PAINTING WITH WALNUT OIL | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

PAINTING WITH WALNUT OIL | Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing

Today we’re going to taking a look inside the November Premier Paletteful Packs Box. Finding out what’s inside and then we’re gonna make some art with it ♪ All right the first thing that catches my eye is this walnut oil. when I first saw it, I thought it said peanut and I was like Eurgh! Pressed with American walnut, extends oil color for increased flowing. Danger! So that means, I’m gonna guess that these are oil paints. We have Payne’s grey, Titanium white, “Qwuite” sorry and ivory black. Is there anymore? That looks like it. So it looks like we’ll be working in gray scale, Which I appreciate the on theme maggots. Oil paint is like the one medium that I was just scared of so I stay away from it. If you know me, I like fast drying art supplies. That don’t have the potential of killing me. [Laughs] It’s not the oils that are dangerous, It’s usually like the solvents and the things you use but this looks
like a pretty safe one as far as fumes are concerned Oh, this is fun! Look at this thing. This will not fit in my brush jar. I can tell you right now [Brush clinks in jar] [Laughs] It looks just like the ones in the movies where like the Renaissance painters like painting the portrait and they’re like do, do, do, do. White sable, Robert Simmons paintbrush. That’s what the brush looks like. Don’t remember what that’s called when it’s like oval shaped like that. It’s like rounded on the edge But it’s not obviously a round because it is flat. Alright,
here’s the menu that lists all of the art supplies in the box There is the art alternatives 5×7 canvas panel. [Maggots rustling] This is the art alternatives 8 x10 canvas panel. Finally the 8 x10 classic cotton stretched canvas So it’s a canvas stretched on a wood frame. Classic. Oh wait, there’s something else in here. [Gasps] My Bob Ross dreams are coming true It’s a palette knife, Mm! I’ve wanted one of these for a while. I usually use the paintbrush and then people yell at me. So it’s a three inch trowel artist palette knife. Solid hardwood handle Gimme, gimme. Kinda looks like somebody chewed on it or is that like a rustic texture? I don’t know. [Short laugh] Get this box out of the way. So we have three canvases Three different paints and then the solvent. I
think this tiny guy would be really good for swatching on although I’ve heard oil paints don’t change color when they dry Which is what makes them so schmancy. Ooh, but I wonder if we will leave the plastic on this, can we use this as a palette? Then we can do our painting on this guy. There we go. We can do maybe some thumbnailing on here. I could probably do it on paper and then use this as a palette. I don’t know! So let’s see. We had ivory black, which I’m gonna guess is black Ooh, it comes out so fast! There we go, ivory black. Payne’s gray which I hope is like – I wonder if it actually has like a hue to it at all or if it’s literally just white and black mixed ’cause we can obviously do that with our own. Titanium white I’m gonna put way more of this on here. I’m just gonna warn you. Look at that. Whoa! Okay. Perfect. There we go. There’s our colors! Woo-hoo! I don’t know where to start . Woo, woo, woo, woo. Oh huh oh oh! Actually, wait, wait wait, Wait. Why don’t I actually trying to like thumbnail my idea instead of just going in with the paint? I think that would help me a lot because paint is not my specialty. I’m gonna grab a pencil. Then
I’m just going to thumbnail the idea that I want to do I’m thinking just a portrait, ‘Cause oils are really good at blending, right? So I don’t want to draw anything too small or detailed since I’m kind of new to this. Just gonna try and draw a portrait [Pencil scratching on board] You don’t have to worry about any colors ‘Cause, oh we don’t have any. [Short laugh] We only have to worry about the tones. Just probably good. I won’t get distracted. I wonder if I can erase on this. Uuuuuh, heh, uh. Sketch something in for now. Maybe some kind of fun flower in the hair. It’s kinda giving me lilo and stitch vibes. Which I’m not fighting. I’m not gonna fight that. Darken up the nostrils. I don’t know how transparent these will be. Obviously if we mix it with this, it’ll be more transparent. I don’t really need to put too much detail into this but I… Can’t stop myself because we’re gonna be painting on top of it! Now if these oils, which I’m guessing they are, are anything like the water-based oils that I used in another box a little while back, those took, I’m not kidding, three weeks to dry. I had it just like sitting up on top of a dresser and I kept checking on it and I’d touch it in there to always be a little bit of paint on my finger afterwards until I forgot about it and I found it a couple weeks later. And yeah, yeah, it was finally dry. Give her a lei. Let’s embrace the Hawaii. I’m not
