Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Review, Horrible Value $150 Graphics Card

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Review, Horrible Value $150 Graphics Card

welcome back to harbor unboxed yesterday or really it was last night I haven't slept since I don't know if you can see how red my eyes I've had some eye drops and that's helped anyway I haven't slept since the last video that was uploaded on the channel and that video informed you guys about the situation with the gtx 1650 basically spoke about how in video we've held the press driver so that no one could provide eight-day one review when these things went on sale very own choice by nvidia there and i did speculate as to why they may have done this based on the official specs that seemed likely that in video is trying to avoid any bad press or at least reduce the volume of reviews hitting that at the same time especially when these things went on sale i also speculated that gtx 1650 was going to be around 10% slower on average and the radiant RX 570 and this makes it a rather pointless product dead-on-arrival if you will anyway I grabbed the driver as soon as it was available to the public and I got testing due to time and how long I can fight off needing to sleep for just a dozen games have been tested but I think this gives us a really good picture of where the 1650 stands I'm not gonna go over specs or any of that stuff again it's all in the previous videos for those of you who are interested for testing I'm using the msi gtx 1650 gaming X which uses an external 6 pin PCI power connector but I also have the gigabyte GTX 16 50 gaming OC on hand in terms of FPS performance they are identical I will compare the power consumption operating temperatures of these two models towards the end of the review finally for testing I'll be looking closely performance at 1080p and exactly a dozen titles and the system used include a core Oh 999 arcade clocked at 5 bigots with 32 gigabytes of ddr4 3,200 memory ok let's get into the results kick-starting the benchmarks we have a brand new title World War Z and this game supports the Vulcan API though performance for NVIDIA GPUs isn't great with the current driver so I've tested the GeForce GPU using DirectX 11 and then the AMD GPUs using the low-level Vulkan API doing Saussure the radian rxt 570 absolutely smoked the GTX 1650 by a whopping 38 percent margin meanwhile the 1650 was just twenty six percent faster than the 1050 Ti but also fifteen percent slower than the three year by 1060 performance at Apex legends at least the quiet section of the game that I test was very competitive between the GTX 1615 rx 570 the radeon GPU was still faster but this time by a 4% margin and generally anything less than 5% we dima draw the division ii has been a strong title for AMD and that continues with the RX 570 in this gtx 1650 battle here the radio and GPU offered 27% more performance it's a DP making it the vastly superior GPU nvidia promised good things in new complex titles such as shut off the tomb raider but here we see at the gtx 1650 simply isn't delivering performance was similar to that of the RX 570 but for a new GPU similar performance really isn't good enough the 1650s should be comfortably beating the 570 at this price point the 1650 takes a serious beating and falls on horizon for here it was 21 percent slower than the RX 570 the performance difference was also quite noticeable in gamers the 570 never dipped below 60fps allowing for a smoother gaming experience on average the RX 570 was 11% faster than the 1650 when testing with Just Cause 4 typically this is a good title for NVIDIA but even here the budget Turing GPU just can't get it done Resident Evil 2 as another new title it works really well on AMD Harbor and here the RX 570 was 30% faster than the GTX 1650 here we see that while the radeon GPU was able to maintain over 60 FPS at all times the 1650 dropped down to 50 fps one game that you can always depend on to boost GeForce performance is fortnight and here the GTX 1650 is able to just edged out the rx 570 though overall I'd call this one a tie the 1650 was also 26% fast and the 1050 ti MetroAccess is an Nvidia sponsored title so you'd expect the GTX 16 to get the win here but it doesn't basically it match the RX 570 but that was the best it can do Rainbow six siege throws us a curveball though given what we've seen from the churring GPU so far in this title we're pretty well ready for it here the gtx 1650 is able to beat the RX 570 and by a convincing margin as well Shane we didn't see more of this here we see similar frame rates in battlefield 5 here the RX 570 was slightly faster on average while both provided a similar 1% low result this meant the 1650 was 26% fast in the gtx 750ti and 11% slower than the 3 gigabyte 1060 the gtx 1650 doesn't really impress in farcry a new dawn here it was just 23% fast and the gtx 1050 TI which meant it was 18% slower than the RX 570 in fact at 1080p using the ultra quality preset it struggled to average 60 FPS whereas the 570 maintained over 60 FPS at all times moving on to power consumption here the GTX 1650 is reasonably impressive the gigabyte model pushes total system consumption into 184 watts whereas the MSI model hit 192 watts when compared to the GTX 1050 Ti this is only around a 10 percent increase in total system draw for what looked to be an over 30% improvement in performance and we'll look at that in a moment meanwhile the RX 570 pushed total system consumption 55% higher and while faster overall it wasn't anywhere near 55 percent faster so the 1650 is certainly the more efficient product but I'm still not convinced it's better overall now before we move on to the performance summary here is a quick look at operating temperatures and clock speeds the MSI gaming X picked at 61 degrees in a 21 degree room and this sort typically operating at a boost frequency of 1920 megahertz so needless to say it was very cool and quiet the larger gigabyte model lo of the gaming OC that was able to best to the result of the msi card peaking at just 58 degrees and this allowed it to average 1950 megahertz for the boost clock in terms of frame rate performance though this didn't really have a significant impact as I said they were basically identical one frame here and there but