PAINTING PRESENTS!? | Mystery Japanese Stationery  | ZenPop Stationery Unboxing

PAINTING PRESENTS!? | Mystery Japanese Stationery | ZenPop Stationery Unboxing

My state may be nestled neatly between the confines of Canada and the United States But thanks to the invention of the Internet and the advancements of international shipping. I can open a box of stationery supplies directly from Japan! [Giggles] Let’s open up the December Zen Pop Stationery Box and try to make something fun with the contents. ♪ First thing inside is a thank you note and I should send a big thank you to Zen Pop for sending this box to me so that I could try it out and share with you guys. This is a pamphlet listing everything that is in this month’s box But let’s get into “ze” actual goodies Alright the first thing I see look like little mittens with a hedgehog sticking out of them So it says we could have either gotten a bear, a cat or a hedgehog design. Good grief, that is some adhesive! It looks to be a letter set. Oh, that’s really cute. AW! Okay, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Let me zoom in. So you think oh, it’s just a card. You open it up, right? No, the little hedgehogs hands keep it closed. So you pull it out From under his little paws AAAHHH! [Deep inhale] That is adorable. It’s like the simplest things that just take a product and really bump it up a notch. Then it also came with an envelope for each of the gloves in this cubular pattern. Four, five and six. Wow, that’s actually a lot! It’s more than I expected. Did we get six envelopes as well? Okay, only three envelopes. You have three extra spare attempts to write out your letter correctly and then three envelopes. [Smack!] Alright next in the box Dot liner. It says open down here in English by this bunny. [Packaging opening] Imagine that, it’s how you open it! I don’t know
if this is like a sticker or glue layer thingymajig Alright, so it looks like it is rolling glue. Let’s see how this works. Just lay some glue out. Oh my gosh! [Laughs] Do you see that? So the glue it lays so that you can see where the glue is has this cute like adorable bunny honeycomb pattern It’s very, very subtle and obviously it’s sticky, ‘Cause it’s glue! The only problem with things being this functional and this cute is that you don’t waste the cuteness, you know. Next thing I see in the box are three mini gift bags. I assume for… gifts. Oh, wait, wait, wait. [Bag crinkling] Kinda looks
like a bag I can see like an American Girl doll holding. How old am I? I wonder if we can use these or something. You tell this is a very winter themed box. Oh, we have some washi tape. Let’s take a look at the pattern. So this is some masking tape, following the story by Miyazawa of the Nighthawk star. If you can see that. I wonder how long the pattern is. ♪ I really like the colors of this. I love the little sparks of white with the Stars. Oh, I got a bite. What the heck is this thing with the mustache? Kind of looks like an eraser. I’ll let you guess what the instructions mean. We gotta open it up and figure this out. [Laughs] I am intrigued! Still not sure, still feels like an eraser. Okay, it says open up on the top. Now there’s a flower coming out of his head!? So apparently this is an eraser that’s making fun of middle-aged men and their fear of going bald [Laughs] What the…? [Continues laughing] Something about magnets? So do you erase it this side? Well, let me draw something so I can erase it. I am so confused! Which actually I just got a glimpse of something else that’s in the box, might come in handy for this. We have this adorable turquoise Pikachu mechanical pencil. Oh look at the little lightning bolts. Let me just quickly draw something. Let’s draw my classic go to. Random girl face! (Sarcastically) Oh, no. I made a mistake. Let
me grab my eraser that looks like a middle-aged man and just fix that. (More sarcasm)
Oh, we don’t want to see any of those mistakes! Awh! Now we have all these eraser shavings. (Normal voice)
Okay, let’s see if this actually does something and pick up the – Oh, hey, it’s kind of working! Oh look, now he’s got hair! [Laughs] What even. I mean, you know how I hate eraser shavings so turning that into like a fun game. Okay, wait, wait, I did that wrong. So with this, it’s supposed to pick them up. So now it’s magnetized to the top of this guys head and then when you open this up, pull up on it. They all fall off! Ha ha ha. Okay, the flower gives me a bit of a giggle. [Giggles] Honestly, the whole thing does I’m so confused. 10 out of 10 intriguing points. Right, here we have another art supply. This is the Uni-Ball Signo 0.8, it looks like a gold gel pen I’ve used Uni-Ball Signo white gel pens before. So this should work pretty similarly, I would hope. Ooh. Shiny. ♪ Oh yeah. Now that’s how it’s meant to be used. Let’s do a couple. That’s just a little too cute. [Gasps] Gold hearts! Wheee! This item would be really fun to mix with the washi tape and maybe some