gonna worry about making it look like an actual flower. I’m gonna just go with the abstract shapes of one. I don’t want to stress myself out too much. Now, what I’ve seen people do is they like mix it with their solvent or something. Is this sealed? Oh my gosh, it’s not sealed. I almost spilled that. How do we like get this onto there? Do we need like a dropper? It doesn’t have like a little hole Um, UM! [Nervous laugh] I really don’t want to get oil everywhere because I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten coconut oil anywhere I was
literally just watching someone create an oil painting like a speed paint kind of thing and they mixed… like a mid tone with – I don’t think it was this stuff ’cause it was like stuff that was actually supposed to make it dry 50% faster and then they mix… Mix
that and they added like a light wash over everything Could use an old paintbrush. Let’s just try and make sure this is a very thin layer. I don’t know, we’re experimenting here. Ooh, yep, that’s oily. It doesn’t – I think we have to make some white with that. Let’s put some over there. Glad I didn’t use the good paintbrush. [Through laughter] I ended up mixing with it anyway. Hopefully this is transparent to a certain degree. It doesn’t look like it. So I’ll start on the top. Can you see through that? Nope, not really. Well the sketch is gone now. Oopsie. Actually, I think you can lift this stuff with a paper towel now that I think about it. Let me see, let me see, because it doesn’t dry, you know. See if we can reveal the sketch! Hey! Kind of worked. It also looks kind of cool. I kinda want to go around the edge too. Oh, look how well that blends! It look like it might be lifting the pencil a little. I don’t know if that’s the oil or the paint. So probably shouldn’t play with that too much. Let’s go a little lighter, go around the outside edge to kind of highlight that Wow. This stuff’s blendy alright. I’m just using this old brush right now, just so I can kind of get a feel of what I can do with it and what I can’t do with it, [nervous laugh] before I ruin this guy. [Laughs] Alright, kind of highlighted that. I do actually, I want to see if I can fill in the whole sketch with that mid tone gray. Actually, it’s kind of on the light side. Let me see if I can get any closer with this. I don’t need to go over the eyes ‘Cause I want those to be pretty light. Okay. Okay. Now where I go wrong when I paint, and this is something I’ve been working on, is I realize when I paint I like – I try to be like paintings that I’ve seen instead of drawing in my style So you can see I kept it really simple with the art, but then I want to go into paint, I like, I go really crazy on the shading and I’m adding shadows where I wouldn’t normally draw shadows and that’s where I really just drift away from my normal art So I want to take a special care not to over shade! Okay, I’m thinking the hair will be like the darkest thing, since uh, we’re drawing Lilo or something here. [Giggles] Looks more like Nani with a haircut. Let’s try some of this Paya – p – p – p Payne’s gray for the hair first. This doesn’t look any lighter than the black. So I’m wondering if it has blue in it. It does seem a bit blue. It somehow got everywhere. Well, probably ’cause I’m touching this. Hmm. get a new paper towel to just… Clench. [Squeegee, squeegee] I kind of see this coming together. Do I have like a small paintbrush? They say you shouldn’t really mix paintbrushes between oil and other things. I’m trying to find one that I’m ready to commit. I wish that they included more brushes. I haven’t quite figured out if you’re supposed to go dark colors first or the light colors first. Seems pretty forgiving. Ooh, and then you add like a little and it like blends with the color that’s underneath of it Ooh! Okay, I kind of like these. This is kinda fun. Yes, not quite as scared. I don’t know I might want the skin a little darker than this It feels a little pale. Also it’s really good contrast between the hair right now. I have not used the black. So, let me see what that looks like. It’s like a worm Does it actually look any different… Than the Payne’s gray? I’ve definitely heard that term Payne’s gray before so it must be pretty common I think I’m gonna like mix this with a little bit more Payne’s gray. But
