Noah Baumbach Reacts to Popular Marriage Story Memes

Noah Baumbach Reacts to Popular Marriage Story Memes

-Noah, what a year
it’s been for you. You turned 50 years old.
-Yeah. -That’s a big deal.
Happy birthday. That’s big. -Thank you. Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] You and Greta Gerwig
had a beautiful baby boy. -Yes, Harold.
-Yeah, Harold. He’s so cute. I just saw him — Well, the back
of him, on the “Vogue” cover. -His behind.
-His behind, yes. His very cute butt.
But — I love babies. And this movie,
“Marriage Story” — people are saying it’s one of
the best of your career. What a year.
-Yeah. -Is it depressing you
for next year? -No, it’s a thrill, yeah, and it does depress me
for next year. Yeah. I mean, I guess, yeah,
it’s nothing but downhill. -No, that’s not true.
-Yeah, I mean, I’ll be 51. -Yeah, I mean,
it’s not as exciting. -With a 1-year-old. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] No, it’s been great. It’s very exciting.
Very exciting. -The movie — Man, oh, man. People are freaking out,
loving this movie. What a story, well-written,
well-done. I’m just going to go through
some of these awards you’re getting nominated for. -All of which is not happening
next year, yeah. -No, they will. Things around going to
happen next year. -Since you brought it up. -No, I didn’t bring it up. Things are going to happen
for you next year. It’s gonna be amazing.
It just gets better from here. -Okay.
-Yeah, trust me. -I will. -Six Golden Globe nominations — most of any film this year,
by the way — three SAG Awards,
eight Critics’ Choice Awards, four Gotham Award wins,
actually, ’cause they happened already. It’s intense. It’s beautiful.
It’s funny. I don’t know how you go about
even writing a movie like this. Like, where do you —
Like, how does it get started? -Well, I mean,
I did a lot of research, ’cause it’s something that,
obviously — You know, divorce is something
that happens to a lot of people. But my concept for it is that
it would be a love story, that it would be a love story, but told through
the narrative of divorce, which, you know, might seem
kind of counterintuitive, but I think, you know, I was
sort of thinking about there’s, like, a philosopher who
has this sort of idea of, like, if something we’re
used to every day stops working, you know, like,
if your car breaks down, you’re suddenly interested in
how the car works, ’cause you want to
try to fix it, but if you’re just driving,
you don’t think about it. You just take it for granted. And I sort of saw marriage in
that way, you know, in the context of the movie,
that, in a sense, I could explore marriage
in its breakdown. -Yeah. That’s very interesting. I’ve never thought of it
that way. But it’s just —
You do get that, ’cause you do feel the love,
and, you know, the way you weave that in, it’s
honestly just — It’s perfect. I mean, you’re
getting comparisons to, like, Mike Nichols on this movie. That’s high praise.
-That’s very high praise. -But I don’t know if you get to
see many things on the Internet or people talking about
the film, but there are a lot of memes
that have come out of this film. -Yeah, I actually recently
learned what a meme is. -Good for you.
-Because of this. -2020 is looking up.
-I know. Wait till you see what a GIF is. You’re going to freak out, man. -A GIF moves.
-Yeah, no. -Does a GIF move? -A GIF moves, yes.
-Okay. -I wanted to show you a meme.
This is a meme. This is just four stills
from your film where they’re in a
crazy argument in this movie. Beautifully acted by
Scarlett and Adam. But these words are changed
so they’re discussing Baby Yoda. So, here, she’s saying, “He’s a
member of Yoda’s species, but he’s not a baby version
of Yoda.” And then he says,
“He’s a baby and he’s Yoda. How is he not Baby Yoda?” And she says, “‘The Mandalorian’
takes place five years after the events of
‘Return of the Jedi.'” And then he punches a wall. So, that’s what a meme is, and
you’ve inspired that great meme. -That’s not unlike the movie.
It’s very even-handed. They both have good points. -Then there’s a clip,
an audio meme. It’s probably best if
you just watch it, but this is —
There’s a scene in the beginning of the film
where Scarlett’s dancing and having a really fun time, and someone changed
the audio of your film. Here’s — This meme says,
“This medicine may cause death.” Anyway, you’ll see. Watch. -Increase the chance of serious
skin or allergic reactions or stomach and
intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning
and may cause death. -“May cause death.”
It’s just… Everything —
You’re going to see this. -Yeah. A friend of mine,
who’s an older filmmaker, once said to me —
He said, “you know, if you’re in this business
long enough, every weird thing
happens to you.” -Yeah. It just did.
-It just did. -Yeah, that’s great. Well, I love the movie so much, and, everyone, please go see it, if you want a good laugh,
as well as a good cry. But it’s just a good story.
And Randy Newman did the score? -Randy Newman —
beautiful score, yeah. -I mean, that’s perfect.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Scarlett Johansson and
Adam Driver in “Marriage Story.” Take a look.
-Talking about Baby Yoda… -You’re being so much
like your father. -Do not compare me to my father! -I didn’t compare you to him.
I said you were acting like him. -You’re exactly
like your mother. Everything you’re complaining
about her you’re doing. You’re suffocating Henry.
-First of all, I love my mother. She was a wonderful mother. -I’m just repeating
what you told me. -Secondly, how dare you compare
my mothering to my mother?! I may be like my father,
but I am not like my mother. -You are!
And you’re like my father! You’re also like my mother. You’re all the bad things about
all of these people! -Whoa! Noah Baumbach, everybody.

56 thoughts on “Noah Baumbach Reacts to Popular Marriage Story Memes”

  1. I appreciate this movie so much, especially because I am a child of divorce. The depiction was so accurate and heartwarming.

  2. Noah Baumbach looks like a son of Adrien Brody and Alan Rickman called Mephisto Snape, who keeps searching for some real good Blu Rays in Hogwart's Restricted Section.

  3. When Jimmy talks about the movie the guest is in :

    Oh man oh man It’s nice, it’s funny, it’s good, it’s perfect.

  4. I hate the fact that people who haven't even seen the movie are criticizing it and the performances by Driver and ScarJo based on a 2-minute clip (the argument scene).

  5. I'm sure that next movie will be even better than this one. Always is. And still the every movie continues to be incredibly good until this day.

  6. Jimmy can't handle the deep nature of the movie or Baumbach's intelligence, so he introduces something he can understand — memes.

  7. the way he writes is so beautiful and so normal, like the conversations the family members have are so natural, a theme I noticed in The Meyerowitz Stories too… honestly brilliant, he deserves every award.

  8. Marriage Story is powerful in its depiction of a functional partnership taking a turn for the worse. It’s cynically self-aware, fast-paced, and quite moving.

  9. Marriage Story reminds me of Noah's other movie on the same theme: The Squid and The Whale. That was a brilliant movie as well.

  10. Baumbach is behaving like I would be behaving if I had to endure being interviewed by Fallon. His body language and demeanor scream: this guy is a buffoon, can this end already?!!

  11. I'd like to see Noah interviewed by Colbert. Fallon doesn't have the depth for a truly interesting conversation about this movie.

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