fun craft paper for wrapping presents or something We got some stickers! With “wittle snowmans”. They say Merry Christmas, wish you have wonderful holidays. A look at them underneath the plastic. They have some metallic foil kind of matches our pen. [Laughs] I don’t know – So I get to Pikachu items. Aw, the Pikachu girlie collection. Okay. [Laughs] Oh, it’s Ash’s hat! It looks
like it’s the same design style as our mechanical pencil So they match. So it’s kind of funny, We have a winter theme going on and then we have a couple Pikachu items like thrown in Oh and we have one more thing, It looks like. Looks like another – is this a letter set? Merry Christmas. Oh, hey, there’s quite a few here. So we have 5, it looks like, zipper closed bags Now’s the fun part, where we get to take all these different items and try to let them inspire us to create something different, or new, or exciting. I think you know the drill. I think I’m formulating an idea but let me like collect my brain thoughts and try and put them into mouths words. What if… We take inspiration from these things. Mostly these things. I think these are my favorite! I love the pattern. I like the color scheme and it kind of matches these a little bit and The washi tape. What if we take inspiration from these and like decorate presents or something? I could find some boxes we could wrap them and then decorate the wrapping paper so that it fits like this idea Does that make sense? Because I have this paper that I collect every time I get something from Amazon. They’ll use this to like package the item so it doesn’t bounce around a lot even I don’t think it helps. but I like this stuff! I like to wrap presents with it and then I can decorate the outside so we can decorate the outside with these in mind Huh? Huh!? Does makes sense? I think it’s gonna be really fun. I could find a couple boxes wrap them and we can decorate them and make them look all cohesive and it’ll be so cute Oh, I really hope this turns out. We could definitely start with this box Hmmm. We could wrap this guy. Is this only one piece? [Paper crinkling] Ah, ah, I’m drowning. Help. I’m just gonna have to cut this ’cause I’m getting lost. [Paper cutting] I always wrap presents on the ground. So this will be different. [Paper rustling] [Laughs] So straight Uh oh. Wait I can solve this. [Paper cutting] [Paper continues to crinkle] Try and keep it tight. Use regular scotch tape for now. And then, when I figure out what I’m doing, maybe we’ll use the pretty stuff. Um. Um. Uumm! ♪ That’s not bad, is it? [Laughs] [Fingers tapping] [Paper crinkling] Ooh! So close! ♪ Zen Pop no more. [Laughs] Didn’t quite get all the wrinkles out, but it’s got like that nice I tried chic. It actually matches these tones really closely. So I think we’re on the right track. This,
since we do have extras compared to the envelopes, would be a really cute way to like – You’re like Oh who’s this present for? And you have to open up the little glove and it will have their name inside, that, I think. That’s fun. How well does this look on top of this? Alright, not super noticeable but like when the light hits that you can see it, that could be fun for like a intricate pattern and then it had something else on top of it. So it’s like kind of like a background element. It’s like if it’s something with like a lot of squiggles and like I don’t know, snowflakes. [Gel pen scratching on paper] See how it like catches the light. If it catches the lights of the tree that could be really cute and then on top of it, we’d have some kind of pattern. Maybe with like a Posca pen. I have a navy blue. I don’t have this like coral color. I have red. [Mouth kiss] Well, that’s not quite Navy. ♪ But like then you can put a design on top of it. And you see