I obviously don’t want it to mix with the hair too much Then I also want to be able to add like blush and stuff Which is gonna make the skin look even darker so I probably should start pretty light and then work up from there Start on the eyes. Darken those up! And the nose. Kinda darken up those areas. Slowly. Oh an the lips, too. Again, don’t want to go overboard with the shading. Just focus on the areas I like to paint dark. Let’s go back to this like light tone and try and blend this out Oh shoot. I had some kind of like – Oh that must have had black on it. See that’s way different than the Payne’s gray Payne’s gray is definitely blue. I can like tell but that’s a little brutal. Hopefully I can blend that out. Maybe that layer dried…? I wonder if that thin layer dried. That’s a possibility I’d be completely shocked. Could go in with some just straight titanium white and add some a highlights I do want it to be a little darker under the nose See if I can eh… Pull that off without making it look like a uninostril. Okay. Something went a little wrong. Not sure what to say I feel like I’ve just been trying to do the same thing for the last 20 minutes. [Laughs] Let me know if you see some improvement. Kinda like using the big paintbrush because it stops me from like trying to do details And instead I’m like focusing more on the tones in the broader areas that I want to change I really just want to give her eyeballs so that she stops looking so soulless. Let me color in some skin over here Need
to start getting a little darker now I think with the face It could use some more contrast. I don’t know if I should be waiting for like layers to dry Probably. any more contrast since the last time I talked to you? [Laughs] Do the lips so they stand out a lot more. Let’s try and do a little bit on some eyeliner. Probably need to wait for it to dry for this. I don’t really see this working out well, but I’ll try it anyway ♪ Yeah, she has eyelashes now. Pupils! My fave. ♪ Progress report ♪ This is much more than a thumbnail. I might be reaching over blendiness on the face Overwork – Overworking. Yeah. There we go. The ear. It looks a little crazy. But I mean ears can be crazy. [Laughs] I got way too light, way too fast. Looks like it all comes down to like making sure you clean your brush at the right times Sometimes you need to, sometimes you don’t want to depending on the effect or whether you want it to blend. Clean the brush See if I could blend those colors together. ♪ Mm-hmm-hmm. pretty happy with this Just glob some titanium white on the flowers. Well, this will take a millennium to dry. [Laughs] [Deep inhale] So that might’ve been a bad idea. Blend it out on the lip though, ’cause it’s just a little too bright. Okay, I think
I accomplished my goal of not overworking the shading Happy with that. So that’s improvement. I’m having a hard time… Not mixing with the paintbrush though It’s just in my nature. So if I can solve the over shading problem, I should be able to solve that problem. Go in with the black and go over the hair again Darken that up. There we go. My first actual oil painting. Haha! Ergh. Okay. Let’s give her some clothes though, here we go ‘Cause this stuff doesn’t dry, it just gets everywhere and keeps spreading. Kind of like oil, imagine that. I tried to add a pattern. I mean, it’s a pattern. [Laughs] Uh, huh, ha, ha. Okay, I’m kinda happy with this. Ooh! I likey. I likey, I like. One last thing. Actually, I think it’s the bigger paintbrush. There we go. How often do you sign a thumbnail? Almost never. [Laughs] Ooh! That means I like it. (Whispers) That means I like it. To improve this in any way I think I’d need to let it dry and then maybe do another layer So I think it’s I’m gonna call that one quits. Alright, that’s it for the thumbnail. Should we try and redraw it bigger? See if I can do it better or worse? Mmm. But I also don’t wanna put my arm in it. Let’s move on to the big boy. No affiliation with the restaurant. Does that even still exist? Step one, sketch something. I definitely want to keep it simple though because they’re a little bit difficult to work with I’m still kind of like learning how to blend with them and like what works best and all that So I think another portrait would be a good idea. This is a bit easier to draw on. Big ears, as always. Don’t want to push too hard. This canvas feels a little loose Luckily, you won’t see the sketch under all the paint. Drawing big strikes again. Definitely doesn’t have