Octopus Dreaming

Octopus Dreaming

(gentle music) – And last night I
witnessed something I’ve never seen recorded before. (water flowing)
(gentle music) You know if she is dreaming,
this is a dramatic moment. (water flowing)
(gentle music) You could almost just
narrate the body changes. And narrate the dream. (water flowing)
(gentle music) So here she’s asleep, she
sees a crab and her color starts to change a little bit. (water flowing)
(gentle music) Then she turns all dark. Octopuses will do that
when they leave the bottom. (water flowing)
(gentle music) This is a camouflage, like
she’s just subdued a crab and now she’s going to
sit there and eat it and she doesn’t want anyone to notice her. (water flowing)
(gentle music) It’s a very unusual behavior
to see the color come and go on her mantle like that. (water flowing)
(gentle music) I mean just to be able
to see all the different color patterns just
flashing one after another. You don’t usually see that
when an animal’s sleeping. This really is fascinating. (water flowing)
(gentle music) But yeah, if she’s
dreaming that’s the dream. (laughs)

100 thoughts on “Octopus Dreaming”

  1. She's dreaming that she's eating this white dude's head off because he has her trapped in this small glass prison solely for his enjoyment and satisfaction, yes I'd be dreaming about killing that motherfucker too

  2. I still don’t understand why we question things so commonplace with us when it happens to another creature when we all come from the same planet?! 🙄

  3. We haven't even begun to understand what we are destroying. What a beautiful creature and innocent. So beautiful, its flesh shows what's going on in its mind.

  4. The most underrated animal in terms of intelligence. It's bad that they have short life span. Can do wonders if they live longer

  5. This is fascinating. And kinda sad. I assume she was taken from the wild? She must be dreaming of the ocean. Look at all those colors!

  6. May just be a defense mechanism to give the impression she's awake, in case of a nearby threat. The nearby people themselves might be triggering the defense mechanism as they're filming her.

  7. And I'm wondering here if that behaviour won't make the octopus like an alarm light in wild nature saying: 'Hey, I'm here! Come and eat me while I sleep!'
    Quite a disadvantage, in my opinion. 🙂

  8. The more I see videos of animals in states like these the more I regret ever being a carnivore. I was born into it, not really given a choice. Schools today, such as your senior class, should take you to a slaughterhouse to see the entire process or at least show you an unbiased videos of how animals are processed. Might make you think before you eat.

  9. This moves society forward. This helps us all over understand that creatures are conscious. Self aware and just like us. Simple and logical. After 50 years with animals, each new species I become familiar with educated me in nature’s intelligence. Nature is so smart. Each little part is so intelligent. In fact it’s main feature is life, intelligent life. Fungus is intelligent, sheep are intelligent, birds are intelligent. My friend used to say that your little toe is as smart as your mind. It’s just that the little toe knows it’s just a little toe while your mind thinks too much of itself.

  10. let's suppose animals do dream. it's pretty fair to assume they are unaware of complex psychological concepts such as subconscious etc. i wonder, what if they can't tell dreams from reality?

  11. All of an octopus's color-packets are connected directly to neurons, so it makes perfect sense that their dreams would be reflected in skin color patterns.

  12. What if she’s horny? Does her skin become like pornhub? (Sorry to be that guy, but I couldn’t resist)

  13. I'm surprised I'm not the only one that felt bad for this octopus at first glance. I can see that humans are evolving their relationships with "pets" and animals

  14. Totally defensive mechanism. Dhe is still conscience, but resting, total stillness is required tobinput dream states. Ihni wat im talking about.

  15. what a gorgeous creature. animals are so wonderful, they deserve a better existence than the hell we've inflicted on them. </3

  16. Videos makes me wonder what if animals like these were to one to envovle to an advanced level.
    Intellectually wise
    How would they be today, what would their civilizations look like, what bizzare architecture and machinery they would come up with..
    Imagine, a species conquering the ocean floors and seas, totally different needs… That's why I love dreaming, dreaming of endless scenarios like these.


    The octopus is dreaming about being free in ocean this is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 like if you sad

  18. I couldn't tell, but do octopuses (or even all cephalopods) close their eyes, as we do?
    I just love watching these incredibly fascinating creatures go about their lives & an interaction with one would be incredible. Pity there aren't many aquariums that offer the chance to interact with them.

  19. i just finished eating an entire octopus about 10 minutes ago (im portuguese, we eat Polvo à Lagareiro) and this video just gave me an existential crisis about it.

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