44 thoughts on “Overwatch Animated Short | “Hero””

  1. Can we get a movie of overwatch with most of the characters I mean I forgot this was a short after the first min

  2. I like how he was considering leaving someone to die if it meant he could catch those criminals. It really feels like a character swap from the Captain America esk character he was when he was in command of overwatch.

  3. I think it would be cool if they added the girl (I believe her name was alejandre?) to the game, like she could be been inspired by 76. I mean obviously she would be older since I don't think anyone would want to kill a 12 year old

  4. 6:05
    "Glad to see the kid is safe but I should go see angela I think my rib punctured my lung in the explosion…."

  5. i really want an overwatch Netflix show, that goes over the entire thing with the same style of animation

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