how the gold in the background makes this really cool – I don’t know, just bumps it up a little bit of a notch. These are my Posca pens. That I have amassed over time. Oh, what about this color? This is called Beach. That might be usable. It’s not quite as opaque as a Posca pen. [Poscas rattling in container] Why do I have two purples, when did this happen? Wait! Yes! Oh! It’s really dirty. [Snorts] When did I last use this? Yeah, I think we’re gonna definitely need those three. I also have a smaller white. What I’m kind of going for is, maybe we can have multiple presents and they’ll be slightly different in a way. So maybe one more matches this, one more matches that but hopefully they all kind of fit together. Not orangey enough. I don’t have an orange Posca pen. Alright, here’s some pens and then
I can also just get out the acrylic paint if I really have to Although
I don’t know if it’ll seep through this onto the box So if this was an actual present, that might not be the best of ideas. You can’t even see the gold anymore, can yo? A little bit. I also have some gold ribbon! Oh, geez. [Pfft, pfft] That I can use., Although it doesn’t quite… [Kissing] Match. Oh, I have white, white might be better. That could work! Alright, I’ll keep that out. We have quite a few different art supplies now and then we obviously have – Oh! What can we do with this? This might be cute just along the top for a really simple design. Maybe we can use that on a smaller box ♪ Okay, I found a couple of things I can wrap. [Laughs] That I thought would be a fun shape and size to kind of, you know, put together at this. I just bought this, this is so I can like record on my camera without using a battery. Oh my gosh is a lifesaver. So I’m not gonna put you through this but I’m going to wrap – Actually we don’t even need to wrap this guy, do we? We’ll see you when I get to it. Will I wrap it with the scraps? I think so! ♪ Hey that was way easier. I’m getting better at this. Oh, that’s not pretty. Alright, there we go. We got a nice blank boxes. Perfect for decorating. Lot’s of recyclables. We could copy this kind of pattern but with our gold pen, let me see if I even know what that is. It looks like it’s a bunch of cubes for like Cubert Figure out how you draw this. Hey, that’s the rough gist of it. That could be really cool. I kinda wanted one… To just have this going around the side of it. I just like the simplicity of this. Actually, let me go ahead and put the pattern on it. Keep this for reference. You start with a box, kinda like this. Got our cube. That shape. Oh no, I messed up! [Laughs] See if I can make it through the rest without messing up. Wait a minute. I am confused. Oh my gosh, that’s too hard. [Laughs[ My brain! Luckily, this is going to be kind of subtle, hopefully. [Laughs] I just messed that up again didn’t I? Do these looks like they match at all? I think it needs more navy blue. Since this has become my just experiment one, I just want to like keep throwing anything at it. Try and copy these little trees right here. That’s closer. That’s a much closer color. Putting all
my scraps in here to make it look like there’s a present. So this experiment it was a bit of a bust. Let me flip it over. We use the other side. And try again even though it’s got tape. It’s obviously the uglier side. [Laughs] Making this work! I mean do I just draw like patterns like this? ♪ Make it look kind of like a sweater. I mean,
I like this better than what we had before. [Laughs] I wish this is a little more orange. I wish it was closer to this cap color. ♪ Just gonna imitate the pattern and see how it looks. That’s not that bad. It doesn’t match this enough like the colors, so I’m feeling a very strong urge to grab my paints. You know what I haven’t tried? I haven’t tried a Copic marker. It’s a little dangerous, especially if you care about what’s on the underside, but let me see how this looks. ♪ Ooh, that’s pretty. It’s a little greener than this though. We have to try to paint technique though ’cause this just, it’s not really cutting it. I… It’s not like the ugliest thing in the world, but it’s not really what I want and I don’t really want that under my tree, so. But now I get to open up the present though. Watch. (Sarcastically) Oh! I wonder what I got! Hmm! I wonder what my present is. Oh, wow, it’s… It’s… It’s… It’s a canvas! [Paper crinkling] Rewrap this, real quick. ♪ Oh, see, easy-peasy. Back to a blank canvas. Oh, okay now this is really becoming a project. Let’s see. Oh, dat’s close. Dat’s real close. I probably do the same with the blue. Mixed in with a little bit of gray. [Tapping knife of palette] Because if I want this to be the like the to and from, it should be on the top present, right? And the big ones gonna be on the bottom. So the bottom one should match this because it’s gonna be the furthest from this for contrast. That’s how design works. [Short