100 thoughts on “Op-ed: Maybe it’s time to bring back the draft”

  1. That sounds like something Trump would do. Melania and her family came over with chain migration, but he’s against chain migration. But, a draft dodger reinstating the draft would be hilarious.

  2. Draft all these politicians, military industrial complex big wigs and parachute drop them into the mountains of Afghanistan, streets of Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc…

  3. Necessary in a situation like Israel. But in the US you would be sent, against your will, to a shithole like Vietnam while the wealthy avoid the draft by enrolling in college or leaving the country like Stallone.

  4. Maybe it would be okay if America stops going to war for bankers. The only war America should be fighting right now is the war on the deep state!

  5. Draft everyone as they become of age and we might see a turn around of our youth being brain washed by higher education. Teach them a little patriotism. I joined the USMC at 17 years old.

  6. And who is going to be required to serve? Not the vulnerable poor illegal immigrants. Remember that becoming an American no longer means pledging to defend this Nation. So nobody can be required to serve. Thank Obama for that.

  7. Terrible idea. It would increase "bad apples" in the military. We already have issues of troops, albeit small, refusing do their job with integrity and this will only make it worse. U.S. military isn't like most militaries in the world, as they are stationed all over the world and get tangled in combat on average once every decade. Funny how Frank Buckley never served in military but wants to force young men and women into military service.

  8. Trump's dad paid a doctor thousands to write him a note to get him out of serving in Vietnam. Coward Turd Trump.

  9. Maybe its time to bring back our troops and take back the educational systems from the lib-tarded mindset.

  10. A volunteer fighting force is great because it is made up of volunteers. If schools created the social issues, don't rely on the military to fix it.

  11. Yes…it will weed out anti American ideology by forcing snowflakes to dodge and go to Canada. David Hogg is at the top of draft list. No amount of money will help him. The issue are teachers indoctrinating students with promoting socialism, communism and globalism.

  12. K reality check , this is a fucked up idea ! What would make sense , add incentives to join a National Guard , or Full Military Service. I could see National Guard Service as a way to get deeply discounted , and preferred entrance to Public Colleges in that persons State.

  13. 2-4 yrs is best for these privileged spoiled punk ass kids. Instead of 9 weeks of bootcamp it needs to be 16 weeks. Nobody gets kicked out of bootcamp. They keep getting set back. Ohh and yes all you little smartass prissy ladies you’re going also. They will teach all these idiots that there is only 2 GENDERS ONLY while in bootcamp.

  14. This guy has a good idea. Although this will just give more fodder for the democrats to use against the republicans, saying that republicans are trying to push a nationalistic agenda. Like that's something wrong. Don't get me wrong, I believe it would benefit every young person to do this.
    The problem is today's political left would use this to their advantage in many ways.
    1. The left would use young people to protest around the nation. It's possible to have an exchange of year by year of service for college funding, as long as money is sent directly to a credited college or university.
    2. The left would use them to gather information.
    3. The left would use them to leak information.
    People that serve in the military must love and want to protect the country and it's citizens. Already there are too many(one is too many) that betray the country by deserting and giving information to our enemies. The Deep State has too many influences at present to institute a draft. And lets not forget we haven't even solved the transgender thing. And there's the muslims to deal with. What is the politics on those issues. We've seen what a muslim will do to gay or transgender individuals in the arab world. The theft of American tax dollars through never ending law suits is a great possibility, to the point of weakening the US with further financial burdens. No, people must want to serve their country and protect it's leagal citizens against ALL foreign AND domestic enemies. And thats the crux right there. Who influences these young minds to know who is the enemy and who are trying to protect and prosper our nation?

  15. I think it should be taught in High School, same with shop class. Students learn all types of worthless things in school, so why not teach them some self-respect/work ethic and basic auto repair, plumbing, construction? Mandatory military could be extremely expensive (can you imagine?!), plus how the hell does it differ from the draft? And the military wants people that want to join, not people that have to join. Only about 25% can even get in/fit to serve today, so what the hell would these additional bodies be like? Seems it would definitely weaken the military.

  16. Yes but usually the folks wanting this along with people who beat the war drums are the last ones whom are lining up to join or go fight in the military. The elites will get out of it somehow. Never work unless some of serious war.

