14 thoughts on “Paper Or Plastic? Inside The Heated Debate Over Drinking Straws | NBC Nightly News”

  1. We should all go back to paper products. At a restaurant, I got a plastic cup and a paper straw. Let's get it together humans.

  2. The hot girl has a point. Is it better to use 7 paper straws for one drink, or one plastic straw? I think people should carry a case of 20 reusable straws and keep them clean and use those instead.

  3. My problem is with the employees handling the straws with bare hands, no gloves! No matter what that is contamination!

  4. Why not use metal straws? They’re the only option that is………reusable 💁🏻‍♂️😂. WAAAAYYYY BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Pop them in the dishwasher or sink when you’re done using them. I don’t understand why this hasn’t dawned on most people yet.

  5. I thought drinking straws are supposed to be STERILE, yet the paper straws in this news report are repeatedly handled by the factory workers using their BARE HANDS — GROSS. btw, if morons could just grasp the simple concept of using a GARBAGE CAN, Planet Earth would not have its oceans filled with plastic straws in the first place.

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