still running slightly cooler with a bump in frequency is a win for gigabyte here okay so at this point your socks should be firmly in place the geforce gtx 1650 has been pretty underwhelming so far but to get a clearer picture of just how underwhelming for 1650 is now let's look at a few head-to-head comparisons for some reason nvidia keeps comparing the gtx 1650 to the gtx 1050 but the 1650 is $10 more than the launch price of the 1050 TI so it's behind no means a replacement for the $110 gtx 1050 when compared to the 1050 TI the 1650 is just 35% faster on average and remember the MSRP has been increased by 7% in any case after three is a 35% boost at this price point is very underwhelming then when compared to the three gigabyte gtx 1060 the 1650 was found to be 9% slower on average granted the 1060 came in at $2 us but again it's now a three year old product the 1650 only offered very small performance gains and a few select titles and best case it wasn't even 5% faster than the outgoing Pascal GPU now when compared to the GTX 1660 the 1650 was 32% slower which seems pretty good given its 32% cheaper that works out rather well at least in a GTX chirring bubble it does but as you're about to see in this price range there's quite a bit of competition and serious competition at that here we have the Radeon rx 570 which is a $170 us part or at least it was once upon a time for many many months now it's been selling for as little as a hundred and thirty dollars u.s. and currently there are multiple options available at that price this makes the gtx 1650 around 15% more expensive and yet we found it to be 10% slower on average and after 20% slower in multiple titles so then the gtx 1650 is indeed dead on arrival and if you need further proof of that then here we have the cost per frame graph two years after the release of the RX 570 we're getting a GPU that's 31% more costly per frame that's really bad and even if we ignore the insanely good rx 570s the rx 580 is still better value offering way more performance for a small price premium again we can see that the 1650 offers a similar level of value to that of the 1660 but at under $200 where Nvidia faces much different competition it just doesn't cut it well that went pretty much as expected based on the specs that we discussed in yesterday's video or last night's video whatever the hell that video happened I felt like the 1650 was going to be our around 10% slower than the rx 570 a 10% slower on average and as luck would have it that was the exact margin that we found at least based on our testing from the 12 game sample at the current $150 u.s. MSRP the GTX 1650 is a pointless product and it can't compete with two to three-year-old GPUs from the competition at 110 dollars us the 1650 would have been competitive and not particularly exciting but at least competitive for it to be a really compelling option Nvidia would need to charge $100 us so we need a 33% price cut to really recommend this thing I know some will argue that the GTX 1650 is great because it doesn't need an external power connector but in my opinion you're kind of clutching at straws on that one you can upgrade your power supply if need be for around $35 us to a decent 450 to 500 watt model and that'll certainly get you out of trouble then for those that can upgrade their power supply in order to upgrade their GPU well I think it's fair to say that is a super niche category of gamer moreover I've noticed that the GTX 1650s that lack an external PCIe power input so models that don't have this little guy here but both the models I have do we have noticed the models that don't have that connector they're clocked much lower because well they're limited to 75 watts they draw all their power from the PCI Express connector piso express x 16 connector there so yeah these ones aren't limited to that so they can clock a bit higher so it's gonna be very interesting to see how much slower the cards without the connector are and I suspect the upgrade over the GTX 1650 ti will be yeah well less impressive obviously will be less impressive but I think it'll be less impressive to the degree where yeah this well I suppose it just makes this even more pointless doesn't it anyway that's some extra testing that I'll have to do I've taken some of our patreon money and I've ordered a few base model 1650s so yeah I'll follow up shortly with that content after I can asleep and yeah we'll see how they go but I yeah I don't expect that too well I don't expect it to put the the 1650s in a better position because yeah as I said the 75-watt limited models will be noticeably slower and anyway I think just ending this this video this this miserable release for me yeah this product's pointless I think it's fair to say it was dead on arrival yeah you can pretty much ignore it that's that's a really big shame because I really liked the RT X 2060 I liked the GTX 1660 Ti and I liked the vanilla 1660 they all really appealed to me and yeah so it's a bit of a shame to see that good run of nice value reasonably exciting products come to a serious and a sharp halt with the 1650 and it appears like the RX 570 will live on so we never never die graphics card that one anyway if you did enjoy this video sorry if it was a bit all over the place a bit slow-paced I was a bit off my game but if you did like it please hit the like button and if you appreciate me staying up for a very long time to get all the testing done and wait for Nvidia to release the drivers and all that nonsense then yeah I suppose you can leave a like you can subscribe for more content where I'm much more awake you can support us on patreon so that allows us to buy graphics cards such as the ones without the the six pin connector because I imagine the companies we work with won't be too keen to send us any more of these cards and they usually aren't too keen to send base models anyway haven't be able to get my hands on any of the base models 1660 1662 eyes or our text 26 TS but we'll be buying those and yeah it's awesome patreon members that allow us to do that we do have a really cool patreon community as well and I keep you guys in the loop of what's going on behind the scenes all that sort of stuff over on our discord chat anyway thank you for watching I'm Yuri Steve and I'll see you again next time

