Office Erotic Asphyxiation with James McAvoy – After Hours with Josh Horowitz

Office Erotic Asphyxiation with James McAvoy – After Hours with Josh Horowitz

(beeps, clicks, error noise) (sighs) – Hey is this IT? Can you send somebody over? – Knockity knock. I heard I was wanted. (laughs) I heard you were having a hard
time with your hard drive. – Its weird, I literally
just called a second ago. – I’m pretty fast, but when things
get hot and sticky I know to take things slowly. Plus, I like to make sure
my clients get the full bang for their buck. – This is free, right? Because this is
a company laptop. You work for the company, right? – I do indeed. So, where’s my naughty
little patient? – Well this is it, as
you can see it’s, um– (grunts) It’s not, doing it.
(beeps, error noise) It’s not doing anything. (shushes)
What? – Calm yourself, man. It’s not like it’s the
apocalypse, after all. Now, what seems to
be the problem, baby? Tell me what’s wrong. What did he do to you,
what didn’t he do to you? (sniffing) Tell me. (sniffing) Smell it to me. – Well, I guess I’m worried that I might have
downloaded a virus. – You what? You– whoa whoa whoa whoa. Are you telling me that
you didn’t use protection when you touched this fine,
fine piece of equipment? – I’m sure there’s some kind of protection software
on there, man. – Oh, you’re sure, you’re sure. So it’s her responsibility to
bring protection to the party. You’re a piece of
chauvinistic (bleep). – Can you let go of my hair? And I’m not the
piece of (bleep), (shushes)
you’re the one that’s talking to this like a sex toy. – Please, please don’t
interrupt, I’m working here. – What are you doing? (beeps) – I’m licking the camera, man. (whirs, beeps) Oh, she’s telling me
that you never loved her, that you never touched
her in the right way. That you never touched
her at all, really, you never really
thought about her needs. – Okay.
– It’s the truth, you need to hear it man.
– Okay, okay. Are you actually
gonna do anything, you’re just gonna talk to it? – (scoffs) Oh, I’m
gonna do something. I know what you need, and I’m gonna give her
what she aches for. This might be difficult
for you to watch, though. – If you can fix it,
just fix it, that’s… – Okay. Okay, baby. Tell me what you like. (beeps) Oh. Oh, okay. Okay. (beeps, whirs, error noise) (gasps) Oh, yeah. Okay, I’m gonna give
you two a little tip when you’re on your own, okay? A lot of guys will go with
the same-old, same-old that’s Control-Alt-Delete. But I’m gonna introduce
you to a little move, it’s a little bit
more sophisticated, it’s called (snaps)
the Mac Attack. (clicks keyboard) Oh, oh, baby. Looks like I just hit the spot. Yeah? D’you like that? (clicks keyboard) (groans) – Okay, okay, can I see
your ID again, man, I– Oh god. (groans) – Okay, maybe you should
just get out of here, man. (groans)
I think I’ll be okay. – Don’t you interrupt me,
we’re nearly there, baby. (groans)
– Okay, okay, we’re good! – (bleep) off! You’re ruining my vibe,
man, you’re ruining my vibe! (moaning, clicking keyboard) Is that too much? It’s good? (moaning, clicking keyboard) – What are you doing? (moaning) Dude, that is– – Shush, shush,
we’re nearly there. We’re nearly,
we’re nearly there. (groans loudly) (moans) – Oh my god. (sighs) That can’t be good
for the computer, man. – Oh, baby. C’mere, you, come here. – Oh, god. (slap)
Oh! – This, this is just a pleasure. And it’s free of charge, okay?
– Thanks. – Now you’re gonna
take care of her? – Okay. – And if you guys need me, you got my details, here I am. – Thanks. – You two should
cuddle. (clears throat) – Won’t be using this. Ever. (sensual guitar music) (card clatters) (elevator music)

100 thoughts on “Office Erotic Asphyxiation with James McAvoy – After Hours with Josh Horowitz”

  1. This is why I've adored him since Filth (when doing my Yorkshire accent) etc. He is just so beautiful and comical! 😋💙

  2. James' smile…dear Lord!
    Where's my naughty little patient?
    You naughty little sausage.
    I'm 99.9% sure that Josh writes these scripts.

  3. 1)спасибо, я подрочила
    2) это теперь мое самое любимое видео в мире

  4. Thanks. I didn't think I needed this video until now. I want other 100 please! And with Michael Fassbender in it too! It would be great! <3
    Hahahahaha OMG this human being is wonderful! How can James Mcavoy be so beautiful and sexy! Wow! Bless! ❤

  5. listen to the whispered "fuck" at 3:25 / 3:26 and explain to me how the shit that is not the sexiest thing you've heard.

  6. Holy cow, I was just listening and thought this was Ewan MacGregor until I actually looked at the screen! Btw, how did Josh keep a straight face?

  7. My mom walked in while I was watching this so I quickly switched to porn. Whoo! Avoided a super awkward situation with my mom!

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