laugh] Let’s start at the top with this like gray color. See what happens. Go straight across the top. And paint it all in. Okay. Mine’s a little bit darker. Okay, that’s better, much better. Still doesn’t quite match that. We’re getting closer. [Giggles] This will probably also dry a little less saturated. So let’s wait to see what it looks like… After this little stripe dries. Add in a lot more gray. I mean, that’s closer. Theirs is more purpley though, I feel like. I’m not sure I can get closer than this. I don’t know what it needs. Just less saturation? Okay, that’s yeah, it’s pretty good. Uh, no, but when I look in camera, it doesn’t look anything like it, shoot. This is harder than I expected! Oh, let me just keep going. We can always layer another color on top. [Posca pen scratching on surface] Probably go around the box. Doesn’t make sense not to. I’ll have to do that whole top, but I need something to be able to grab onto. So we’ll leave it for now. Okay, I’m gonna leave the gray as the color of this… Paper so that means I just move into blue again. Draw in those designs. Add a little zigzaggy pattern. ♪ With the polka dots. ♪ Ew, it gave birth. [Laughs] Let’s take straight white this time. Kinda create the next… Shape here. What I find cool about it is it has this kind of like… Yarn texture at the top. Kinda like this. Fill in this section and that’s gonna have some patterns on top of it. Oh, I did better on the bottom. I like that a lot better. Paint all of the sides, too. We don’t want our art teacher to deduct points. [Snorts] It’s causing the paper to like buckle a little, which ain’t pretty but I think what it dries, it won’t
be quite as shiny and it wont be quite as noticeable. This is fun practicing mixing colors, ’cause I’m obviously not that good at it. I couldn’t get the right color! Let’s make it stripe right heeeeeeere. Right, next to go back to that blue. Hopefully we have enough. It goes right next to it. Now we’re
running out of space here to do the end of the mitten. ♪ Just to fill the bottom in white. And then hopefully that’ll be drying, we can add in the final patterns up there. And then see how this looks next to the other presents and figure out what to do with those. We still have two more to go and I don’t think I want to go the same route because I don’t want them to all to be to matchy matchy. I want them to look cohesive, but not matchy matchy. Figure out how to hold this. Why does this smell like paczki, did I order paczki on Amazon? I doubt those would even be good! [Laughs] This is giving me like second grade school project vibes. So, I’m sure my mom would love to get a present that looked like this. Oh, we just need to that top one, but I kind of ran out of that color. So maybe I’ll just use this darker blue that I don’t need much more of. I don’t think anyone will notice and you’re not gonna tell anyone so. [Laughs] We should be good, like it’s so drastically different, that it doesn’t look like it was a mistake. While that’s drying, I probably could start working out – Oh, no!I got paint on it. Yeah, let this guy dry. Oh shoot, I put it down. How do we pick it up? And we can work on these other two presents. Now one of these, I do want to tape this to, probably use this glue. So that’s almost enough right there. Like it covers the whole thing. Or I could do a different present and have it like hanging off of it. I mean it’s so cute in its own that I feel like it can stand alone like that. We could use the washi tape again and go around the back. So it does – Oh what about on the side? I’ve never seen a present like that. I really liked when we had the washi tape just going around this side. I’m gonna do that one again. That’s honestly good enough for a design in my opinion. I love how subtle it is. Aw, I got paint on this too. Oh that was probably here It’s all dry now. [Scratching table] but like that, I think that is cute. I can carry maybe the stars throughout the whole thing or just do stars on the side. There we go. I go got stars on the outside edge. Just kind of do a nice sporadic design. Taking inspiration from the washi tape. I don’t hate that. You can do the back too, ’cause it’s already dry. And then this one I want to put this on here somehow. Then we can write the to and from in there. I kinda wanna do it side ways, or do I want it straight on Microsoft Word style or like give it a little rotation and make it more creative? I think I do. The problem is it has like little flaps and that could get caught on stuff. Let’s use our fun bunny