50 thoughts on “Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Review, Horrible Value $150 Graphics Card”

  1. I don't know about PC. But in laptops. The 1650 is a nice fit. It is 40% more power efficient than the 1050Ti, not to mention faster.

    Also, it was cheaper than the 1050Ti laptops counterparts by a few bucks.

    I need to add roughly 200$ for my 1650 be upgraded to a 1060 3gb.

    Not to mention my CPU to be downgraded from 9th to 8th gen.

  2. But medium/high settings makes more sense… Oh well, my 1050ti will carry me on until I can afford a Navi GPU

  3. Please consider that some people are interested in building silent PCs; for that they need a power efficient GPU that can be cooled passively (see Palit KalmX). Also, not everyone in the GPU market is interested in gaming; some use it for video/photography work.

  4. its a good video card even the 8ghz with 4gb of video ram 8gb band with it deepens on ur games and set things not every one plays the top games so its not bad at at all and beats 1070 in some things and r570 in some things iam getting the msi one rv to replace the 745gtx wich works good wich i think its one of thos 75w plus 30 or 35 boost w just need some thing for vr and works in uhd

  5. for me it's good. I have a small space in my case and I have very limited power, i Just got a mini version and i was good

  6. Thanks. I love my GTX 1650, because he gives me a good performance at only 75 W. The AMDRX 570 is a whopping 125 W for just 15% more performance.

    Having a green thumb, change is my expectations to get decent graphics performance for the same power as a lightbulb.

  7. hello sir I am your big fan I am following your YouTube channel sir Mera kol 1Processor.intel (r)CPU [email protected] ram 8gb 4 motherboard Asus h11DM-cs PC ko gaming PC banana Chahta Hoon mere ko isme ya wala graphical1080 Tek normal gaming karni hai sir lagana hai gtx1050ti4gb Mera budget 16000 hai

  8. ok what you should do is quite simple. You should go on (https://www.ukgamingcomputers.co.uk/eos-i5-gaming-pc) and get rid of the graphics card which would put you down to £426.24p and then go to (https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asrock-radeon-rx-570-gaming-dual-8192mb-gddr5-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-004-ak.html) and get this card then you have to change the power supply to a 550w (cost 9p more). ALSO IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE UK DON'T DO THIS BECAUSE IF YOUR IN ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING(if u dont mind that then just order it). So when the pc comes and the graphics card comes then just plug it in. The total is £558 so your paying £8 more for a far better graphics card!