  17. Had they not raised a generation of pussy's this would not be necessary. That being said, another option would be to draft the teachers for a year. It wouldn't overload the system and when the teachers return they have the balls needed to handle these spoiled little bastards.

  18. Yes, Admiral Carr, he gave a speech in 1958 he warned us of the new world order. We all hope that President Trump can bring GOD back. We must stop ✋ this evil. Thank you 🙏

  19. Students are not the only ones how about the irresponsible cops or government workers that think everything is free?

  20. I don't think the DI's need any sympathy. Unless they are required to run a Politically Correct type of basic . Scare the livin sh_t out of them, teach them respect and responsibility for themselves and others. Make them proud and honorable patriotic citizens. Being a vital team member, of something bigger than yourselves, builds self confidence that follows you through life.

  21. The administration should check out Singapore’s National Service and immigration systems when there for the NK Summit. It’s not just military, it includes Law enforcement, females work in Hospitals and Public Service

  22. I was drafted, number 11, and it was the best thing for me! I ended being a policeman and was chosen, one of two, by General Birdsong to stay on his base, Fort Campbell !


  24. Sounds like a multibillion dollar annual wealth transfer to the government. I would rather defund all universities.

  25. We have too many things that isolate kids today. The esprit de corps you feel when you are doing something together is amazing like the military. Unfortunately, the sense of entitlement and other things make today's kids look down at joining the military or taking a minimum wage job.

  26. I wonder how the feminist movement would respond to equality in this situation… I'd predict a slight U-Turn on their principles

  27. Just what the military needs is a bunch of people to train that don't want to be there lol! Unless there is an all out war. I disagree. Do they even teach the constitution. Or what freedom means in school anymore?

  28. I'd love to see the draft back. But can you imagine the mess?
    Also all the lawsuits.
    But I would like to see the cowards who damaged our fallen heros memorials be the first to go.

  29. "the draft" is depopulation…..why do you think anyone would love our country more if they are forced to fight bankers wars…how about we draft all the politicians and let our troops come home….and they can dismantle the federal reserve and empty out all the government buildings to use for something to actually help "we the people"….that is a better idea you fucking turkey

  30. I am a veteran, i think this would just water down what it means to be a veteran. I willingly signed up to defend my country if needed, I was in Desert Storm. I ran into some who had enlisted for college or because they where going into politics and it looked good. They were horrified to find themselves in a war. Even so, they did their jobs. They have not taken care of the veterans for a long time. Ask any veteran from Vietnam or Korea, They deny that medical issues are from your service and used us as giuneapigs without are knowledge. Fix the VA system before adding millions.

  31. It's not about war, it's about the banks. So how about letting them sign up troops and pay them as they do themselves to fight their wars. I doubt many would sign up now that they know the truth of who wars are fought for except the poor, that's who signs up.


  33. Omg i can already hear dems… If you vote reublican theyll bring the draft back. Why give them alarming talking points to blast on Facebook?

  34. Looks like a bright idea. 1-2 years of military training will help people get more character and be less susceptible to lefty indoctrination in college. The military will also help the various ethnic groups to meet each other and not be de-facto segregated as in school districts.
    You will see a great improvement in college culture and as an Israeli i can tell you, We don't have riots, demonstrations, safe spaces or speaker shutdowns here, the amount of special snowflakes is also greatly diminished. We do have our share of lefty proffessors but even those are more careful about crossing the line

  35. Kids are the way they are because family values are gone. Parents both work and struggle to pay the bills. They are wiped out from work and stress to spend quality time as a family.
    Mandatory draft would only burnden the 20 trillion debt and law makers would then have to raise the retirement age even further.
    Soon there won't be anymore entitlements but you will still owe the tax to pay for the exuberant spending of Congress.
    High taxes, low wages and work till you drop are the cause of all this.
    On one hand you say millennials feel an entitlement to further education. You scream that's socialism and we can't afford it anyways. Yet somehow you now find money to educate them in the military?
    Social programs are already rampant in Congressional giveaways, you have Corp welfare, international welfare, K-12 education and lunch program welfare, food stamps welfare, SSN welfare, immigration and ILLEGAL immigration welfare, farming welfare etc. Nobody in Congress will read what's in the budget, they all just want to add to it, pass it and spend it.
    They don't give a rats ass about you, they only care about your paycheck!

