OBS Tutorial: How To Create An Image Slideshow In OBS

OBS Tutorial: How To Create An Image Slideshow In OBS

hey guys welcome to another video dusty here today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to do image slideshows with in OBS so maybe you are doing a live stream where you're doing a training or you want to show something you know a bunch of images in succession and you can do that easily with an OBS so I'm gonna show you how to set that up and then how to run the slideshow to make it work and how to set up hotkeys to go back and forth between the different images so as you can see here we have OBS pulled up here in full screen we have our scenes over here and our sources over to the right so we're gonna go ahead now and create a new scene we're gonna call this slide show just for the purposes of this tutorial and then click the ok button that way we have a nice fresh blank scene here within OBS now under sources what I want you to do is click the addition symbol there in the lower left hand corner and then you're gonna see something here that says image slideshow so right there under image go to image slideshow and then once you've done that you'll then need to name your selected source so I'm gonna go ahead and leave it the same you can name yours whatever you want and then click OK now it's going to ask you to basically set up the slideshow by inputting all of the properties so the first thing you see here is visibility behavior always play even when not visible now maybe you want this to happen but you know I normally leave that the same slide mode you either want it to be automatic or manual now automatic is pretty self-explanatory when you set this up if you have it set to automatic the images will go through basically on their own you don't have to push a key to get them to go from one slide to the other I'm gonna go ahead and change this to manual that way I can show you how to set up the hotkeys to go between the different slides but if you want them to go manually basically leave this drop-down menu selected as automatic so next thing is the transition you can do either fade cut swipe or slide I like the slide transition it just looks better the time between slides now this is only relevant if you do Mattox slide transitions so again it's set right now to be 8,000 milliseconds you can adjust the timing here you can change this up to be 15,000 milliseconds if you want it to be longer than that again you can go here and do that the transition speed will be how long it takes to go from the one slide to the next so if you want the transition to be slow you can increase this number if you want it to be fast you can decrease this number I recommend leaving it around 700 I have found that to be a pretty good sweet spot next you have the option to loop the slideshow so if you're doing it automatic you can keep this box checked and when it gets to the last image in the slideshow it will automatically start back over and go to image number one the next checkbox is hide when slideshow is done you can check this box if you want to hide the source or hide the slideshow when it's over I normally keep that unchecked and then randomize playback is if you have like a bunch of images you just want to kind of have going on your screen on your stream at a certain time click randomize playback if you really don't care about them being in any particular order bounding size and aspect ratio I always leave that to automatic whenever I've changed this it's always messed it up but you can if you want to change the aspect ratio and size of that normally I create images or try to change them to be you know 1920 by 1080 but if you're doing something different you can change the size here under that option and then lastly is where we will input or insert our image files you can do them one at a time or you can do them all at once so now go over to the addition symbol in the lower right hand corner of the OBS window and then click on that and then go to add files then it's gonna pull up this guy here where you basically go and find the files that you want to add so I've got one set up here with a recent stream I did and then I'm gonna go ahead and select a bunch of different images so as you can see here I'm selecting multiple images and then I'm going here and I'm clicking on open now as you can see the images are imported into the the actual slideshow here come's shows you what they're going to look like and then under image files you can see kind of the order in which they go now if you have a specific order you want them to go in you need to know which images are titled what because you can select an image here in the image file section and use the ups and down arrows here in the lower right hand corner of the screen to actually put exactly the slide or image you want where you want it in comparison to the entire slideshow so once you have them ordered the way that you want them click OK now as you can see here we're gonna have to increase the size of them because of the display size that I stream in and then once we do that you know you can adjust it and change this like you would any source within a stream once we get them you know resize the way that we want them you know the next thing you want to do is to add hotkeys that you're able to you know basically click a key on your keyboard and go either back or forward within your slideshow so in order to do that go up here to where you see file and then go to settings and then once you're in the general settings here within OBS there is one here called hotkeys click on the hotkeys so what you'll want to do is scroll all the way down to where you see image slideshow and then right here where you see next slide in previous slide you basically need to put your cursor there in that text box and then for next slide I go ahead and change that to my right arrow button and then for previous slide I change that to my left arrow button now you can change these to whatever you want them to be basically these are the ones that I find you know I've found to be the easiest for me and then once you're done click apply and then hit OK and now when you go back to your scene here hit the right arrow button it will then go from right to left as far as you know within your image slideshow now when you're back in your image slideshow I can click the left button there on my keyboard to go back and then the right key there on my keyboard to go and advanced within my slideshow hopefully this was helpful if it was please go it liked this video share the video with your friends and family and don't forget to subscribe for more great movie s tutorials just like this one thank you so much for consuming my content and I will talk to you guys

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  1. Question: i tried to put more than 10 images and it locked up. I added a second slide show and it completely duplicated the first slide show. I tried to switch between the two to make one full show and it continuously kept duplicating each other. I've not seen this type of bug before. Any thoughts.

  2. Great presentation, thanks! Any ideas why my slides don't play in order? Whether I select the directory (which contains images named in numerical order 001, 002 etc) or whether I select all the individual images in correct order, when I play the slideshow — I've set up using hotkeys ">" and "<", like you did, to advance slides manually — the slideshow always skips to image 3, then the hotkeys skip to odd numbers like slide 50, often skipping past slide001 multiple times, so that it takes several attempts using left-and-right arrow before the first slide shows up. (After that, ot seems to work OK.) This happens with all slideshows I've tried so far. I do not have Randown playback (or loop) checked. Any thoughts from anyone would be much appreciated!

  3. Quick and to the point. Very much enjoyed you didn't waste any time getting to the actual tutorial like so many other channels do.

  4. Hi Dusty, I'm new to Streamlabs obs>> Please help>> How can I make a animated be right back for my Channel?
    Have Google without any good Info on the subject Marv.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. Great job. Someone else asked this, but I've seen no reply- can you add music to a live video. I'm thinking about the intro or outdo.

  6. OK I believe I have done this right. But for some reason the images shows while I pick them but when I add them, nothing is there… Can someone let me know if they have had the same prob and they solved it? Or know where to get the information… tell me your secrets…

  7. As I am thinking about something i.e ho do do this, Dusty Porter comes up with a detailed video. Thanks my friend.

  8. Thank you for this video, I wanted to include that in one of my how to videos but I had no clue as to how, your channel is such a godsend .
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you.

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