Penn & Teller – Smoking/Sleight of Hand Trick

Penn & Teller – Smoking/Sleight of Hand Trick

This is not intended to glorify smoking. That said, looks simple, doesn’t it? But when you’re dealing with a master of sleight of hand like my partner Teller, even the simplest activity may be a complex deception. Let’s watch that routine again. Is he really crushing out his cigarette? Is he really adjusting his hat? Is he really pulling out a fresh cigarette? Is he really bothered by that itch in his
left eye? Is he really just lighting a cigarette? To understand the complexity of Teller’s life, you need to know the seven basic principles of magic. One: Palm – to hold an object in
an apparently empty hand. Two: Ditch – To secretly dispose of an unneeded object. Three: Steal – The opposite of Ditch. To secretly obtain a needed object. Four: Load – To secretly
move the needed object to where it’s needed. Five: Simulation – To give the impression
that something that hasn’t happened has. Six: Misdirection – To lead attention away from the secret move. And Seven: Switch – To secretly exchange one object for another. Teller needs nothing but a pencil, one lit cigarette and a flashlight. Let’s watch that original routine
again, but this time, from the other side. He palms the cigarette. He simulates crushing it out. He steals the palmed lit cigarette and ditches the lit cigarette in his ear. He exhales smoke to misdirect from the smoke coming out from around his hat. He steals the pencil. He simulates taking the pencil, which is simulating a cigarette from the non-existent cigarette pack and puts the simulated cigarette in his mouth. He rubs his eye to misdirect as he loads the burning cigarette from his ear. He simulates a lighter with a flashlight
and switches the lit cigarette for the unlit pencil under cover of misdirection from the flashlight. Palm. Simulation. Steal. Ditch. Misdirection. Steal. Simulation. Misdirection. Load. Simulation. Switch. Misdirection. Looks simple, doesn’t it?

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  1. This does the total opposite of ruining a trick for me. The amount of skill and coordination and improvisation when something goes wrong you have to have to pull this stuff off… incredible. Magic is super cool

  2. It fuckin' triggers the shit out of me to know that Penn's "this is not intended to glorify smoking" was ordered by the invalid twats in censorship.
    By the way, you failed, ya faggots! That smoking looked glorious AF!

  3. P Jillette makes it a show through music , but his talking is unnecessary and annoying. We can see him do. Let us just enjoy it by ourselves. Play the bass buddy

  4. I smoke a lot and I knew from the beginning the ciggarette was placed in his ear … smoked so much i can tell how smoke actually travels 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and how it lights up … a newly lit cigarette won't burn as far as he was doing it … time vs burn ratio was off … hahahahahahahahaha … watched this as I smoked … 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Why the hell are people in the comments explaining that they caught what they did…….? Did they even watch the video? They're explaining how its done yet you feel the need to comment how it's done, even though they tell you how its done in the video….. 😂😂

  6. Proof that Penn and Teller are true illusionists. When they demonstrate all the magic trick bases. Only thing they probably left out is the mirrors, when they obviously provided the smoke.

  7. I wish the producers didn’t feel the need to add fake gasps to the soundtrack. Really takes me out of it. Genuine audiences laugh a lot more at these shows.

  8. I stumbled up this video while baked and am quite mind blown. Teller maintained perfect timing, perfect sleight of hand, perfect sync with Penn. It was absolutely fucking incredible. Magic is an art for sure.

  9. I've watched this at least 6 or 7 times and I only just caught all of the moves. The last one took me the longest but I'm not gonna spoil it since it's just so beautiful as a kicker.

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