  36. Can you imagine the outrage if that was to happen? With the young willing to violently protest over someone wearing a MAGA hat. I have been a proponent of mandatory service but I fear it is too late for many of our young already. Though punishment for disobedience would be long overdue, is it too late?

  37. don't put that trash on the military 90% of them are worthless fat asses we are not your reform school we are life takers not snow flakes

  38. Yes ! everyone must serve 3 years , became they need to serve after training .that should stop the disrespect of our country ! Give them a sense of pride . I remember teachers that have no idea .

  39. For those who don't know. The Military does have aother jobs besides Infantry. So just because you join, it doesn't mean your gonna storm the beaches. You can also just storm the mailbox somewhere in the states.

  40. Draft would be just fine as long as there is long jail time for officials who accept bribes from foreign companies and governments. 1MBD, ZTE, ATT, Novartis etc

  41. another added benefit is that people will be more engaged in politics because when they are sending your own sons and daughters to fight wars far away instead of only defending your own country, they will demand answers. Now it is just a job where you do what you are told or slavery for a price.

  42. Hell no. Parents who parent the right way should not have their children forced into military service. How about making parents accountable for the way they bring up their children instead of blaming the school system?

  43. One year will do nothing to change this…2 at least mandatory no whining cry baby outs for any of them!!

  44. NO! You can't expect someone to fight for a cause they dont believe in. I was in the army, I volunteered, we had guys that had the choice of jail or military. They were worthless, a danger to all. This is a bad idea
    .If it is done you gotta draft females also. HAPPY TRAILS

  45. It’s a good idea but in the end it’s just a big baby sitting service then and the cost would be great

  46. Well, how bout you set the example there old man. You send your goddam children and grandchildren into the line o fire.
    Where’s ma whiskey I need a goddam drink!

  47. a bunch of whiny wimps forced to carry guns and protect us.no.make um scoop shit on a farm for a couple of years.it's good for a kid.

  48. Military service should be mandatory for at least two years after high school. For those who are pussies or handicapped in some way , can either work in the feilds or some other type of civil service, only then will they be considered for citizenship. For those who are too inept to serve their country, we can exile them or they can step into the suicide booth. No more useless parasites

  49. I tried joining the corps when I was 17 with no diploma I wanted to serve this nation so bad I could taste it, they made fun of me because I had no so-called education, Na I rather SERVE time in a federal penitentiary than to fight for a group of ass holes excuse my French if ladies are reading this, I felt like they betrayed me for some reason, I took it real personal, I got alot of balls to lay my life for this nation but I felt like they betrayed me and denied me, they discriminated me, if they need me for a war im not going, they can sit on this🖕

  50. Israel has a military draft and less than 1% of PTSD rates the problem isn’t service it’s coming back. Vets come back to a society that doesn’t relate to them. But if we all have a commonality we can relate. That is why combat vets say they miss war. The camaraderie it creates. Look at 9/11 the country was more united than ever. Suicide rates went down with vets because their society was feeling what they felt. That sense of unity. I get what this guy is saying. God bless America.

  51. The founders of the USA never intended for people to love the country. They intended for people to love freedom. When you serve government you take people's freedoms away.

  52. I bet 90% of the people for the draft have never enlisted themselves. Most of you are a bunch of self-righteous, self-entitled, shameless hypocrites.

  53. After watching Vice show how low the military standards have been dropped in order to get and keep new recruits, the draft seems to not only be the last option but the remaining option.

  54. The first ones to be drafted should be every politician and their children. Next every big banker and their children. Followed by military contractors and their children. And ship their warmongering asses to the front lines immediately!

  55. Sounds good to me , there’s such a distinct disconnection between people in this society among military members and civilians who’ve never served . It’s disgusting on how much of a disconnect there is . I think when a country bares the burden of sending men & women to war and returning military members to society , our country is better off .

    Flag waving and plucking flags on cars in dealerships doesn’t cut it . Should truly know the burden and sacrifice of the cloth of that flag and what it means . It’s a reflection of people . Just my two cents .

  56. Having served in both National Guard and active Army, I've had a the opportunity to travel all over the world. In during those times I found that in some countries in order to own property you must first serve your country. Give that some thought.

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