a whole lot of grasp on reality. I keep looking up at this. That’s a good sign. That means I like it Oh, I just realized this is all up my arm. Gonna try … Profile. Just kinda draw out the silhouette. See that’s drawing too small, though. I definitely want the face bigger so that I can actually shade it the way I want it to so many different things that have to be right. [Pencil scratching on board] Pencil still scratching on board] Then the hair could be like dripping downwards. And along the back. Ooh, this is kinda different. There we go. We’re getting a sketch. Slowly. That’s why I don’t usually like to give up at the beginning Once I know it’s not what I want because sketches just take time Getting somewhere I definitely want to like work out what
I wanted to look like before I start putting in the paint. That way I can kind of like remember… The different decisions I made. That should hopefully help the painting be better overall. Where are the shoulders? I never decided, did I? Gonna put that one up a little higher and then this one pulling down. Then the back of her head. More hair. Do I want any hair coming in front? Don’t get attached to these detailed eyelashes [Laughs] They will not last long. She’s
a little bit sadder looking than our little Hawaiian girl, I’m gonna keep bringing that on just to remind myself that I did that. I’m just very proud of it. I feel like something needs to be happening up here it’s a little blank. Whether that’s like adding kind of like a cool earring, giving her like a pointy elf ear, or flowers in the hair. I could put a ponytail. [Pencil scratching on the board] (sings) Do, do do do. Do-do do do-do do. I’m gonna keep my kneaded eraser smushed into the back like that so that it doesn’t rattle [Laughs] That was driving me nuts. Start adding in some color! I’m gonna start with the big paintbrush again just for adding in larger areas I’m gonna start between the Payne’s gray and the ivory black and lighten that up with the walnut oil Maybe even add a little bit of white I’m gonna
probably just do that whole blotting technique again. Just kind of fill in the background. Did not mix enough. I’m still working in small scale on my palette. I don’t like the black mixed in there It’s like too dreary looking, whereas this one seems so much happier. Doesn’t it? It’s like brighter. I mean, I used a lighter background color. Let’s get a big mixture of the white and our Payne’s gray. I’m gonna mix it with a palette knife this time. It’s still too dark. Come on lighten up. Lighten up! [Laughs] Try and use this for the skin tone again maybe. Kinda fill it in a little. I’m gonna keep it to the edges much as possible A little darker near the cheeks. I’m
gonna add in the paint that I want to be darker right now instead of doing a base layer, see what difference that makes. ‘Cause right now, I can see the sketch so I can kind of follow the sketch a little easier than if I wait till later. Oops, I wanna switch. I think I’m gonna end up going over this with more gray I don’t
really care for the ivory black mixed with the white. It’s just ew, I don’t like it. Okay, [Laughs] I don’t have to describe it. Just add bit swoopy blobs of color. Little too shady there, too Shady, too Shady. Darken that up for blush Oh and the ear! The ear seems important. A little lighter near the shoulder Okay, I’m still seeing this sketch through in some places. I’m gonna have to go over that I’m gonna take some of this too and go over this ‘Cause I just can’t stand it [Laughs] Like next to the blue. On its own, if I was just doing gray scale with black and white I don’t think it would look that weird to me. But because I can see it… Like next to the blue, I just don’t like it. The gray sorry, but whatevs. Oh so dark! See and that’s not black, that’s actually Payne’s gray. I just realized, I think most oil painters focus on one area and move outwards because now like, where’d you put your hand, right? ‘Cause it doesn’t dry. Keep that in mind for next time. Wooo! I love that white stripe. What if she has like a white hair on either side? Well, the braids kind of disappeared [Laughs] I’m not
in love with the how play-dohy her hair looks right now there’s like a little bit of white in it just causing that. Oopsie. [Laughs] I touched the background I think I did everything out of order for this drawing, but I think it might have been the same order I did it with the first drawing. So. Let’s