glue. ♪ Perfectly for this. Okay, can’t put it on top of that, that’s still drying. Put it off the side and that leaves us this last present. Do I want it to be vertical or do I want it to be horizontal? Do I wanna try and use an envelope? There’s a lot of options. We didn’t using the gold pen. Not after that one disaster, right? [Laughs] I also have some gold and white and red and green… ribbon that I could use. These would be good to and from little guys to like glue onto presents, but I don’t think they really match… the scheme we’re going for right now. Yeah, this guy’s dry. So we put this all the back burner one more time. So we need this coral color. Draw one big one in the middle, try and even that out a little bit more. [Laughs] Yeah, it looks a little silly. Two smaller flowers on the side which if we follow that pattern, there should be another big flower right here. And over here as well. But we
need this dark blue color for little polka dots in between ♪ But it’s got like a petal here and a petal there. Here and here and here and here and here and here. Oh that, that turned out alright! This isn’t something I do every day, so I can’t expect perfection here. Okay, put that aside again. Let it dry. Let’s move back to our last present. But also maybe try and use these If they’re
not gonna pull away from the color scheme too much. Oh yeah, definitely. I think we can keep one of these little guys. Imitate this and kinda just sporadically put our little trees and Snowmen Just feels a little wasteful, to use all these stickers. Could mix it in with a little bit of this gel pen. I’m kind of following that flower pattern. ♪ It’s obviously a lot smaller. Does it look lame? I mean it’s wrapping paper [Laughs] I kind of am digging the flowers more than the snowmen. Like I just like the little pops of gold, but the other thing is, these two designs both have like a predominant amount of white. Like this has this little glove and this has that big thing. So I feel like this needs to include more white to be a little bit more cohesive. After doing that sticker art video, I’ve gotten pretty good at placing stickers into their tiny little spots. Well, that’s working a lot better than my cube design. That last one. Remember? I do like the one snowman, it’s kind of cute. I like this gold pen. I wish I were doing it more justice. I’m not sure they look quite as cohesive all together as I would like. Hmm [Tutting] Maybe if we stack them differently. That makes this one need something on the top. Ooh, do I have like a bow? Alright. I’ve got a gold bow. [Laughs] Silver. Silver’s not bad because there’s so much white but then actual white. I think white might be the one to go. I feel like stacking presents is an art form in itself. Like what do you… Santa help. Oh, ho ho ho. This just fell into my palette. Well I guess we’re using this one. Oh that’s like really loaded with paint. Ew, gross. Well now it’s in the color scheme. Why not. Let it be a happy accident. Kind of just looks dirty. We’re trying to be artistic here. It’s kinda interesting. Makes me want to put some white ribbon around it, too See if we make it all the way around. Do, do, do, do, do, do . Ooh! Hey, I made it all the way around. Yey! It’s the little victories, I tell ya. I’m not gonna have a lot of extra flurry bits. Lul-lul-lurry bits but we can still make it look fun. Oh! So swirly. When
I learned this in seventh grade I was frickin’ amazed. [Laughs] Little piggy tails. Literally. I feel like the thing I might change is take some of the washi tape to bring in some of that navy blue into this and use this over top.. Of the scotch tape. Just to really bring it together . I like the one little snowman he’s cute. Let’s stick this right on top of here. Boom these things never stick properly. Okay, so we put these all together. ♪ We’ve got da presents. I mean does it look present like at least? and then here you have a two in from. [Gasps] Oh, look at that. [Giggles] I didn’t know Christmas is coming early. Get some juicy close-ups of these imperfections. Ooh, I kind of like that about it ’cause it gives it a, oh, this was hand-painted look. I mean I tried. Well, this was fun. And I definitely recommend it, if you have
an eternity to spend on wrapping your friends presents. That’s a lot of work for something. Someone’s gonna rip. I do want to thank you guys are watching. Let me know if you
have any plans to decorate your own wrapping paper. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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