. – Okay so this is where
we’re at right now you guys. You can see we’re almost done, I did figure out one thing
I wanted to show you. As I started putting them in on the bottom I noticed that like on this
curl right here you can see that it scoots downward to begin with and I decided I didn’t love that like I would want the curl
to pop out away from her head so it looks more full. So once I figured that
out all of the others from about halfway up her head up I made sure that they were laying so that they popped out away
from her head to begin with. So, I also wanted to have, kind
of a heavy part on one side so I parted it here and then I’m flipping all of these pieces over to the left. So I just have two left and we’re just gonna do
the exact same thing, where I’m adding gel, twisting the root, I ended up, just so you guys know, I think I have about 50 in her hair, but I’m doing pretty small sections. To be honest I probably could have done a little bit bigger sections, just because it’s the first
time we’re doing these I wanted to make sure that I
was using small enough sections we went kind of extra small. So we’ll see if that works
out for us in the end. Okay last one, this
should be the last one! – Did you say last? – Last one! We’re done! So this is the finished product. Whoa. – It kind of feels heavy.
(funky music) – Ok you guys, we’ve let
Paisley’s hair air-dry for several hours and then I popped her under the hood for like twenty minutes, just to make sure everything was dry. So, I’m taking them out, really, they’re just supposed to kinda pull out, it shouldn’t be difficult. We definitely have waves. And curls. I am seeing on a few of them, I’m seeing a little bit
of gel flake-age but I think that might like as we loosen the hair up, that might go away. I thought they might snag or tug on her hair more than they are. These are really just
like sliding right out. (wave formers stick clattering) And you can see we talked about earlier the ones where it went down instead of up and that’s what that curl looks
like if it goes down first I definitely am glad I figured that out and switched them to all coming up. Because I’m liking that look a lot better. So this is straight out,
like, straight out of the rods Which we won’t leave in
here, looking like this. – No!
– Do you wanna see it? – Whoa that’s too
reversed, check that out. – Cool. – Okay, so I’m just gonna
separate it a little bit, and then I’m gonna get a
pick and kind of loosen up all of those roots so that we don’t have so many obvious squares on her head too. Okay you guys so I took them all out, you saw what it looked like before, then I just took my fingers lemme find one if there’s
one still in here, but I just kind of pulled
all the pieces apart using my fingers so we
just kind of loosened them, helped so that they weren’t
all like stuck together, you know, Just like you would
if you were doing a twist-out. Kind of pull the twists
and the curls apart. And then I noticed that
the root definitely was like all still in the boxes, so I just took my wide-tooth comb, you can use a pick too, and I just went in and kind of loosened up the root a little bit. So that you weren’t able to
see all of those squares. That square pattern
that we put in her hair. And then just for fun, I just did two quick little twist backs on this side of her head so
she has some little twists and I think we’re there. I did notice this time that
with me only using gel, and not spritzing her hair
just a little tiny bit there is just a little bit of flakeage so maybe next time I might
do her hair slightly, slightly, ever so slightly damp as well to help control that. But overall, I think it
turned out really cute. Ok, you guys, let’s do the final spin. ‘Round she goes! Hmm, tadah! I like it,
– Me too. I think that they turned out really cute. I will be interested to see how long I can get them to last in her hair but I bet I can get at least
a couple days out of them. But I think it’s fun for a change and especially because
it was a heatless curl which makes it bonus on this natural hair which is awesome. So, in my opinion you guys, I would give them two thumbs up. (bell dings) Two thumbs up?
– It’s not, it’s not a fab. – No, no it’s a fab, it’s not a fail. – Oh.
– It’s a fab. – It’s a fail. – No, it’s a fab. I thought it was good, they weren’t, they didn’t tangle, they weren’t
very difficult to put in, it turned out really cute on her hair. I’ll be interested, I’m gonna try them on. Should I try them on my hair you guys? – Yes! – Leave a comment down below and tell me if I should try them on my hair you guys.
– It’s gonna end up like this! – And see what it does. – End up curly!
To my hair texture, versus her texture. ♪ Boy, I would do it again ♪ ♪ From your sweet sweet mess ♪ ♪ Fun sweet sweet mess ♪ – Also you guys, I threw the link in the
description box below if you want to pick some
of these up yourself. I got mine off Amazon and I know you can get them on Ebay too. – They’re so cool!
– They’re great! – Once one of them fell right down my waves like here, it was so funny! – If you guys haven’t seen
our other hair videos, be sure to click the link down below, make sure you subscribe to our channel, you can find other videos over here, and we’ll see you guys later, bye guys! – Bye!

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