go ahead and use the paint brush that came with the kit This guy! Go in and do more on the face. I don’t feel like anything’s happening. Is that just me? Ooh, just coloring in those lips, I feel like made a huge difference! Trying to go in and get a little detailed with it. Eurgh, what did I do? It looks worse. She looks so sad! When did that happen? Whatever luck I had with the last one, I don’t feel like I have it with this one I’m gonna keep fighting it though. A little longer Darken this up so the nose looks a little lighter. Oh, I think I know what would help She
seems to have lost her forehead somewhere in her hair If I pull that out, Would that make a difference? Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Didn’t want that to happen. I need to clean my brush more often I’m gonna go way darker on the cheeks and the nose ‘Cause trying to make it light, I don’t know if it’s quite going up. So we have to try something different and hopefully I can kind of blend it out. ♪ This stuff’s pretty gooey, gooey, gooey. Definitely doesn’t look like acrylic paint. I feel like it has such a nice Sheen to it that I really like. Yeah, as soon as I get blobbier with it, I like it more. More stylized and everything. It’s finally getting somewhere. I was getting some real give up vibes earlier. And now I think I’m pulling through. I’m getting somewhere! Pull this neck down a little lower. Basically anytime you want to switch colors, you gotta switch the brush, which I guess is pretty normal, but I mean clean the brush. [Laughs] What am I sayin’? I’m gonna pull the chin forward a little more. and then also the chin Switch to that teeny brush, grab some of the gray Try to put the nostrils back. Also paint in some highlights maybe and we can blend those out with the clean brush That seems to be the way to go about it. Be super crazy and bold and then blend it out That glob and blend technique again I want to widen the nose the little. Slim
up the hair a little without blending as much as possible The head just seems real big. (Sings) Do-do, do, do, do, do, do-do. Probably add a little bit of black on the edges so it kind of gets a little desaturated. Ooh, I do not have a steady enough hand for this. Need to be able to rest my wrist on something. Just add some hair frizz. [Laughs] Definitely
a different mood than the one I keep referencing. Think
I’m kind of reaching the end of my limits with this one I think it definitely
looks better than where it was a little while ago, but I’ve now been sitting here for over four hours Ha ha [Deep inhale] And I need to get off my butt. Good reason to get an easel. Trying these out though, their appearance is different than the water-based oils that I used before I think I definitely like this better. I don’t know, it kind of like definitely helped with my fear because now that I’ve tried it I’m like Ooh, I kinda just want to just paint a bunch of faces forever and always Like, look how fun that looks. It’s like messy and well, I’m sure [Laughs] There are oil painters that can make it not look messy, but as a beginner. I really like the messy look. Just trying to add like a little Motion to it. A little more interest. One last very waffle thing that I just want to do, add some little white… Glittery hightlights. See how well that works. Just drips. ♪ I haven’t stopped yet. What am I doing? I just keep going. [Laughs] I can’t stop! ♪ I’m starting to make really big mistakes. Okay, I think we need to step away from this one. Yeah, think I’m starting to make it worse. Alright, [Laughs] Need to wipe my eyes, but I can’t. That looks kind of cool. So here’s the two little paintings I made Definitely prefer this guy. Personally It’s much happier, brighter and it like fits into that aesthetic that I wanted And then this one I kind of – I feel like I fell behind at the beginning and I never really caught up I definitely improved it. I think the face is my favorite part. The eyes are kind of interesting But not quite what I was looking for. And it just gives me such a sad appearance that I don’t really like looking at it because look how sad she is! [Deep inhale] I can’t help but feel sad looking at it. I wanna thank you guys for watching. I also want to send a big thank you to – Uh, I keep trying to itch my eye and I can’t I got to get out of here. [Laughs] I wanna send a big thank you to Paletteful for sending
me this box to try out and to share with you guys if you’re interested getting your own subscription, I’ll have a link
in the description where you can find more information. Yeah, thank you guys for watching. See you guys all next week [Laughs] And I hope you have a delicious evening full waffles. Bye! ♪

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