  9. #Hardware Unboxed
    – I disagree with this video because I got GTX 1650 OC and it runs smooth any game on 1080 medium to high settings average starting from 40 to 100 fps. PUBG starts from 60 fps really smooth! And I really disagree because GTX 1650 OC are GOOD VALUE graphics card for budget gamers like Me! If you feel very rich and you have no any problems with money then go for RTX 2080 11GB in 2019 – i suggest for anyone to do so who can logically can afford this one! But you must accept that there are most or lot of folks like Me who have must to pay bills, food, living etc and cannot afford all Money invest only in best gaming PC ever in life and there out in the World are lot of budget gamers like Me who are happy that they can afford even this budget graphics card for budget gaming!!! With this video you looks like a rich snob who deny existence of poorer people then you – sorry if I am saying like that but obviously I got feelings like these ones. You are good man and I like your videos I did even subscribe your channel but this one video is over the line and not true – I seriously disagree with this title of your video. You must watch RandomGaming channel – this guy says a lot of cheap and same time good graphics cards and he accept the folks that looking for budget gaming stuff even old ones graphics cards. Keep your video up! Kind Regards and best wishes for you and your channel!!!!

  10. The other big benefit to this card is the energy efficiency. In a mini ITX build where temps and power are important, this is a very good card using modern architecture. The RX 570 is older, larger, less efficient, and runs very hot.

  11. in my country (Canada), the rx570 is around 30-50$ more expensive than the gtx 1650. should i consider buying the gtx 1650 as for an upgrade for my 2 year old system (i have a gt 710)?

  12. i don't think you're getting the point, the whole reason that this graphics card exists is to make gaming easily accessible what do i mean by that, well, i don't know if you're that disconnected buy not everyone lives in the us or Europe, prices are so high that building a pc from scratch is simply not an option so what people resort to is to buy a prebuilt computer with an i5 and 8gb of ram and slap a graphics card in it and most of the time you'll find a 240w or 320w psu, so a 570 or 580 just doesn't work unless you want to to buy a psu for an extra $50 and also, you are working with limited space so full sized graphics cards simply just can't fit, the 1650 solves both of these problems by being small and power efficient, just for a mf like you with a wall full of pc parts to come and tell us that this card is pointless and horrible value you should talk to more people from less fortunate countries and you'll understand what i mean

  13. Actually it has a point. Although theres barely any performance difference between that and 1060 and 1660, theres a decent price difference for those who want to buy a gaming pc for 600 euros. For example if I go well in exams I'll get a 1700 euro pc and ill build my dad a 600 euro gaming pc. Anyways pls wish me luck to pass i rlly need it. Im 13 years old final exams and need help 🙂

  14. Got a vega 56 for $230, making it 2.1 dollars per frame, honestly the best purchase I made in 2019

  15. I understand it's only 1% of the PC market but Linux gas better Vulkan performance as well as better AMD drivers. It would be interesting to test proton Games.

  16. hello can someone help me
    im not sure whether to buy the rx 580 8gb or gtx 1650 4gb
    both of them are around the same price in my country and i was originally planning on buying the rx 580 because it performs relatively better but i heard rumours that it has heating problems so now i dont know which one to choose from

  17. Lo q pasa es que la comparan con la rx 570 Y ahora esa VGA está barata por qué amd tiene sobre stock Pero cuando se acomode el precio Van a cambiar de opinión

  18. Yeah, this is pretty much only for upgrading an aging SFF business computer you got for cheap, or for ITX builds, once a low profile version is released, anyway. I see no other use case for this.

  19. If low profile and laptop version arrived, its gonna be the best gpu for small build pc and power saving on laptop battery. You dont need to use or purchase a high wattage psu. Its better than 1050 ti 4gb and 1060 3gb too. There you got the best budget, new and power efficient video card as of 2019!

  20. I somehow cannot agree with your argument against 1650.

    What you said at 10:06 hits the nail on the head: a significant portion of computer owners needs 75W card not because they have a weak power supply (although they often do), but because they have a non-upgradeable power supply, and these almost never come with extra GPU power cables. Think: DELLs, HP/Compaqs, or all the small-form-factor boxes alike that flood offices. 1650 has a potential to be a quite interesting card, because it is the most powerful GPU you can put in such machines; period. And the price is not an argument, because the choice is to either overspend on a new 1650, stay with 1050ti or 750ti (the former winners in this category), or to replace a motherboard, plus a PSU, plus a chassis, and only then spend on a better graphics card. So coming back to the original question – why would someone spend so much? Because in some cases, it is still cheaper than replacing the entire box.

    In this segment, RX570 is not an option at all. And there is a lot of machines like that because when corporations renew their workstations, they often give away old hardware for peanuts, and it is often pretty decent. You can get an older generation i7, 8GB of RAM, with a reasonable SSDs for dirt cheap or virtually for free. The drawback: a proprietary motherboard and a matching proprietary PSU.

  21. You guys are good with everything Pc almost as good as Gamers Nexus. Not like y’all cared or anything but your still a good channel despite me disagreeing with y’all on a lot of things

  22. Now we know why they had no release drivers on release day lol.. they wanted to con as many buyers as they could before the reviews showed how much of a dumpster fire this card is.

  23. considering its small form factor and only being powered through the pcie slot, would this not be a decent card for a tiny case?

  24. I mean it seems worth 150$ since its new. Sure the rx 570 is a better buy now but its a 2 year old card thats only gonna get worse with age. The 1650 can get better if they work on the drivers. Plus I bet the 1650 price is gonna drop to 120-130$ in a few months

  25. Nvidia's seen some of the absolute fucking IDIOTS who've taken to comment sections defending the RTX bullshit. This is why Nvidia has fuckall shame in rolling out such trash.

  26. "no power connector is a niche group" yeah man the super niche market of prebuilt pcs. it cant be that modular power supplies are still far more expensive, no siree. what kind of person buys an inspiron and upgrades their gpu from the integrated part? thats like inserting a sound blaster in a gateway, only niche groups have ever did this

    if u actually wanted a good crit, then why didnt u speak about the lack of low profile and/or single slot variants? should that be reserved only for the gt1030 and 1050ti, and maybe an rx460? plus why didn't you even mention the rx560? surely that wouldve been a same, similar value to this new card.

  27. Ok, i've seen a lot of people debating here. In one side there is people who claim rx 570 is better because is faster and cheaper and energy doesn't matter because its also cheap bla bla bla. And in the other side there is people who claim nvidia makes more lower consumption cards and they could be cheaper in the long term depending on your country electricity fee.

    Everyone here is just thinking about "money" and nobody is thinking about THE WORLD. Every single person who prefers amd is using DOUBLE the energy compared to a nvidia user is using. DO YOU THINK ENERGY IS LIMITLESS? well let me tell you IT IS NOT. Every person who says nvidia users are retarded or ignorants are ironically the tipical ignorant person who just care about what looks cheaper and better , just care about themselves and doesn't give a shit about the enviroment and about others. The person who throws garbage at the streets because its easier for example. That's the majority of people and the reason why the world is dying.

    And now the question is… WHY AMD CAN'T DO LOWER TDP CARDS AS NVIDIA DOES? Because they can't… That is… A product that offers solid performance while using low energy is WAY MORE difficult to produce… Also they know people is just going to judge based on fps numbers… That people doesnt care about energy and enviroment.

    Nvidia on the other hand, delivers good quality products that are friendlier to the world (reason of their color being green???) And still offers decent price/performance ratio for the everyday gamer. Thats a LOT MORE IMPRESSIVE. Gtx 1650 is a good example delivering better performance than both gtx 1050/1050ti while keeping the price and tdp low!

    NVIDIA IS BETTER ok? Please learn that quality is NOT ONLY what just looks faster and cheaper… Is also efficiency, durability, etc.

    Now, let me see your butthurt comments please 😀

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